ABBA Limousine Service has the best Houston, TX limousine car rental services in the area. We have gained a reputation for our excellent customer service, so we can ensure that you will be satisfied. Our company only carries and supplies the highest quality vehicles.

Houston TX limousine car
Make memories in the back of a limousine car from ABBA Limousine Service.

What type of cars do we have in our fleet?
Our fleet of rental cars is composed of luxury vehicles, such as our limousine car. From our sedan that can luxuriously carry three passengers to our executive coach buses that comfortably carry 54 passengers, we have vehicles that can cover any transport needs, from small to large groups. See how our luxury transport services have helped clients throughout Houston since 1999!

Where can we take you?
We can take you anywhere in town! Depending on your plans, we can also take you a little further, like the port where your cruise ship is waiting for you.

If you only want to enhance your night out on the town, a classy limousine car will do the trick. Lucky for you, ABBA Limousine Service has just the vehicle for you. Check out our affordable prices that will allow you to rent a limousine car for however long you would like.

Check Out Our Houston, TX Limousine Car

When you’re looking for a limo that can fit any fancy situation, you’re looking at the Lincoln MKT Stretch limousine car. Luckily for you, the pride of our fleet is one of these sleek and classy vehicles. No matter where you want us to take you, a stylish limousine car is sure to make people’s heads turn. So, show up at your destination in style by exiting from our limo.

The Lincoln MKT Stretch Limo is a full-sized, high-end limousine car that was built on the same base as the Lincoln MKT crossover. It has many high-end features, such as a bar, mood lighting, leather seats, privacy walls, and more. Because it looks classy, is comfortable, and has a lot of space, it is often used for weddings, proms, and business parties. It can casually fit anywhere from 6 to 10 people.

What type of events do people most often rent a limo for?
A limousine car is usually rented for different kinds of special events, such as:

Houston TX limousine car
A Houston, TX limousine car is sure to make your night more beautiful. Leave the driving to our dedicated chauffeurs.
  1. Weddings: To get the bride, groom, or other people in the wedding party to and from the venue.
  2. Prom Nights: To make their big night more fancy, high school students often rent a limo.
  3. Corporate Events: Companies can rent limos to take clients or leaders to and from the event areas.
  4. Transfers to and from the Airport: People can rent limos to get to and from the airport in style and comfort.
  5. Parties and Nights Out: Allows groups to have fun without thinking about driving home.
  6. Important Events: For example, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or proposals, to make the event more remembered.
  7. Concerts and Sporting Events: To get to concerts and sporting events in style and without having to deal with parking.

Our Chauffeurs At The Wheel

When you rent from ABBA Limousine Service, one of our professional chauffeurs will come pick you and your party up. Our drivers have been taught to keep the car safe and give great customer service. They will arrive dressed professionally and knowing the roads in the area like the back of their hands.

Some of our drivers are also multi-lingual and are able to speak in Spanish or Arabic alongside English. If you want to keep to yourself and your party, our drivers will focus on the road. Of course, if you want to know more about the area, our drivers can also hold polite conversation.

We make sure that you stay stress-free and comfortable throughout the ride. Leave the driving to our professional drivers. Houston traffic is notorious enough to drive anyone mad, but our drivers will do their best to ensure you arrive on time for your event. So, you can trust our Houston limousine service!

Reasons to Rent a Limo for Your Special Event

There are a few reasons why you might want to rent a limousine car for a special event:

  • Luxury Experience: Limo rides are very luxurious because the insides are lined with soft leather, they have high-tech entertainment systems, and the drivers are very polite.
  • Easy Travel: When you take a limo, you don’t have to think about driving, parking, or getting stuck in traffic. A skilled driver takes care of everything.
  • Being on Time: Limo services usually put being on time first, so you can be sure you get to your event on time.
  • Safety: Limousine drivers are properly trained, which lowers the chance of an accident.
  • Making a Statement: Coming in a limousine car can get people’s attention and show that you are important and stylish.
  • Room for Big Groups: If you’re going to an event with a lot of people, a limousine can fit everyone easily.
  • Convenience: Limos can make your life easier by picking you up at your door and dropping you off right at the event’s gate.
  • Remarkable: The ride is an adventure in and of itself, which will make your event even more remarkable.

Why worry about the transportation needed to and from and during your event? Rent a limousine car from ABBA Limousine Service today, and we’ll take care of your transportation needs. If you’d like to learn more about how any of our high-end vehicles can ensure you and your fellow passengers stay safe, call us today.

Houston TX limousine car
You can rent the limousine car you want from ABBA Limousine Service today.

Is It Time to Step Into a Limo?

If you are looking to rent a luxury limousine car, then request to make a reservation today. Reach the ABBA Limousine Service office by calling (713) 532-4170. From there we will start the rental process. We’re based in Houston, so we can pick you and your group up anywhere in the area. We ensure the satisfaction of our services, so call for a Houston TX limousine car right away.

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