Rent out a Galveston TX shuttle bus from Abba Limousine Service.

Planning a trip requires a lot of details to be hashed out. All the elements that come together to make a Galveston trip come together are important. But one of the most important details is how everyone is going to get there. At this point, everyone might be throwing out suggestions.

“Let’s take a couple of cars or have everyone meet at the destination.” But someone suggests that a shuttle bus should be rented so that you all get there at the same time and you don’t end up missing any part of the trip. This is a brilliant idea and one that we agree with.

Now getting that Galveston TX shuttle bus is on you. Searching the internet for shuttle buses and services is what you start to do. Finally, you come across Abba Limousine Service. Let us tell you that we have exactly what you are looking for. The shuttle bus that fits all of you is affordable and will get you to your destination in style, and, most importantly, on time is available for you.

Look at the options you can choose from. Take your time to make a decision and even fill in everyone in your group. They’ll agree that getting a shuttle bus from Abba Limos is the best decision.

Galveston TX shuttle bus
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Galveston Shuttle Service

Our shuttle service is one that many clients use. Whether it’s for a full day or for a couple of hours, the Abba Limos Galveston TX shuttle bus service is going to get you to where you need to be. Let’s just look at a possible scenario and how making use of the shuttle service works in your favor.

Let’s say you are planning a family trip, and all of you are going on a cruise that’s leaving from the Galveston cruise ship terminal. You may have some family members coming in from other states, and they need to get to Galveston as well. In this scenario, there are so many different ways that you can make use of our Galveston TX shuttle bus service.

The family members flying in need a vehicle to bring them down to Galveston. This is because the only airports around are the Houston airports, Bush Intercontinental Airport, and Houston Hobby Airport. By calling Abba Limos, you can ask for our airport shuttle service. This service will take a shuttle bus of your choice to the airport that your family members will be. It will pick them up and drop them off in Galveston at the destination you provide.

On the day that you all need to be at the cruise terminal, you can also call Abba Limos and get a shuttle to drop all of your off. This way, no one needs to leave their car at the terminal while you’re enjoying your vacation.

Our shuttle service is very versatile and is personalized to you and your trip. So no matter what you need our service for, we are there for you. This was just one scenario; there are multiple different ways that you can use or service. If you are having a group date or just a night out in Galveston with some friends, renting out a shuttle bus is something that you can do.

Get to your destination in style

Galveston TX shuttle bus
Get to your destination in style with an Abba Limos Galveston TX shuttle bus.

Getting clients to their destination ins style is what we do at Abba. For more than 20 years, this is what we have been committed to doing. We started by rendering our services in the Houston area, but since then, we have expanded and are now able to render clients all across the Greater Houston area with our services.

Providing Galveston limousines, party busses, and even private car services are just some of the things we do. For all of our services, we have drivers who drive you around. They are professional, polite, and punctual. That is something we pride ourselves in. In addition to that, they are safe drivers and always get our clients to their destinations safely.

So, when you ask for a Galveston TX shuttle bus service from us, rest assured that everything is going to go smoothly.

Choose a shuttle that fits all of you

Now that you know you can use our shuttle service when you need it, it’s time to look at the shuttles you have to choose from. The Abba Limo fleet is something that we are more than proud of. Over the years, we have been able to expand and add to it. So, now there are a variety of vehicles that clients can choose from. This also means we are able to serve more clients.

For our shuttle bus options, you can make your choice according to the number of passengers you have. Each of these buses is spacious and guarantees that everyone will be comfortable for the whole ride.

Galveston TX shuttle bus
There is enough space in our Galveston TX shuttle bus for everyone in your group.

We have 2 kinds of sprinters, the Corp Sprinter and the Sprinter Executive Shuttle. Both sit about 10 to 15 people comfortably. The other shuttle buses we have are for larger groups. They seat between 24, 28, and 40 passengers. These are the Passengers Executive Shuttle Buses. Lastly, if you have a very large group, we have the Executive Coach Bus that sits 54 passengers.

To see what each of these look like, you can click on the links. Or click on the fleet page on our website. Make a decision for which one will be best for your group and let us know.

Galveston TX shuttle bus

Now you can start finalizing the rest of your trip or outing. Everything on the transportation side is already settled. To make a reservation for your Galveston TX shuttle bus, give us a call today. An Abba Limos team member will take down some simple information and ask for your trip details.

Once that is done before you know it, your reservation will be complete. Then you’ll be able to enjoy our service and your trip. So if you’re planning a trip to Galveston, Texas, or an outing in and about Galveston, get a Galveston TX shuttle bus.

Facts about Galveston TX

  • Galveston is on the gulf coast. So, visit the Galveston beaches for a fun day in the sun
  • Take a curise from Galveston to a beautiful location
  • Moddy Gardens has an Aquarium and other fun expericnces
  • Visit the Galveston TX website to learn more about the city