The White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo is the epitome of luxury. Meant to be driven by chauffeurs and intended for enterprising and discerning individuals, it has become a status symbol of rising luxury for years. When Lincoln decided to bring out the next generation of great American limousines, they did it by breaking the mold to create a luxurious ride unlike anything previously available to the consumer market.

White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo
Take a ride in our White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo.

Our White 10 passenger Lincoln MKT Limousine is the culmination of years of hard work by engineers working to develop the best limousine on the market. With room for ten individuals plus additional storage space for luggage, it is the perfect choice for larger parties, whether it’s a corporate group looking to unwind or a wedding party that just wants to get out on the town.

With luxury seating and more than enough legroom, the Lincoln MKT limousine isn’t short on amenities to help make your night memorable. If anyone in your group gets tired, the included premium sound system and interior lighting are sure to get your party going again.

Features of the White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo

  • Seating for up to 10 passengers
  • Built-in TVs
  • DVD player
  • High-quality stereo system
  • Luxury seating
  • Mood lighting

Rent the White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo For a Variety of Events

There are many different events that would be suited to the rental of an excellent White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT limo. Corporate retreats, wedding parties, office holiday parties, and birthday parties are the perfect occasions to rent a luxury limo.

When your special day comes around, don’t you deserve the best? Why settle for an ordinary evening when you can have an extraordinary one? With everything you need to enjoy your birthday, from the integrated mood lighting to the luxury leather seating and enough space for all of your friends, the White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo is the best birthday vehicle available for parties of ten or fewer.

Feel like taking a more subdued trip? That is not a problem in the Lincoln limo. With an included TV and DVD player, you can pop in your favorite movie and watch it as you are taken on a wonderful excursion through the city streets. The sleek exterior of this limo is discreet yet makes a definitive statement. Rent the White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo from Abba Corporate transportation to take a ride in luxury.

White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo
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Choose a Limo For Your Corporate Transportation

When your employees go on a team-building exercise or on a well-deserved trip, don’t they deserve a ride that is as wonderful as they are? With the White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo, they can be chauffeured in luxury. This ride guarantees them a safe and hassle-free excursion to wherever you designate. Allow your employees to take a breather for a job well done and send them on a trip in a White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo.

We can even arrange for pickup directly from your office. With all of your other employees seeing a chauffeured limo pull up to reward several of your employees for their hard work, it can help motivate your employees to continue to strive for excellence when they know that they will be rewarded for their efforts. It also cuts down on logistics by arranging for transportation directly from the office so that multiple pickup points at people’s homes aren’t needed.

We Have a Fantastic Fleet

Here at Abba Corporate Transportation, we have an entire fleet of vehicles to choose from if the White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo isn’t your style. Each of our vehicles and drivers has insurance that meets all city and state requirements for licensed limousine operators. Our vehicles also undergo scheduled maintenance regularly to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions.

The vehicles in our fleet include the Lincoln Continental, the Mercedes Sprinter, several mini buses, the Cadillac Escalade, the GMC Yukon, and a few 54 Passenger coach buses. No matter what vehicles you choose from our fleet, you are in for a treat. Our transportation services are second to none in the Greater Houston area.

When you take a ride with us, our professionalism and luxury come together to make a trip that you will never forget. The White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo is a beautiful example of a luxury vehicle we can use to take you wherever you want to go. This car is a symbol of style, comfort, and elegance, giving all its passengers a top-notch experience.

No other vehicle compares to the White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo when it comes to high-class transportation for group trips or special events. This limousine offers the best ride with its roomy interior and high-end features.

The white appearance of the Lincoln MKT Limo gives off an air of royalty that makes you feel sophisticated just by looking at it. The bright sheen of the exterior makes a statement and gets people’s attention. At a wedding or a business event, the Lincoln MKT Limo adds a touch of class and glamour that makes an impact that lasts.

White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo
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We Offer the Best Limousine Service In Town

Another thing that makes the White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo stand out is that it can easily fit up to 10 people. Because of this, it’s a great choice for group transport. With its plush leather seats and large interior, this limousine is the best choice for any group, whether it’s a business professional, a wedding party, or a group of friends who want to party in style.

Without question, safety is an important part of any transportation service. Because of this, the White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo has the best and smoothest ride thanks to its high-tech safety features. Our excellent chauffeurs make sure your trip goes smoothly.

The White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo is a unique way to travel that can’t be found with any other service. Because it has a sophisticated look, it is the best choice for anyone who wants luxury and comfort. Check out our billing and our pricing to learn more. Request your reservation and call us today!

Abba Corporate Transportation can offer you a ride in a stunning White 10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo.