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Your Special Event

Special events come once in a while and on special occasions, you don’t need to worry about driving yourself and your guest to the event. As a result, you need a reliable transportation service company. Abba Limousine Service offers the best rental transportation services.

If you need services in Katy, TX, then Abba Limos is the company to go to. You know that limos parties are a blast, and you want you and your guest to have the best time in a limo. Did you know that the limo rental process at Abba Limousine Service is easy? The company makes limousine rental fun, fast, and easy! So travel to your special event in style!

You need the best Katy TX limo service to have the best time of your life, so rent a limo from Abba Limousine Services to get the best limo service in Texas!

Katy, TX limo service
Don’t call just any Katy, TX limo service for your special event. Call ABBA Limousine Service.

It’s Prom Night!

Prom night is an event in which most teenagers celebrate their transition into adulthood. Teenagers celebrate their last few days in high school with their friends since they are preparing to go to college and start a new chapter in their lives.

If you are a teenager, then you know that you have to look and feel your best. When you arrive at the prom, you have to make an impression and wow everyone one last time. You know that you have to shop for the perfect dress or tuxedo. Your date also needs a matching outfit that compliments your style.

There are so many things you need to do before prom night. Sure, you can get haircuts, nails done, and a nice facial to help you look your best! What about your car? Have you prepared the perfect car for you and your date?

Abba Limousine Services offers prom night limo rentals to help you impress your date, friends, and everyone at the prom. You can be the envy of the prom and live in the moment with your friends. Who doesn’t want to make heads turn and be the talk of the event?

Your Prom Limousine

Abba Limousine Service equips its prom limos with state-of-the-art sound gadgets and stereo systems. You can play your favorite trending songs and live in the moment. Your friends can also play vintage music and share a nostalgic moment with you.

Music is essential to everyone since music enhances the moment. Abba Limousine Service knows that music is important to throw a party, so they provide you with the best stereo system!

The company also installs high-quality screens and DVD players in their limos for you to enjoy. You can play a nice movie for you and your friends to enjoy while heading to the prom. Did you know that Abba Limousine Service offers the best Katy TX limo service and the greater Houston area?

Katy, TX limo service
Our limo has a self-serving bar and well as mood lighting.

You can enjoy the luxurious premium quality leather seats and enjoy refrigerated drinks. It’s always hot in Texas; thus, you need to keep yourself cool. As a result, the company maintains its vehicle’s AC system working up to date! You don’t have to worry about dealing with Texas heat when you’re traveling to your magnificent venue.

A Safe Trip for Your Teenagers!

As a parent, you want your kids to have fun as well as be safe. You can rely on Abba Limousine Service’s drivers to get your kids to prom safely! The company only hires drivers with years of experience driving limos on Texas roads. The drivers are knowledgeable and have a positive attitude. The limo drivers will get you to your event on time, and they will provide you with the best customer service!

Your kids will have lots of fun partying in the limo, and they will also be safe since an experienced driver will be driving them to the venue. Sending your kids to drive alone at night is concerning, and you will worry about their safety. Let your children party and live their last days of high school without having to worry about their safety!

Affordable and Luxurious

Katy TX limo service
We have over twenty years of experience.

Treat your kids to a fabulous once-in-a-lifetime prom experience with a luxurious limo! Abba Limousine Service offers limo rental services at an affordable and competitive rate. You don’t have to break your wallet and bank account to provide your child with a luxurious limousine for their prom!

The company has a price that fits everyone’s budget! You can rent a vehicle depending on the size of the group, the vehicle needed, and the service area! If you have a large group get a party bus or a stretch limo. Suppose your child is going to prom with only their date to rent a smaller luxury sedan. Abba Limousine Service has a rental vehicle at a price you can afford!

Katy TX Limo Service

If you need to rent a sedan, SUV, van, limousine, or party bus at an affordable and competitive rate, contact Abba Limousine Service! The company prides its service in greater Houston area! We know how important events, such as prom, are and we intend to make sure your limo service is perfect. From professional-looking chauffeurs to safe driving and punctuality, you can count on ABBA Limousine Service to make a special night even more special.

Request your reservation today. We make reserving your limo easy and we have our pricing packages and billing policies available online for you to easily plan. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our representatives will be more than happy to help you.

If you need the best Katy TX limo service get in touch with Abba Limousine Service for the best limo service.

Fun Facts about Katy TX:

  • Katy TX hosts movie nights at VFW Park.
  • The city of Katy is 30 minutes away from Houston.
  • Did you know that Katy was once the rice capital of the world?