If you are looking to hire a Houston Texas airport car service, come view the wide selection of luxury vehicles at Abba Corporate Transportation & Limousine Service. We offer affordable luxury vehicle rental, complete with all of the interior features you would expect. Our drivers are friendly and professional and receive training in safety protocols. So you can sit back and enjoy the journey to wherever your destination is.

Houston Texas airport car service
Call Abba Corporate Transportation for a Houston Texas airport car service. We can’t wait to hear from you.

For over a decade, Abba Corporate Transportation has been serving the Houston area, and we have become an award-winning limo service. Additionally, we have customers who consistently book us for their transportation needs. Our fleet contains luxury vehicles suitable for executive travel, special occasions, and simple rides to and from the airport. Use our airport car service today!

We Have the Best Brands In Luxury Automobiles

With two main airports in the city, Houston sees the arrival of thousands of visitors each and every day. To accommodate travel needs, Abba Corporate Transportation offers transportation to and from both airports, to wherever your destination may be. Whether you are picking up a high-level executive or treating your wedding party to a limo ride, our drivers will meet you at the airport.

Over the years, we have been able to curate our luxury fleet to fit the specific needs of guests. For example, we have several sizable high-capacity charter buses. Also, we offer a variety of vehicle styles and sizes, and each one is made by the best in the luxury auto industry. For example, the Mercedes Sprinter, the Lincoln MKT limo, and the Cadillac Escalade SUV are just a few we keep in our fleet. We also have a great selection of smaller vehicles, like the Lincoln Continental sedan.

Executive Style Transportation

Every year, Houston is host to dozens of large events and conventions. Whether you are traveling into the city or reside here, we can make your trips to and from events fun and stylish. For the executive traveler, we have several different styles and sizes to choose from. Check out our amazing fleet.

For example, our 54-passenger shuttle buses can accommodate a large group of executives. Each of these buses comes with comfortable, high-quality seating, and all of them have clean floors. Furthermore, they have the highest standard of safety equipment, and our drivers are expert operators. Let us know what you need for your airport car service.

These buses are excellent options for out-of-town travel as well. If you are an employer sending a larger group of team members to a convention, event, or meeting, consider hiring one of these buses. The spacious interior is built to block out noise, so it is quiet and comfortable. Ideal for getting work done, reading, or even on-the-go meetings. Each bus has interior lighting and comes with standard tech plug-ins. You will be able to keep your phone and laptop charged.

Houston Texas airport car service
If you need Houston Texas airport car service, impress your clients in a classy Lincoln Continental. Call us today!

Arrive at Your Event in Style

If your plans involve a smaller crowd and a more formal event, our limousine rental can meet your needs. For example, a Lincoln MKT 10 Passenger stretch limousine might be a great choice if you are headed to a high-class sporting event. This limousine has all of the luxury features, including luxury leather seating, interior LED lighting, and a champagne stand.

If you want a classic-looking limousine, consider choosing the Lincoln MKT Stretch 10 Passenger. This limousine has a classy, shiny exterior and elegant interior design. The inside of the vehicle features beautiful leather seating for ten passengers. In addition, it has an exceptional sound system, so you stay entertained every minute of the ride. The champagne stand will keep your guests refreshed and ready for arrival at their destination.

The six-passenger GMC Yukon SUV is another excellent option. This vehicle has standard luxury features like leather seating, advanced technology, and a refined interior. This powerful vehicle is sure to provide you with a ride to your destination that is both comfortable and thrilling. Enjoy a smooth ride with our drivers behind the wheel.

The Cadillac Escalade SUV is another great option for transportation to more formal events. Like the GMC Yukon, it features a more classic, discreet exterior. The interior of the vehicle has luxury leather seating and more. With seating for 6 passengers, this vehicle is sure to impress your guests. The power and quality of these vehicles ensure you have an excellent ride.

Whether you are going to an executive convention, gala, fundraiser, or a family event, like a wedding, a vehicle from Abba Corporate Transportation will meet all of your luxury car expectations. See our pricing information to know what to expect for the cost of your ride. You can also see our billing to learn more. Our staff would be happy to speak to you.

The Lincoln Continental Sedan and More

In addition to our great selection of luxury vehicles, shuttle buses, mini buses, and SUVs, Abba Corporate Transportation also has the classic Lincoln Continental sedan. The Lincoln Continental sedan has a sleek exterior, complete with executive trim, and offers a smooth ride through any weather conditions. The interior of the vehicle is spacious and includes features like plug-ins for electronics. Additionally, this vehicle has plenty of trunk space for all of your luggage.

Houston Texas airport car service
Choose our Houston Texas airport car service.

Abba Corporate Transportation offers another option if you would prefer a vehicle of the Lincoln make. For example, the 10-passenger Lincoln MKT Stretch limousine is an excellent choice for slightly larger groups.

The iconic exterior and darkly tinted windows will give you and your passengers privacy. The spacious interior of the vehicle features high-quality leather seating and plenty of footroom. The build of the car also allows for a tranquil interior, so it is ideal for on-the-go meetings and conversation.

Award-Winning Car Service

For over two decades, Abba Corporate Transportation has been taking care of the Houston area‘s transportation needs with our transportation services. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers wherever they may be headed and providing them with the best luxury ride possible. Request a reservation today!

Our drivers receive professional training and complete programs like defensive driving and safety protocols. All of our drivers show commitment to providing you with a fun and relaxing journey to your destination. Furthermore, our vehicles receive consistent monitoring for mechanical issues or maintenance requirements as they arise. We are the best in the business.

If you are unsure which vehicle will fit your needs, no worries. Give us a call at  (713) 532-4170 for more information or a quote. Our friendly customer service support staff are here to help you. Abba Corporate Transportation can help with all of your Houston Texas airport car service needs.

Houston, TX Fun Facts:

  • Houston is the first word that Neil Armstrong said on the moon.
  • Despite popular belief, Sam Houston did not found the city; it was actually founded by two real estate entrepreneurs who named the city in honor of his military achievements.
  • The Heisman trophy is named after John Heisman, who was the first full-time coach and athletic director at Rice University.