Get a Navasota TX party bus rental from ABBA Corporation Transportation. Have you been looking for the right transportation company for your next event? ABBA Corporation Transportation is the company that you have been looking for. Our job is to make sure that you have the right vehicle to take to this event and that you get there in style. And that is exactly what we do.

You might have been searching and doing your research in terms of finding the right vehicle. This is something that we know most of our clients talk about. You’ve looked at other transportation companies’ websites searching for the perfect party bus for your group, but you either can find what you like, or they don’t have it available for that day. With ABBA Corporation Transportation, you don’t have to worry about this happening.

With us, we take care of our clients and make sure that we have a variety of vehicles for you to choose from. In addition to that, you are sure to get the vehicle that you want on the day that you need it.

We are a company that is making a difference in the ground transportation industry. Everything that we do is to satisfy our clients. So you can get the perfect Navasota TX party bus rental with the perfect ground transportation service in Navasota at ABBA Corporation Transportation.

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Navasota TX party bus rental
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ABBA Corporation Transportation Service

As a transportation company based in a large city, it is crucial for us to be different from our competition in every way that we can. Our main job is to take clients to and from their events in style, but we have added more than that to our job description. That is because we understand that a great transportation service requires more than that.

Our drivers and our team, in general, are who really make our service stand out. It is important that we give them the credit that they deserve.

When you make your reservation, we inform our drivers, and they immediately start getting ready for you. Making sure that the vehicle you choose is prepared is their number one job. Then, they map out the route that they are going to take to get you to your destination. Once they have done that, our team will take the time to confirm your reservation so that their efforts are not in vain.

On the day of your reservation, they always come early, and we know that makes the difference. In addition to that, they are well-dressed and always open the door.

All of these characteristics are what make our service the best in the city. It is important to us that every aspect of your journey is enjoyable. So, that is what we focus on, and that is what we do for you.

Now that you have more information about our company as a whole, take a look at our large selection of vehicles and, more specifically, our Navasota TX party bus rental.

Navasota TX party bus rental
Navasota, TX party bus rental from ABBA Corporation Transportation is the way to go.

Our Fleet

At ABBA Corporation Transportation, we are proud of our fleet. The inspiration behind acquiring such a large fleet is quite simple. We understand that in order to serve all the clients that we plan on serving, we need to have a variety that they can choose from. In addition to that, we must have multiple of the same vehicles just in case more than one client rents the same vehicle around the same time.

With this being said, you have the option to choose whichever party bus rental is best for you and your group.

Our Navasota, TX party bus rental is great because there are different seating options. Some groups need more seating because there is a large number of people. And others need less seating because there are fewer people. So, to accommodate everyone, we have party buses that seat 22-30 people.

So, choose from the 10-seat Lincoln MKT Limousine or the 22 Passengers Executive Shuttle Bus; the option is yours. Look through our fleet and make your decision. If you have any questions about the number of seats in any of the vehicles, give us a call, and a team member will be happy to answer you.

Request a Reservation

At ABBA Corporation Transportation, we have made making a reservation effortless. We have taken away all the stress of staying on the phone for what seems like forever. You can have your rental reserved in just a matter of minutes.

When you call our team, ask for a Navasota, TX party bus rental. Then they will ask you a couple of basic information questions along with the kind of party bus that you want to rent. After that, they might ask if you would like to add anything to your reservation, such as water, alcohol, or snacks. If this is the case, you can specify which you would like to add.

Make a reservation for a Navasota TX party bus rental from Abba Limousine Service today.
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Lastly, they will ask for the date the party bus is needed and the time and place that you would like to be picked up, and the location you would like to be dropped off. It is as simple as that. So, call (713) 532-4170 and make your reservation today.

Navasota, TX Party Bus Rental

Party buses can be taken to many different kinds of events. This is a vehicle that is quite versatile and is great because it can fit a larger group of people. Possible Navasota TX party bus rental places include bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, birthday parties, and much more. So there is no event limit as to where these buses can go.

In addition to that, we want to point out that we have a large service area. This means we can take you almost anywhere that you need to go. You can call to ask to double-check for our service areas, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Make a reservation for a Navasota, TX party bus rental from ABBA Corporation Transportation today.

Facts about Navasota, TX

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  • The city is known as the Blues Capital of Texas
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