Explore all the perks of Abba Corporate Transportation, the most prestigious Sugar Land, TX prom limo service! As an award-winning limousine rental service, Abba Corporate Transportation is committed to bringing you the best, most luxurious limo services for all occasions.

Who We Are

Sugar Land TX prom limo service
Call Abba Corporate Transportation and make your prom a night to remember!

Founded in 1999, Abba Corporate Transportation has proudly served the Houston area and out-of-state clients for more than 15 years.

We are members of the National Limousine Association and the Limousine Association of Houston. We were honored to win the Houston Award in the Limos & Shuttles category by the US Commerce Association in 2011 and 2012.

Abba Corporate Transportation offers a safe, comfortable, luxurious riding experience with all kinds of luxury vehicles available for rent.

For airport rides, corporate and business rides, birthdays, bachelorettes, weddings, proms, and other special occasions, Abba Corporate Transportation offers airport transportation and shuttle bus services. Check out the services we provide and which vehicle is right for you.

Our Services

Out on business keen to impress a prospective client? Have a wedding or a divorce to celebrate? Want one last big bash for your birthday, bachelorette, or prom night?

Whether you’re on business and eager to impress a prospective client or whether you want to travel to your wedding in style, Abba Corporate Transportation offers top-notch luxury vehicles for all of these occasions and more. For the most important experiences of your life or your career, you can count on Abba Corporate Transportation to be there for you every step of the way.

There is nothing more stressful than trying to navigate congested streets and clogged parking lots to get to your destination. With groups larger than six people, it can be downright unpleasant. Avoid the stress of driving times and travel with style with Abba Corporate Transportation. Don’t leave the best nights of your life up to chance, and rent a vehicle with us today!

Make Prom Night Unforgettable

The big day is finally here. Your senior year is done, and you are headed to the biggest night of your high school career: Prom night. While preparing for prom can be exciting, it can also be very stressful.

On top of getting ready, choosing your outfit, and meeting up with your date or your friends, the last thing you’d want to contend with is that ever-ubiquitous Houston traffic. Whether you’re a Houston native or someone from out-of-state who has never been, navigating Houston streets isn’t easy.

The next step, then, is to rent a vehicle for the night. Though your first instinct would be to choose Uber or Lift, beware of quality control. Uber and Lift drivers are not as carefully vetted as ours. You don’t want your carefully planned big night ruined by a bad driver or mediocre riding experience.

Prom is the last night you get as a teenager before beginning the new stage of your life, whether college, trade school, or the workforce. Why not indulge yourself, your date, and your friends with a proper send-off in the lap (or seat) of luxury?

Abba Corporate Transportation understands what you need. That’s why we will take care of all of your transportation needs and even give you the best, most luxurious ride of your life. We are committed to making sure you end your high school career in the best way possible. As a premier prom limo service, Abba Corporate Transportation believes everyone deserves to ride in comfort and style.

Choose Among Our High-Ranked Vehicles

Whatever your situation, transportation, or luxury needs, Abba Corporate Transportation offers a wide variety of vehicles for the humblest of budgets and the most discriminating of tastes.

All of our drivers are professionally trained and licensed chauffeurs. Most are bilingual or multilingual in English, Spanish, Arabic, and many more languages, so communication is never an issue. They are trained to make sure you get to your destination and then back home safe and sound.

Sugar Land, TX prom limo service
Don’t miss out on your dream limousine! Book Sugar Land, TX prom limo service today!

For the best vehicles to guide your prom night, explore our fleet of top luxury vehicles. We have many different vehicles that fit various situations and styles.

Have a smaller party and an eye for the height of luxury? Try the Lincoln MKT Limousine, one of the most reliable status symbols. The Lincoln includes built-in TVs, VCRs, DVDs, and stereo players. It comes equipped with a premium sound system and interior lighting. The Lincoln makes up for its modest seating with additional storage space for luggage should you need it.

Arriving at prom night in a Lincoln Continental luxury sedan adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to the entire experience, turning it into an unforgettable evening. Imagine the sheer elegance of pulling up to the venue in a sleek and stylish vehicle, the embodiment of refined taste and class.

Picture the sumptuous leather seats, the soft ambient lighting, and the advanced technology at your fingertips, creating an atmosphere of sheer opulence. Renting a luxury sedan for this special occasion is not just about transportation; it’s about making a grand entrance that will be etched in memories for years to come.

As you step out with your date, the attention to detail in every aspect of the car becomes apparent, from the powerful yet smooth ride to the seamless integration of entertainment features. It’s not merely a ride; it’s an experience that elevates the entire prom night, making you and your date feel like stars on the red carpet. So, why settle for ordinary when you can make a statement with a luxury sedan, turning an already magical night into a truly extraordinary one?

Regardless of what vehicle you choose, these are guaranteed to be ideally suited for prom nights and other celebratory events. All of our vehicles come with complimentary mints, hard candy, umbrellas, and magazines.

Pricing For All Kinds of Budgets

Renting a luxury vehicle does not mean you have to make a dent in your parents’ wallets. Abba Corporate Transportation offers a variety of prices and services to fit even the humblest of budgets. We take the model and make of the vehicle, the number of passengers it seats, and the hours rented into consideration. Check out our extensive pricing list!

The Most Prestige Sugar Land, TX Prom Limo Service

Make prom night a night to remember by renting luxury vehicles from Abba Corporate Transportation! We guarantee the safest, smoothest, most comfortable ride of your life.

With our variety of services and vehicles at a wide range of prices, Abba Corporate Transportation leads as the prestige limousine rental service company. For more information on our transportation services or to request to make a reservation, visit us at any of our locations or call us today. You can put your trust in our Sugar Land, TX prom limo service!

Fun Facts About Sugar Land, Texas:

  • Sugar Land was one of the very first communities in Houston.
  • It became the primary place for sugar cane production.
  • It has been recognized as one of America’s Best Places to Live by the Anti-Defamation League.