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Our clients often ask whether they should rent charter bus or a shuttle bus. While the two are very similar, they are technically used for different reasons. Let’s look at the most common uses for charter and shuttle buses.

What’s the Difference Between a Charter Bus and a Shuttle Bus?

Galveston TX rent charter bus
Charter buses are ideal for overnight traveling.

Generally speaking, a charter bus is used to transport a large group to an out-of-town event. Usually, the clients need the bus for multiple days. A shuttle bus is often for short travel distances, especially for trips to the airport.

Shuttle buses are economical and focus on room for storing baggage. A charter bus will have more comfort features and amenities, such as a flat-screen TV, quality interior lighting, and relaxing reclining seats. There is plenty of room for luggage, but the primary focus is entertaining guests during a long trip.

What are Charter Buses Used For?

There are many reasons our clients rent charter buses. However, the buses are usually used for long car trips, weddings, school trips, and corporate events.


When you want to transport your wedding party safely to your destination wedding, the charter bus is your go-to. You can rest easy knowing that your entire party will be on time, and your guests will be thrilled that they get to save money on gas.

Further, you can spend more time with your friends. Unfortunately, wedding guests are not always able to stay long, especially for an out-of-town event. So, riding with your friends is a great way to boost your time together and catch up on lost time.

School Field Trips

Many schools send children on out-of-town field trips. Overnight field trips are a very exciting time for kids because they get to enjoy independence and basically have a sleepover with their friends. However, the idea of an out-of-town field trip can pose some issues for certain families.

For example, not everyone can afford to send their child out of town. In addition, some parents have to work full-time and are not able to take time off. No parent wants their child to miss the fun, and schools are well aware of this. So, schools use Galveston TX rent charter bus services.

Further, teachers can keep track of students better since the class will be in one central location rather than split up in potentially hundreds of cars. Charter buses are beneficial to the Earth, too, as they allow far fewer cars on the road.

Keep in mind that charter buses can be used for more than overnight travel. A location may be close enough that the children would return the same day but too far for the school bus to meet the after-school bus routes. For example, if

Spring ISD is headed to Galveston to see Moody Gardens; the charter bus would be ideal.

Corporate Events

Whether it’s a company retreat or team travel to a convention, many businesses look to charter buses for travel options. It’s the ideal way to make sure your team arrives on time and safely. Further, having the group seated together allows you to go over the agenda while en route.

Additional Reasons

Galveston TX rent charter bus
Shuttle and charter buses have luxury seating and plenty of luggage storage.

There are far more outings that call for a charter bus than weddings, field trips, and corporate events. However, they usually have the same things in common:

  • Long-distance travel
  • Large group transportation
  • Continuous/overnight driving

Why Would I Need a Shuttle bus?

Shuttle buses are great for rides around the city and trips to the airport. They offer lots of luggage room, as well as comfortable seats. Shuttles designed for parties have fun lighting and flooring options, though these are typically called party buses.

A shuttle bus is great for traveling to an inner-city location. For example, taking your team to a convention, bringing your family to a large gathering, heading to an in-town wedding venue, or taking a large group to the airport.

Other Transportation Options

If your special event doesn’t seem to fit into a shuttle or charter bus category, there are always other luxury transportation service options available! In fact, businesses, wedding parties, etc., may choose to use a different type of luxury car.

For Bachelorette/Bachelor parties, this is especially true. You can rent a party bus, which has special features like colored lighting, designer flooring, and self-serving bar access. Further, the exterior itself is often fancier than a typical shuttle bus.

Corporations may choose to use a limo service for moving team members. The most popular option is the Lincoln Continental Sedan, as it’s great for moving a few team members to a nearby city location. They have the same benefits as a charter or shuttle bus, but the seating is more practical for the group size.

Parents may rent a limousine for their child’s prom or Quinceanera. A limo escort is a great way to show your teen that you trust them, as well as make sure that they arrive to and from the event on time and safely.

The Best Galveston TX Rent Charter Bus Options at ABBA Corporation Transportation

Galveston TX rent charter bus
The best Galveston TX rent charter bus deals are at Abba Limos!

At ABBA Corporation Transportation, we offer more than just luxury limos. We have a wide variety of car services and rentals that are perfect for all special occasions. Be it a shuttle, charter, coach bus, or a Lincoln MKT Stretch Limousine, ABBA Corporation Transportation has you covered.

Our professional drivers have years of experience driving in and around the Greater Houston Area, from Galveston to The Woodlands, Texas, and beyond. We know the best routes to take when traffic gets heavy, and we will always get you to your event on time and in style.

We have multiple charter bus rentals available that can carry anywhere from 14 to 54 clients. The next time you’re looking for the most luxurious Galveston TX rent charter bus options, give us a call.

Fun facts about Galveston, Texas

  • Galveston is home to the first bakery ever opened in Texas.
  • Be sure to check out the gorgeous Galveston Tree Sculptures created from the remnants of trees torn away during Hurricane Ike.
  • In 1859, James Moreau Brown crafted one of the first masonry structures in Galveston: the Aston Villa.
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