Katy TX shuttle bus

Are you in need of a Katy TX shuttle bus? Get one today for the amazing Abba Limo Service. At Abba Limos, there is a vehicle for every occasion. Whether you need a vehicle for prom, corporate travel, date night, or a group trip, there is a vehicle for it.

Now, if you have been designated as the one that will find transportation or maybe you’re doing it as a surprise, we can help you out. We have an extended fleet that you can easily choose from. There are Katy Tx limos, charter buses, party buses, and of course, shuttle buses.

Katy TX shuttle bus
A Katy TX shuttle bus is waiting for you at Abba Limos.

There are professional drivers that will be assigned to take you around for the day or night. The drivers that we have hired are polite and prompt; they will get you to your destination on time and will be polite while they do it. By opening the door, checking up on you, and even having conversations with you and your group, they show their politeness.

You are sure to receive this kind of service when you call on us for your Katy TX shuttle bus. Learn about us and our services. Then take a look at our fleet for the shuttle bus that you’re looking for.

Luxurious Transportation Service

For 20 plus years, Abba Limos has been providing leisure and corporate transportation. We started by servicing the greater Houston area and have since then expanded to the Katy area as well. This means that we get to serve more people and provide them with an amazing transportation service.

One of the services we have includes an airport shuttle service. So if your group wants to take a Katy TX shuttle bus to the Houston airport, then that is something that we do as well. In addition, of course, we take you to the destination that you want.

Our job is to get you there in style and safely. That is exactly what we do. We have mastered our craft and continue to make additions where we see fit, so we always stay the best. So, call us to get a shuttle bus for your outing.

Shuttle Buses in Katy Texas

The extensive fleet that we have at Abba Limos is so that we can accommodate everyone and every group size. We realize that not everyone calling for our service is in need of a car or limo that sits just a couple of people. Clients like you are looking for vehicles that sit a larger group size.

In this case, we have our shuttle buses and charter buses. The main difference between these vehicles is the seating capacity and the colors. So, if you have a preference for a black car or a white car you can choose accordingly. Most of the Katy TX shuttle bus we have come in both of those colors.

Katy TX shuttle bus
Choose a Katy TX shuttle bus for your whole group.

The largest vehicle seating for a Katy TX shuttle bus is 54 passengers. The smallest vehicle sits at least 10 to 15 passengers. The ones you have to choose from are the Sprinter Executive ShuttleCorp Sprinter, 40, 28, and 24 Passengers Executive Shuttle Bus and the 54 Executive Coach Bus. To see what each of them looks like, click on each, and you can make your decision. 

A Rental Service made for You

Having a bus service that is made for you is something that makes up stand out from the crowd. It’s one thing to be able to provide a vehicle, and it’s another to be satisfied with the service you’re getting. We focus on making sure you as a client don’t just get the Katy TX shuttle bus that you need but enjoy the service you get. The best and easiest way for us ensuring this is by personalizing our services.

What we mean by this is adding certain amenities and packages to the shuttle bus you’re renting. Once you have decided the kind of shuttle bus you need, you might be thinking of all the things that will spice up the rental. In this case, we have a variety of things that you can choose from and add to your Katy TX shuttle bus rental.

For example, if you are 21 years and above, you adding champagne to your rental is possible. With this, you can get the party started before you even get to your destination. In addition, adding pastries, chips, and even hard candies is possible. If the outing is a group date, rolling out a red carpet will be a surprise to the other group members and fun addition to the whole thing.

So, think about what you might want to add to your Katy TX shuttle bus rental. Make a reservation today by calling us. Don’t forget to tell us about what you want to add to the rental.

Katy TX shuttle bus

Making a reservation is actually very easy. The team member that speaks to you will ask some simple questions. These include your name, contact information, and of course, the date and time of the shuttle bus rental. After that, they’ll ask for the name of the vehicle you want to rent and the destinations. That’s it.

Katy TX shuttle bus
Add amenities to your rental when you call today.

Pricing for our rentals and services are affordable. We work by destination or at an hourly rate. This is dependant on the service that you need. Take a look at the pricing chart made available for all our clients to get an idea of the pricing. Ask any questions about pricing when you call in for your reservation.

So, when the date of your trip or outing is finalized, all you need to do is give us a call. An Abba Limos team member will be there to provide excellent customer service and get your reservation settled. No need to worry about if the vehicle you picked is available. The distribution center we work with gives us the vehicles we need when we need them. So, make that call today. Abba Limousine has the Katy TX shuttle bus you need for your outing.

Facts about Katy TX

  • Visit Katy Mills for a day of shopping
  • To cool down on a hot day visit Typhoon Texas, a local waterpark
  • The was founded on rice farming
  • Learn moroe about Katy Tx by visiting their website

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