If you need The Woodlands TX limo, you should look into Abba Limos. With cushioned seats, free refreshments, and quality chauffeurs, you’ll have the luxury experience of a lifetime.


We have a wide array of limos: whether you’re looking for a stretch limo, hummer limo, or a Mercedes, we’ll have options that are perfect for you.


One of the most popular reasons people love to hire a limo is for their wedding. This night is incredibly special. After such a long time, you’ve finally found the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. We love offering our limos for nights like these. It isn’t often that you decide to share and enjoy life with another person. When it does happen, you want to make sure you make it as unique as possible. Make this time of celebration one to remember for years to come.

You can make your wedding night even more special with The Woodlands TX limo from Abba.

Our state-of-the-art limousines are the epitome of comfort and luxury. We always keep them fully stocked with fine wines and other beverages for you to enjoy. Thanks to the fridge we placed in this vehicle, you have access to invigorating refreshments for your night out.

Feel free to bring a few extra people along for the ride. There are plenty of cushioned seats for your friends to relax on. We know that many people like to take their bridesmaids and groomsmen along for a good time.

The last special feature of our limousines is our tinted windows. Your wedding huge moment for you, and one that you want to focus on celebrating. You don’t want other people in your business at this time. Our tinted windows will prevent others from peeking in or disturbing your peace when we come to a stop.


If your child has prom coming in the next few weeks, we highly recommend planning for a limo as soon as possible. It can start to get really busy around this time, so you’ll want to plan ahead.

Plan a limo service before prom season comes around for the best options.

Prom is another extremely popular reason people order limousines. It’s one of the last things you do to celebrate your time in high school. You’ll never get this time back, and you’ll never return to this stage in your life. You’ll want to help your child commemorate this fact with a limo for a fun time.

The Woodlands TX limo is a great way to celebrate any special event. Don’t be afraid to give yourself or others luxury and an experience they’ll never forget with our services.


Abba Limos offer so much more than that vehicle in particular; we also have a number of luxury buses and motor coaches available.

If you’re in charge of a school group or organization, you’ll want to dive deeper into our motor coaches. We’ll help you get where you need to go as efficiently as possible.

Our coaches are known for having more space than you might expect. This is a pretty huge deal for school organizations. Not only do you have to get a large amount of students from one place to another, you’ve got to take all your equipment and supplies with you. With Abba Limo you can get luxury buses with 54 person seating. We try to optimize this space as much as possible to suit your needs.

The seating in these vehicles has received compliments from previous customers. They’re fitted with wide cloth trimming so you won’t have to deal with rough or scruffy material. These are perfect for anyone.

Your team at Abba Limo has also taken extra steps to help you get the most out of the space we offer. Our overhead storage is ideal for smaller luggage and suitcases you might have. These are naturally set up to prevent excessive sliding or falling. After all the planning you had to do for your trip, we doubt you’ll want to deal with broken equipment.

Lastly, our buses come with flat-screen TVs for your entertainment. These easily pop down from the ceiling. You can ask your driver for the operating system – in the end, it’s up to you and your organization to decide on what to watch.

Party Bus

What kind of limo company would we be if we didn’t offer party buses? We have plenty of options that would be ideal for you and your friend to enjoy.

Make your bachelor or bachelorette party an unforgettable experience!

For once, you won’t have to assign a designated driver to get you home safely. You have your lovely chauffeur at the front to take care of that for you. You and all of your friends will have a great time with the amenities we offer in this vehicle. Mind you, we don’t have poles on them – but you will get to enjoy wi-fi and our stunning lighting system to set the mood.


Our vehicles can be used for any event or occasion under the sun. Whether you have a birthday trip, anniversary, or casino trip coming up, you can spice up your night with a The Woodlands TX limo from us.


Why should you choose Abba Limos for your Woodlands limo service? Simply put, we have the best chauffeurs and limo service around. You’re here to celebrate a momentous occasion that’s important to you, so go all out. Give you and your loved ones the opportunity to experience luxury with Abba Limos.

If you’re not sure where to start, you’re going to want to ask chauffeurs. No one knows our vehicles and services better than they do. The only thing you have to worry about is giving out the details. How many people are you taking? How long will you need transportation? If you have any other preferences, let our chauffeurs know. They’ll suggest the vehicle and service that best suits what they’re looking for. Call (713) 532-4170 so they can tell you more about our The Woodlands TX limo today.

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