Do you need a Sugar Land TX limousine service soon? Get one today from Abba Limousine Service. Just like the name suggests, we provide limos and a limo service to clients in need of them.

It is common to be thinking about an event and wondering how you are going to get there. There are just some times that you don’t really want to drive to an event. This is normal and fine, but you still need to get to that event in style. That is what our services and company are here for.

We specialize in getting you to your destination in style. Our limos are used for a variety of events, and it doesn’t matter where the event is; we can take you there. The Sugar Land area is a place that we have been servicing for a number of years. So, if you are looking for a service that will take you around this area, then we are the right company for you.

Sugar Land TX limousine service
Abba Limos: Sugar Land TX limousine service.

Get the best Sugar Land TX limousine service from us at Abba Limousine Service. For more information about our company or the limo service you can get, give us a call. Someone from the amazing Abba Limo team will be glad to give you more information.

Abba Limousine Service

Our limo service started in 1999 with the intention of providing a solid and affordable limousine service. This was and still is a great goal, and we are glad that we are able to provide this service every day. But we have grown to be much more than just a limousine service.

Since then, we have added a variety of vehicles to our fleet. This is because we know many events don’t always require a limo. It may not be appropriate for the event, so we added different vehicles and more services that our clients could enjoy.

Our limo service is still one that many clients enjoy, and that is because it can be used for a variety of events. Wedding parties, proms, and date nights are just a few event examples that clients use our Sugar Land TX limousine service for.

We are proud to say that any service you get with us is personalized. From the kind of limo, the color of the limo to the place you want to go to, and what is waiting for you in the limo, everything is personalized. This is something that all of our clients are appreciative of.

When they go to other transportation companies for the same service, they are restricted by the kinds of vehicles they have and even the locations they can go to. For us at Abba Limousine Services, the service area includes Houston, Tx, and all the surrounding areas, including Sugar Land Tx, Katy Tx, Cypress, and much more.

Visit our website to view our service areas. We know that you will be satisfied with them.

Limo Services

When thinking about a limo service, many kinds of limos flood your mind. If you need a wedding limo, a certain limo might be in your mind. For a date night, another kind of limo might be in your mind.

We thought about this and decided that adding more limos to our fleet was the best decision. And we were right! No matter the event you are going to, there is a limo that you will love for your Sugar Land TX limousine service.

Stretch limos are a popular opinion for weddings and proms. This is because they can hold a large party comfortably and have a great interior. There are a variety of stretch limos for our clients to choose from. A Stretch Ford Excursion, White 10 Passenger MKT, Escalade Stretch, and Hummer H2 Stretch are some that you can choose from. Each of these can come in the colors black or white. So, if you are trying to go with a specific kind of vibe, then pick the color that goes with that.

Sugar Land TX limousine service
Stretch limos like this are available for you.

If you are looking for a smaller kind of limo, maybe for a more intimate feel or a date night, try the lincoln town car. This kind of limo is perfect for a party of 2 just going for dinner and a night out.

Abba Limos Sugar Land TX limousine service has vehicles that you are sure to love. To view what these limos look like, visit the Fleet page on our website. If you have any other questions about our fleet, call today.

Car Service

As we were saying before, we recognize that not every event needs a limousine rental. With that being said, by adding different vehicles to our fleet, we are able to accommodate clients looking for transportation.
Another one of our popular services is airport transportation. Businesses and companies call on us to shuttle to their airport and pick up their guests, who have come in for meetings.
For this service, they use vehicles like the lincoln town car and sprinter buses. One of our drivers will then head to the airport and have a plaque card with the name of the client. Once they’ve been picked up, the driver will drop them at their hotel.
Other services we have are the party bus and charter bus service. Both are perfect for much larger groups, and the chosen vehicle is based on party size. Choose which service is best for you and when you are ready to make a reservation, give us a call.

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Sugar Land TX limousine service
Enjoy the luxuries of a Sugar Land TX limousine service.

Our company is keen on making the reservation process for our clients simple. This is because it should be a simple process. The main information that we need from any client is their contact information, the vehicle they want to rent for their Sugar Land TX limousine service, and the pickup and drop-off information. It’s that easy with us. So, call to make a reservation today.

Sugar Land TX limousine service

Abba Limousine Service is ready to provide you the best transportation services in the city. So, call for our Sugar Land TX limousine service today.

Facts about Sugar Land Tx

  • Visit the city town square for live music and fun activties
  • First Colony is a popular shopping mall in the areas
  • The sugar cane indusrty is very evidnet in the history of the city
  • Learn more about Sugar Land by visiting their website