If you need a Katy TX limo rental for a special event, Abba Limos is the way to go. Our professional chauffeurs and luxurious vehicles are sure to give you a night filled with wonder and elegance.


One of the top reasons people love our limousine services is because we help make their wedding a night even more special than it is.

Weddings are a very big deal. You love someone so much that you’re steps away from committing yourself for the rest of your life. It’s uncommon to find someone that’s such a well-fitting partner and best friend. When this happens, you should go all out for it. A Katy limousine from Abba would be perfect for this occasion.


Our stretch limos come with all sorts of amenities to give you the ultimate limo experience. For starters, we have refreshments in the fridge of these vehicles. We feel like this moment wouldn’t be complete with a few beverages for you to sip on. We’re sure you’ll enjoy our range of wines as you ride from one destination to the next.

You’ll feel like absolute royalty with this in combination with the customer service our chauffeurs provide. There isn’t a care in the world you need to have at that moment.

If you want to take someone else along, go for it. Of course, the number of people that you bring is entirely dependent on the limo model you choose. You may want to select something bigger if you plan to share this experience with a bigger group of people. (Don’t be afraid to ask our staff about this in detail so we can plan ahead of time.)

 Katy TX limo rental
Feel free to bring your best friends along to enjoy the ride.

Other than that, bringing your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or your group of best friends is something you’re more than welcome to do. As people like to say, the more, the merrier.

The last feature our limos come with that is particularly notable are our tinted windows. These are absolutely necessary in our opinion. We choose to use these in all of our limousines so you can keep your private moments to yourself.


Weddings aren’t the only reason people love our limos. They’re also typically in high demand around prom season.

Prom is one of the most traditional aspects of high school. It’s the talk of the night if you’re in the graduating class: knowing it’s the last time you’ll go to a high school dance is pretty heart-wrenching.

Your child has spent so much time learning new things, making memories, and forming friendships with other people. For the first time in their life, they have to move beyond this stage and become an adult. Allow them to salvage the last of their high school moments by making it unique with one a Katy TX limo rental.


Other than providing Katy limo services, Abba offers shuttle services.

 Katy TX limo rental
Experience the best limo and bus services from our well-trained chauffeurs.

These are particularly popular with groups and organizations, especially those that are school-oriented. There’s always plenty of room for everyone and their belongings thanks to the spaciousness of our vehicles.

We do everything we can to make sure we’re accommodating for as many people in your group as possible. Our shuttle buses come with 54 seats in each model. On top of that, everyone has overhead storage to keep their handbags and smaller luggage on.

We’ve taken the time to make sure your belongings will always be kept safe in these compartments. As the person in charge, we’re sure you have more to worry about than lost or broken items. You’ll never have to worry about this with shuttle buses from Abba.

Our buses also have flat-screen TVs – all you have to do is pull it down from the ceiling. After that, you and your organization are free to watch a movie of your choice as you sit back for the ride. We know that this feature is particularly useful when you have a group of school children to look after.

Whether you need us to transport you for a day or for a week, know that Abba limo has you covered on every front possible.

Party Buses

If you’re looking for something a little more entertaining, we still have options for you. How could we offer bus services without throwing a party bus or two into the mix?

These are perfect when you want a night out with your friends; when we say that, we mean all of them. We know that a typical night out means one person is the designated driver and everyone else gets to party. With our party bus services in place, you all get to join in on the fun.


Our vehicles are perfect for pretty much any event you can think of. Others like to use our services for their casino trips, birthday parties, or anniversaries. We’re also happy to be your airport shuttle so you can get around before and after your travels. Whatever form of transportation you need, know that you can find it with us.

 Katy TX limo rental
A Katy TX limo rental from Abba is suitable for any major event you have coming up.

Before you make your decision, we strongly suggest talking to one of our chauffeurs before doing anything else. They’ll make sure you’re choosing the option that’s financially and situationally suitable for you.

All you have to do is let them in on the details. What event is this for? How many people will be in the vehicle? How long will you need our services – is it for an evening or will you need our help for a week-long trip?

Regardless, our chauffeurs will help you make the right decision. If you’re ready to receive treatment of the highest quality to make your day a little extra special, get in touch with us. Call (713) 532-4170 so you can get you started with your Katy TX limo rental today.

Fun Facts

  • Katy has 10 parks.
  • “Old Town Katy” is the city’s downtown area.
  • Katy’s museums honor the city’s history, heritage, and U.S. veterans.
  • Learn more about Katy!