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At ABBA Limos, we are proud to offer the best Katy TX prom limo service in the city! We are an award-winning limo rental company that can guarantee you the best ride in your life!

Katy TX prom limo service
Get the best Katy TX prom limo service through ABBA Limos!

Why Us?

You’re a businessman hoping to impress a prospective client. Or you have to travel out of the city or state and you need a ride to the airport. Or your birthday, bachelorette, prom, or wedding is coming up and you need to arrange to get to the venue on time. You have waited so long and planned so long, and

Unfortunately, Houston’s streets are often congested, with narrow parking lots and unexpected delays. You don’t want to deal with the stress of navigating through heavy traffic on your special day. If you’re with a group of more than six people, your special day could quickly turn into a nightmare.

The best solution is to hire or rent a car, perhaps Uber and Lift. But as we all know, Uber and Lift drivers are not as carefully vetted by their companies as they should. Often they are unreliable, mediocre, or provide a wildly uneven ride. The last thing you want is your special day ruined by one bad driver.

Fortunately, ABBA Limos is here to help! Our luxury vehicles are at the height of functionality and style. Our expert drivers are trained professionals committed to driving you safely to your venue and home. Most speak various languages such as English, Spanish, Arabic, and more, so communication is never a problem.

Whatever the special occasion or your transportation needs, ABBA Limos is there to provide the service you need when you need it. ABBA Limos prides itself on being the prestige Katy TV prom limo service. Our mission is to give you safe, comfortable, and luxurious transportation for all occasions.

Who We Are

ABBA Limos was founded in 1999 and has served the Houston area and out-of-state clients from more than 15 years. Thanks to our great service we have been honored to win the Houston Award in the Limos & Shuttles category by the US Commerce Association. We are proud members of the National Limousine Association and the Limousine Association of Houston.

At ABBA Limos, we offer a variety of luxury vehicles ready to rent at a variety of prices suited for all kinds of budgets. We hire professional chauffeurs that are well-trained, reliable, prompt, and polite. For corporate and business meetings, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, proms, and more, we help our clients ride in style and make an extraordinary occasion even more extraordinary.

Katy TX prom limo service
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Make Your Prom Night Unforgettable

You are a high schooler who is just finishing your senior year. Your term papers and tests are done and graded, your extracurricular activities ended, and now it’s your prom night. Prom marks one of the division between high school and the next chapter of your life, whether it be college, trade school, or the workplace.

This is the one night you can relax, have fun, and celebrate with your friends; the one night for one last hurrah. Don’t spend it worrying about traffic conditions and parking lot logistics. Why not bid farewell to your high school career by arriving to your prom location in style and class?

We at ABBA Limos can make you be the dancing queen of your senior prom and turn your special night indeed a night to remember. Learn more about the types of vehicles we offer for renting and their prices.

Pick Among the Best Prom Vehicles

All of our vehicles are carefully curated for the best in style and luxury, with plenty of amenities to satisfy even the most expensive of tastes. All of our vehicles come fully insured, so you don’t have to worry about coverage or liability, and all of our chauffeurs retain contact with the company for any additional support. Here are a few suggestions to gild your evening.

First, we have the Mercedes Sprinter Limo. Its 16-passenger seat and driver privacy partition is the perfect celebratory vehicle for large parties. The Mercedes features a premium sound system and accent lighting and incorporates flat-screen TVs, USB ports, and even 110v outlets for your electronic needs. Relax and watch a movie or show in style and comfort!

If you desire a more intimate vehicle for you and your date, you can’t go wrong with the Lincoln Corp MKT, one of the best SUs in the market. With ample seating of up to five people, the Lincoln Corp is a beautiful vehicle with richly detailed leather with wood trim accents.

If you want something more luxurious, Lincoln also offers a white, ten-passenger Lincoln MKT Limousine. With its premium sound system, built in TVs, VCR, DVD, and stereo player, the Lincoln limo is just right for medium-to-large parties. The Lincoln MKT has been one of the most well-known American town cars and is considered to be the epitome of luxury.

Regardless of the make, all of our vehicles come with complimentary mints and hard candy, umbrellas, and reading magazines. Whatever the occasion and situation, ABBA Limos has all kinds of limos for your transportation and luxury needs.

Katy TX prom limo service
Limousines are great for transporting your party to prom. Reserve your Spring TX prom limo service today!

Prices For All Budgets

Just because you are renting a luxury vehicle doesn’t mean you need to make a dent in your wallet. We offer a variety of prices for all kinds of budgets. For our prices, we take the model and make of the vehicle, the number of passengers, and the number of hours you are to rent it into consideration.

Check to see our pricing list and reserve a vehicle today by filling out a brief online form. We also have a 30-day billing cycle and advanced tracking software for all our transactions.

The Prestige Katy TX prom limo service

ABBA Limos understands the needs of its customers. Whether you’re a businessman hoping to cinch an incredibly lucrative deal with a client or if you have a special occasion on the horizon, we want you to be equipped with the very best in quality of transportation and style. Whatever your situation or budget, ABBA Limos is the limousine rental company that meets you where you are.

So what are you waiting for? Call, email, or visit us at any of our various locations, including in Katy. We hope that you choose us as the premiere Katy TX prom limo service!

Fun Facts About Katy, TX:

  • Katy is known as a UFO hotspot.
  • Katy’s Magnolia Cemetery is known as a haunted site.
  • Check out the secret “diving cliffs” of Katy, TX.

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