Select The Best Car According To Your Needs And Budget.

We are extremely proud of our extensive fleet. The variety of vehicles makes it possible for you to select an appropriate car for just about any event. From weddings, to birthday parties, to corporate functions, we have a vehicle that will meet your needs! Take a look at all of the different types of vehicles in our fleet to determine which is best for your transportation service:


We’ve chosen Mercedes as one of our luxury transportation options because of the high quality of their vehicles and the exceptional styling of the car’s interior. These vehicles have seating for four passengers, with a large trunk for luggage, shopping bags, or other extraneous items.

Lincoln Town Car

The Lincoln Town Car is the ultimate in luxury. This car is perfect for getting to and/or from any special event, especially those where you want to arrive or depart in style. With seating for three passengers and plenty of trunk space for luggage, you can’t go wrong with a Lincoln Town Car.

Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator is the perfect choice for groups that need a little bit more room, but don’t want a full limousine. These vehicles have seating for up to six people, with a very large trunk area for luggage.

Stretch Ford Excursion

Our stretch Ford Excursion is the first in our fleet of high-quality, reliable, luxurious limousines. With seat for up to fifteen people and a huge range of amenities, this is one of the most popular choices—especially because there is a self-serve bar and a fun starlit ceiling!

Mercedes Sprinter Limo

The Mercedes Sprinter Limo is the perfect choice for any group of people that wants to arrive or depart (or both!) in luxury. This is a van designed for getting a large group of passengers from one point to another in style and comfort. There are even seatbelts for improved safety!

White 10 Passenger MKT

Is there anything better than a sleek, white limousine? This white 10 passenger MKT is the height of sophistication, and because it comes with plenty of amenities, it’s ideal for one person or ten people! Amenities include a color television, stereo, DVD player, and privacy partition, among others.

Escalade Stretch

The Escalade Stretch is the idea way to get to and from the airport, wedding, prom, or corporate function. There’s simply no better way to get from point A to point B. This vehicle has a wide variety of amenities and can transport a large party with ease.

Hummer H2 Stretch

Need to transport a large party, but don’t want to show up in a traditional limo? This is the option for you! The Hummer H2 Stretch has seat belts for safety and luxurious seating for riding in style. Don’t sacrifice one for the other: choose the Hummer H2 Stretch.

Corp Mercedes

The Corp Mercedes is one of the most luxurious cars we have available in our fleet. With a smartly dressed chauffeur, your arrival is sure to turn heads when you roll up in one of the sleek, elegant cars. The Corp Mercedes has seating for three and plenty of trunk space for your luggage or other items.

Corp MKT

If you want the luxury of the Corp Mercedes, but need a little bit more room, this vehicle is the ideal choice for your reservation. With two rows of plush, high-quality seats and plenty of cargo room to store your baggage, along with gratis bottled water and magazines, this is the perfect way to roll up to any event, party, or function.

Corp SUV 5 Pax

This SUV is the perfect choice for parties who want to stretch out and also want to arrive in style. With plenty of seating, in the Corp SUV’s luxurious interior, and a skilled driver at the helm, this is a great way to get to your destination.

10 Passengers Black MKT

Nothing says style like rolling up to your party, event, function, or office in a black limousine. ABBA’s 10 passenger black MKT has plenty of amenities for its riders and will be as comfortable and luxurious as it is fun and stylish.

Sprinter Executive Shuttle

The Sprinter Executive Shuttle makes a great option for those who have a number of corporate clients or executives that they was to transport. With comfortable bucket seating and plenty of room to relax, this option can take a few or a lot of people to or from the airport, to a retreat, or to any other event.

Corp Sprinter

If you have a large party that you need to get to your location, the Corp Sprinter is a great option. Like a minibus, this vehicle has lots of seating and amenities for a large group, including comfortable and ample seating for the entire party.

24 Passengers Executive Shuttle Bus

When you have a lot of people that you need to get from one place to another, a 24 passenger Executive Shuttle Bus will do the trick! With seating for up to 24 people, your group of executives, wedding party, or other group will have plenty of room to ride safely and in luxury to your destination.

28 Passengers Executive Shuttle Bus

If you need seating for more than 24 people, the 28 passenger Executive Shuttle has all of the same great amenities, with even more room for your party. When it comes to transporting a party of up to twenty-eight people in style, our Executive Shuttle Buses are a great option.

40 Passengers Executive Shuttle Bus

For up to 40 passengers, choose our 40 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus. This will ensure that you have enough seating for everyone in your party and that all of your arrive together and in the most luxurious manner possible.

54 Executive Coach Bus

For very large groups, nothing is better than our 54 Passengers Executive Coach Bus. These buses have seating for up to 54 people and are ideal for a group of executives going on retreat, transporting people during family reunions, or any other situation in which a large number of people all need to get to the same destination. These buses come with our standard amenities, along with our trained chauffeurs.

All Vehicles include the following amenities

  • Mints or hard candies and bottled water
  • Umbrellas are available
  • Magazines for reading are available

Vehicle distribution center

  • 8138 Jackrabbit Road, Houston, Texas 77095
  • 13818 Pickford Knolls, Houston, Texas 77041

Vehicles & Maintenance

  • Fleet of Lincoln Town Cars, Ford Excursions, Lincoln Stretch Limousines, Stretch Ford Excursion and a 14 Passenger van.
  • Insurance meets all city and state requirements for licensed limousine operators.
  • LMS program monitors scheduled maintenance on each vehicle.

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