If you’re looking for Houston TX limousine service, Abba Limos has the best solutions. With highly esteemed chauffeurs and luxurious limo options, we’re sure we can make your night all the more special.


Wedding Parties

Weddings are one of the top reasons people come to us for limo service. It’s such an important benchmark in a person’s life. You finally have someone you can depend on. Not only are they your best friend, but they’re also your partner.

Houston TX limousine service
Make your bachelor or bachelorette party an unforgettable experience with our limos.

Such a momentous occasion requires a huge celebration. You don’t find someone of that caliber every day – make your night even more special with a stretch limousine.

We know the both of you will have nothing short of fun thanks to our amenities. We always love to brag about having the best refreshments. We offer beverages, such as water and fine wine. We don’t think we can claim a holistic limousine experience without this.

Another great thing about our limo models is that they’re known for exorbitant amounts of space. This is great news for you – you get to bring a few friends along. Of course, this does come with certain limitations. The number of people you bring with you is entirely dependent on the model you choose.

That information aside, know that you and your group will have tons of fun during this bonding moment. Many of our customers decide to take their bridesmaids, groomsmen, and best friends along for the ride.

The last super important feature of our limos is our tinted windows. These are perfect for helping you maintain your privacy. If you’re celebrating such an important day, we’re sure you don’t want people randomly looking into your vehicle. These windows will make sure you have the space and peace you need to let loose with your closest friends.

Prom Night

If you haven’t already guessed, prom night is a close second in terms of reasons to order a limo.

Houston TX limousine service
Prom is an event that’s remembered years down the line. Make your graduate’s prom one to remember with our services.

Some people brush it off, but this is pretty crucial to a lot of people (kids and parents alike). For young adults, it’s important because it’s the last dance they’ll have in high school. In fact, it’s one of the last celebrations they’ll have as a high schooler.

After this moment they’re going to have to grow up and move on to the next stage of their life. Give them one more fantastic childhood memory to hold onto with a limo for prom.


Other than our typical Houston TX limousine service, we also offer shuttle bus and party bus services.

Shuttle Bus

These vehicles are perfect for people that are in charge of a group or organization. When it’s time for that group trip, you’ll need a bus with lots of space and entertainment. Lucky for you, your team at Abba can provide just that.

One of the most attractive things about our biggest motor coach is that they seat 54 individuals. (If you need something smaller, we still have other options.) All of these seats are wide trimmed and made from a comfortable material. You don’t have to worry about torn seats and weird, scratchy materials irritating your skin.

Our buses also always come with plenty of overhead space. We know that not everything can fit underneath your seat or in your seat with you. This area near the top of the bus and will safely and securely store all of your personal belongings.

You don’t have to worry about it falling over either. We’ve found ways to minimize potential skidding, sliding, and general damage to your items. If you have luggage or equipment to transport, we highly doubt you’ll want to worry about their wellbeing in the meantime.

Of course, we can never forget about the entertainment that comes with our larger vehicles. We have flat-screen TVs that come down from the ceiling. (Believe us when we say this can be a huge help if you’re an organization with kids or children.)

Your chauffeurs will set this up before they even arrive. That way, your group will be ready to choose a movie as we start on our journey together.

Party Buses

Abba also offers party buses – it’d be odd if we didn’t throw that into the mix.

With our car services, you won’t have to worry about a designated driver. It can be a bit of a downer when only one person out of everyone doesn’t get to join in on the fun. This isn’t a problem with our services. Our chauffeurs will do the work so you don’t have to.

Whether you need top-tier Houston TX limousine service or a motorcoach, know that Abba Limos has solutions for you.


Houston TX limousine service
We provide bus and Houston TX limousine service for any major event.

Abba offers other services here in Houston. We’re more than happy to provide vehicles for corporate events, ground transportation, and airport transportation as well.

We’re also there to help amp up the fun for birthday parties, anniversaries, and casino trips. It doesn’t matter if you need us for a special occasion or you need us to help you get around Hobby airport. Our state-of-the-art vehicles and highly esteemed chauffeurs will take care of the job for you.

If you’re almost too excited to get started but not sure how to, we recommend talking to our team members. You can give them all the details on what you’re looking for. How many people do you need to fit inside the vehicle? How long will you need to ride with us? Are you going to need a shuttle bus or a limo? No matter what, we’ll find something that suits you perfectly.

That solution will be just as cost-effective as anything else, too. If you’re ready to start with the best transportation services around, it’s time to reach someone at Abba Limos. Call (713) 532-4170 so we can get your Houston TX limousine service set up.

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