Here at Abba Corporate Transportation, our Houston TX Lincoln limo can provide you with transportation you’re sure to remember! Browse our website to request a reservation, check out our pricing, and more.

Take a Ride In Our Houston TX Lincoln Limo

Abba Corporate Transportation’s transportation services are well known across the Greater Houston area. We provide our customers with the best limousine services around town. Our classic Lincoln limo is an excellent option for you to ride in style to whatever event you need to be at. Whether you’re celebrating your wedding or a promotion at work, the Lincoln limo is a great option to help you celebrate in style.

Houston TX Lincoln Limo
Let Abba Corporate Transportation provide you with the most luxurious transportation services in Houston, Texas.

Founded in 1999, we have served Houston for numerous years. We take teenagers to their prom, bring brides and grooms to their weddings, as well as pick up business professionals from the airport and drop them off at their offices.

Abba Corporate Transportation has a large fleet of the most upscale vehicles around town, including SUVs, a sedan, a Lincoln MKT limo, and large party buses and vans that keep the party going all night or day.

We are sure to personalize each trip according to the passenger. Providing the most comfortable and professional ride possible is important to us. Every driver will assist with baggage if needed. Most of our drivers are bilingual, speaking English, Spanish, and Arabic. So, no matter who arrives in our vehicle, they feel accommodated and important.

Finally, if requested, our drivers will meet you with a special sign with your name or company name on it. And we’ll greet your clients or visitors as well!

Abba Corporate Transportation Promises Excellence

It doesn’t get much better than Abba Corporate Transportation when it comes to limo service. Our drivers are the best around town and will always be reliable and polite when interacting with you and your guests. Every driver has years of experience driving in the Houston, TX, area, so you can be sure that they know the best ways around town.

No matter where you need to be, rest assured our professional drivers will get you there promptly and professionally. It is our mission to provide great transportation and accommodate the unique differences of all of our clients.

We were honored to be recognized as one of Houston’s best limo transportation services. Let us know when you need a luxury ride to your next event!

Houston TX Lincoln limo
Take a ride in our Houston TX Lincoln limo.

Houston TX Lincoln Limo Special Features

Our Lincoln limo is a classic option. It is elegant and fun at the same time. The Lincoln limo seats up to 10 passengers and has spacious accommodations. With the highest elegance and the best and most advanced electronics, our Lincoln stretch limo is sure to have you arriving in style.

You’ll be sure to create a lasting impression on your guests when choosing the Lincoln limo as your vehicle of choice. Our entertainment center features a first-class stereo system to provide you and your guests with a top-of-the-line ride experience. Whether you want to listen to your favorite playlist or the top 40 hits, you have the option to do so.

Our Lincoln limo also features luxury leather seats and a high-quality music system that allows you to choose the latest tunes. Also featuring a sleek exterior, you can move through the streets in style while maintaining a low profile.

If you’re seriously into luxury, you can always choose our limo option as your ride to the next event you have to attend. Known as the epitome of class, the limo is a popular option for our high-class clients. We provide corporate transport and more when it comes to our services.

Lastly, our most popular amenities make sure your celebration doesn’t stop just because you’re in a vehicle. All of our vehicle options include excellent drivers and a spacious interior. Leave the drive to us because the party keeps on going even in the car. Our drivers are readily available to help you with whatever you need.

How Much Does a Limo Service Cost?

We make sure that you receive the best service possible when you choose Abba Corporate Transportation. Our Lincoln limo is a great option for a classy evening.

Our prices vary depending on the type of vehicle you want, luggage, the area you’re in, and the number of passengers. The Houston area is large, so you will need to speak with one of our representatives to get a more accurate price.

However, if you choose our Lincoln limo option, you can browse our pricing and our billing on our website. This price is an estimate, and you can receive a better estimate by calling our representatives and speaking to them over the phone.

Additionally, there are other amenities you can add to your limo to make your experience even better. Here at Abba Corporate Transportation, we will make you feel like you’re walking on the red carpet. So, for those who want to feel like a Hollywood superstar, our limo and car service would be a great option.

If you are interested in our amenities, then ask for what we have to offer when speaking to one of our over-the-phone representatives.

Houston TX Lincoln limo
Our limo is amazing inside and out.

How to Request a Reservation For Your Lincoln Limo

If you’re ready to request a reservation, you can browse our website to get started. There is an online form you can fill out if you access the reservation tab. One of our team members will call you via the phone number you provide on the form to confirm the reservation you want.

Making sure your information is filled out correctly on the form will enable us to provide the best service possible for you. If at any time you have additional questions or want to ask about a special request, please contact us. You can use the contact form to do so or call us directly at (713) 532-4170.

We are always more than happy to help with any questions or issues you might be having. We want you to get the vehicle you want to make your day the most special that it can be. Our online form will allow you to provide all of the information we need, including passenger names and special requests.

We would like to express our gratitude and thanks for your decision to choose an Abba Corporate Transportation Houston TX Lincoln limo for your special event!

Houston, TX Fun Facts

  • More than 400 events take place in Houston each year. 
  • San Francisco and New York could both fit into the Houston area.
  • The JP Morgan Chase tower is the largest building in Houston, standing at 1002 feet.