Katy Texas Party Bus Rental

If you are searching for Katy Texas Party bus rental, Abba Limo is the company for all your transportation needs. Whether it be weddings, proms, corporate events, we have a myriad of services for all of our clients to benefit from.

Brief History on the Party Bus

The first limo bus service became a trend in the 80s. Since then the industry has really transcended. A party bus is typically a large motor vehicle used to accommodate anywhere between 10-50 passengers including drivers. This bus is usually a model of a bus or coach, but modified for recreation and entertainment reasons. Party buses are driven and hosted by chauffeurs just like a limo is.

Katy Texas Party Bus Rental
Houston TX 50 Passenger Party Bus Prices

The hot party rides are customized and helpful to the organization of special events. Some models include a high definition sound system, karaoke sets, game consoles, LCD TVs, dance floor, refrigerators, and so much more.

The Rise of Car Service

The limousine was the first vehicle to be equipped with air conditioning back in 1939. Similar to then, limos are some of the first if, not the first, vehicles of luxury. This makes them a top choice for elite or executive transportation, accompanied with chauffeured sedans. Know the difference between ride-share apps, black car service, and chauffeured sedan services.

Choosing Black Car Service over Lyft or Uber

There are many ways to travel about the city without being behind the wheel. Most people face a plethora of options to choose from as far as transportation goes. Remember that just because something is more accessible or posed as “convenient” does not always mean that it is quality. Many individuals will go with the norm and choose Uber or Lyft over private car companies not aware of the affordable rates that they provide.

Your driver has years of experience. The hiring process for these driving positions is much more extensive than the training of Uber or Lyft. Of course, these companies administer background checks and drug tests, but private car services do not stop there. Car service drivers are responsible for taking a range of challenging tests and much more. Car services also give you many options as far as the style of vehicle and the resources you will need for whatever the occasion is.

Luxury Limo Service

This service is great for four passengers featuring large trunk space for luggage.

Nothing screams luxury like a Mercedes Benz. This vehicle has the most advanced electronic components right at the driver’s fingertips. We guarantee the smoothest and most efficient ride possible for all passengers.

Each vehicle comes with top of the line stitched leather. Our Houston Mercedes Limo Service provides clients with an undisturbed relaxing commute while they handle business or while they catch their breath before their next destination. Choose Houston Mercedes Limo Service to ensure that you and your clients experience the smoothest sedan experience available.

All of our Houston Mercedes Limo Service cars feature rear seat light, deluxe seats, and climate control for comfort. Whether your commute is ten minutes or a few hours, Abba Mercedes Limo service is here to guarantee tier service.

Katy Texas Party Bus Rental
Katy Texas Party Bus Rental

Houston Prom Night Limo Service

Prom nights can bring a lot of pressure to everyone involved. You want this night to be as stress-free as possible, your only focus for the night should be to have fun. With our Houston Prom Night Limo Service, we guarantee your teens’ safety with luxury. Because this is a special occasion and you might be worried about the safety of your child’s travels, our prom limo service is the perfect choice for you.

Safety is our main priority, Houston Prom Night Limo drivers ensure that your child makes it home safely and on time. Your child deserves safety and luxury as they enjoy their evenings with friends.

Houston Limo Corporate Transport

Abba Limo offers clients the best Houston Limo Corporate Transport tour for all of your professional needs. We guarantee that you and your guests experience a high class touring experiences with top of the line transportation. No one wants to be late for a business arrangement or a business event. Get to your destination safely and efficiently when you choose our Limo Corporate service.

Houston Limo Anniversaries

A business anniversary is a great time to look back and celebrate progress and growth throughout the company. It is a time to create new goals and aspirations for the future of your establishment. Regardless of the mood of the event, show up to your venue or destination in style and luxury.

This particular area of the company offers a fleet of unique vehicles designed to fit your company’s needs. This service caters to executives from other companies, main suppliers, business partners, and even government officials.

A Way to Establish Company Unity

When was the last you and your colleagues or employees were able to break the ice and break down barriers where everyone can chat and relate on the same level. Business culture in this day and time can really strengthen the company team work, professional relationships, empathy, and creating a positive work environment.

Katy Texas Party Bus Rental
Abba Wedding Limo Service

Katy Texas Party Bus Rental

Contact Abba Limo at (713) 532-4170 to find out more about all that we have to offer. Our company strives to offer several services that clients can benefit from while arriving at their destinations safely and in style. If you are looking for Katy Texas Party Bus Rental, Abba Limo is the company for you.

Katy, TX Fun Facts

  1. Katy has ten parks, including Heritage Park, best known for its restored buildings.
  2. “Old Town Katy,” the city’s downtown area, is where you will find many specialty stores, antique shops, and restaurants.
  3. Katy has several museums that honor the city’s history, heritage, and the country’s veterans.
  4. For more fun facts on Katy, TX, search here.

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