ABBA Limousine Service is the best Houston, TX luxury limousine provider in the area. We have served Houston and surrounding communities since 1999. Over time, our company has gained a reputation for our quality vehicles and limousine transport services in Houston.

Houston TX Luxury Limousine
Our vehicles have space for three to 54 passengers.

We have a fleet of cars that could fit any of your transportation needs. We only carry the best-built luxury cars. And, no matter what, we can handle it.

Any vehicle in our fleet is ideal for luxury transportation in the Houston area, from taking you to and from airports, your prom venue, your wedding venue, and even just a special night out on the town. And, of course, all of our vehicles come with all the same amenities: water bottles, mints, magazines, and umbrellas. Most importantly, it has style and class. It is best for meeting and impressing your valuable guests.

Your Houston, TX Luxury Limousine

The pride of our fleet has to be our luxury limousine: the Lincoln MKT Stretch limousine. With a classic look fit for any spritzy event, you can be the talk of the town when you show up at any venue in this type of limo. With a sleek interior, wrap-around seats that fit up to ten passengers, and a built-in self-serve bar, you and a group of close friends can enjoy yourself during the ride in this luxury limousine.

Our luxury limousine is complete with a sound system. Of course, you can request the driver to play any type of music you wish. There’s even ambient lighting inside the limo that you can change to match the theme of the event you’re heading to or simply a color you enjoy. Regardless of the special occasion, if you need a touch of style and elegance, a luxury limousine is the way to go.

Reasons to Rent a Limo

The reasons you could rent a Houston, TX luxury limousine are endless. Some events traditionally call for it, while other times, it is just the right way to class up your party. No matter your rental transportation needs, ABBA Limousine Service can take care of it. You can find affordable vehicle rental prices that can fit any budget through us!

Start Your Wedding in a Luxury Limousine

Easily the most iconic moment in a limousine’s life is at a wedding. Everyone knows that scene that it all leads up to. The couple will step down from the church’s steps into their chariot and drive away with tin cans trailing behind the limo’s bumper.

Houston TX Luxury Limousine
Make your bachelor or bachelorette party an unforgettable experience with a luxury limousine.

It is their getaway car, whisking them away from the ceremony and reception and off to their honeymoon and new life together. The luxury limousine matches the level of fanciness that a wedding needs to be and that the bride and groom deserve.

The parents of the happy couple could also use the honor. They are there to be celebrated too. Allow them to walk up with a grand entrance to those church doors. Treat them like the royalty they are on this day.

Additionally, the wedding party could have a grand entrance to your wedding. After all, you have them there to support you on your big day. Your Houston, TX luxury limousine could be an important detail for your wedding because it can enrich even the moments you spend on the road. Call ABBA Limousine Service to learn more about how our luxury limousine can be exactly what you want.

Make Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party More Special

Before the big day arrives, though, the bride and groom each have a huge party to attend. While some think it is their last chance to cut loose, you could just have fun with your closest friends. No matter what you decide, a Houston, TX luxury limousine would make a welcome addition to the plan.

You can imagine that many of these parties go on the road. Often, the maid of honor or best man plans a scavenger hunt with stops at crucial points in the betrothed’s life. Or there could be a bar club, or you are going clubbing. You could even just want to drive around and have fun.

Whatever it is, a limo will allow everyone to have fun at the same time. No one has to sit out and be the designated driver. Plus, the party can keep going, in between your stops and all. Rent a limo today to make your pre-wedding party more about you instead of the traffic between each destination.

Making Your Prom Perfect

Clearly, weddings are the most often imagined spot to find a wedding. But in reality, you are most likely to find one in use on prom night. And why not? It makes sense. Prom is meant to be as glamorous as possible, even luxurious. Rolling up to the dance in a luxury limousine is sure to turn heads.

It will impress not only your friends but also your date and their parents. It shows how much you care about your last school dance. You do not get a second chance at prom, after all. This dance caps off and ties a bow around your whole high school career.

Houston TX Luxury Limousine
A luxury limousine is the perfect way to make your child’s prom extra special.

But maybe your idea of a proper sendoff to high school is a fun night with your group of friends. Our Houston, TX luxury limousine will fit you and give your entire party and give you plenty of room to party in style. This way, no one has to worry about driving. And the party begins and continues all the way through, from the pickup spot to the restaurant to the dance.

Get Into A Luxury Limousine

If you are looking to rent a luxury limousine, request to make a reservation today. You can reach ABBA Limousine Service’s office by calling (713) 532-4170. During this, we can start the process of renting a luxury vehicle. After our consistent service, you can rest assured you will be satisfied with your Houston TX luxury limousine.

Houston, Texas Fun Facts

  • We have four professional sports teams: The Rockets basketball team, the Astros baseball players, the Dynamos soccer team, and the Texans play football.
  • We have been named the most diverse city. Over 145 languages are spoken here.
  • Our business district, the Energy Corridor, houses the headquarters of over 300 companies.