If you need to rent a limousine, you are probably searching for an exceptional Galveston TX limo rental service. Abba Corporate Transportation & Limousine Service provides the best transportation service in the Greater Houston area and beyond.

Galveston TX limo rental
We are the best in the business when it comes to Galveston TX limo rental.

Be the Envy of the Prom With Abba Corporate Transportation Rental Services

Are you attending a night at prom and need a limousine for your date and friends? You need a limo rental to help you travel in style and transport all your amazing guests. Limousines elevate your style and go along with your fancy dresses and tuxedoes. You will travel in a luxurious style in a limo rental from us. Have the time of your life with help from Abba Corporate Transportation.

Since our limousine is equipped with state-of-the-art music and a sound system, you can blast your favorite party songs and turn them up! The limousine also comes with a DVD player if you want to watch a movie after the prom. Texas heat is horrible to deal with, but the limousine blasts cool temperatures and controls humidity. You don’t have to worry about your makeup smearing or your dress getting drenched in sweat.

Drivers You Can Trust!

Abba Corporate Transportation hand-selects drivers who have experience and knowledge of driving on Texas roads. As a result of our high standards, your driver will be dressed to impress with a fancy uniform, and they always carry their driver’s license. Our limo drivers have outstanding driving skills and make your trip as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Limo drivers from Abba Corporate Transportation display a level of elegance and flexibility which enhances your limo rental experience. The driver opens and closes the door for you and helps you get into the limousine if you need help. Many of our drivers speak two languages since we want to make sure our clients feel comfortable. As a result, foreign passengers can communicate with our limo drivers in their native language.

The Interior Matters

Abba Corporate Transportation cares about our vehicles and how we present ourselves to our customers. Our company repairs and keeps the cars in top shape so that the cars don’t break down. Also, our business washes the exterior and cleans the interior of each vehicle frequently. We want customers to enjoy a sanitary, clean, and luxurious ride every time.

Our luxury limousine has a champagne stand to keep your drink safe during your ride. You and your guests can enjoy the trip in class and luxury while living your best life in our Lincoln limo! If you need a reliable internet connection to post your selfies and videos to your social media platforms, Abba Corporate Transportation has you covered.

The vehicles in our fleet have high-speed internet connection so you can post away and have a blast with your friends. You’ll enjoy our limousine’s luxurious leather interior. Abba Corporate Transportation is the best Galveston TX limo rental company!

Galveston TX limo rental
Check out our Galveston TX limo rental.

Need a Different Vehicle?

If you need a vehicle to transport you that is not a limousine, Abba Corporate Transportation has you covered! You can rent a sedan, SUV, party bus, or large coach bus from us to help you get to your destination. If your party is less than 7 people, a ride in an SUV is the way to go. If you need a lot of space for luggage and legroom, your best bet is the Lincoln Continental sedan.

Our Lincoln MKT Limousine can carry up to ten people, but if your party is larger, rent a coach bus. Coach buses carry up to 54 people if you’re looking to transport a large group of people! You can count on Abba Corporate Transportation to transport you and all of your guests.

Take Advantage of Our Outstanding Galveston TX Limo Rental

Abba Corporate Transportation offers many rental services aside from our limousines. If you have a large party and need to fit more than twenty people in one vehicle, you can rent a party bus. Our company also offers our largest luxury bus, which hosts 54 passengers. The bus seats are made out of high-quality cloth, and the bus also offers a lot of storage. If you need entertainment, the bus also has a flat-screen television and DVD player.

The buses from Abba Corporate Transportation are great to rent for weddings, school events, and overnight trips. You can also rent shuttle buses if you need to transport people from location to location during an event. Our drivers have years of experience driving and handling cars, so you don’t have to worry about your guests’ safety!

Need to Impress?

If you need to impress your date or want to travel in style, you can rent a limo from us. First impressions matter since people make assumptions based on their first impressions. Abba Corporate Transportation works with you to find the best vehicle for you to impress at an affordable price if you’re on a budget. You’ll travel like a movie star and experience a life of luxury, and you will definitely wow your date! You and your date will make beautiful memories in our vehicles.

If you have a loved one, you can surprise them with a luxurious experience and have a lovely romantic ride with them. You can drink champagne and watch the sunset or the stars and have a conversation with your loved ones and make them fall for you all over again in a limo! You and your significant other deserve a romantic getaway, so request your limo rental today.

Galveston TX limo rental
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We Provide Affordable Luxury!

You won’t spend a fortune renting a limousine from Abba Corporate Transportation. If you’re scared that you don’t have the budget to rent a limo, don’t worry. Our company dedicates itself to working with everyone to provide services at an affordable and competitive rate. You won’t miss out on traveling in luxury or feeling like a rockstar.

The guests or date you bring with you will be impressed, and you will make an impression without breaking your bank account if you rent from us. Who knew luxury limousines could be so affordable? Choose Galveston TX limo rental from Abba Corporate Transportation and enjoy our amazing prices; contact us today.

Fun Facts About Galveston, TX

  • Galveston converted its First National Bank into a museum.
  • The city of Galveston has fun sculptures made from carving trees.
  • Galveston has an ArtWalk that occurs multiple times a year.