If you searched for Houston TX sprinter van rental Houston, it’s time to contact ABBA Limousine Service. We have an impressive fleet with a wide variety of luxury vehicles to choose from! Since 1999, we have been transforming the transportation experience into a luxurious one. Call us today to reserve your sprinter van!

Most people imagine driving in a sprinter van to be tiresome or inconvenient. However, we always make sure to give you an experience, unlike anything before. Our keen attention to detail and competitive prices is what separates us from other passenger van rental services out there.

Please give ABBA Limos a call today at (713)-532-4170! When you call us today, we’ll begin to look for the best vehicle for your travel needs. When you search for Houston TX sprinter van rental houston, you will quickly see that we are the number one choice in Houston.

Houston TX sprinter van rental houston
Looking for Houston TX sprinter van rental houston? Contact ABBA Limousine Service today!

Luxury Transportation Begins Here

Believe it or not, luxury transportation is not only for high-profile celebrities. ABBA Limousine Service can get you a luxury vehicle that will turn heads and make traveling a comfortable experience. While we specialize in beautiful and sleek limousines, we also have convenient sprinter vans for a wide variety of occasions.

A sprinter van from us is a great way to transport a small group of people to their destination. For years, we have been using our spacious and luxurious Mercedes sprinter van to help get around the greater Houston area. The Mercedes sprinter van combines the elegance of a limousine with a traditional van’s space without the uncomfortable seats a commercial van has.

This specialty vehicle is an excellent choice for airport transfers. Many of our clients use this sprinter van to pick up and drop off business associates from the airport. Not only is this a massive consideration for your business partners after a long flight, but it will also surely impress them and establish great rapport.

ABBA Limousine Service employs highly-trained chauffeurs who are courteous, punctual and help enhance your travel. When you utilize our services, our drivers will help you pick up your luggage for no additional costs. Moreover, they dress professionally and can even carry a sign with the name of your party. As a result, arriving in Houston will be convenient and considerate on your part.

Our services are excellent because they make navigating the Houston airports and its traffic a lot easier. Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States. As a result, your guests will not want to deal with traffic-heavy roads after a long flight. Because of this, our vans and vehicles are a great choice to help them unwind.

Houston TX sprinter van rental houston
Our vehicles are clean and give you a luxury transportation experience!

3 Amazing Benefits Of Our Beautiful Sprinter Vans!

If you think that our luxury sprinter vans are only suitable for corporate or business meetings, then think again! Our vans are an excellent choice for all special events. For example, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor, and bachelorette parties can all benefit from our vehicles. All the vehicles are clean and well-maintained.

There are a lot of benefits to using our services and riding in our sleek sprinter vans. First, they help you with coordinating an event. You will certainly have your hands full of you are planning a large event for many people. ABBA Limousine Service can take some weight off your shoulders by having us handle the transportation. We help you save time.

Undoubtedly, transporting a lot of people at once can be challenging. By using our vans, not only will your group arrive together, but also on time. As a result, you and your guests can have a more professional appearance when you arrive somewhere. Besides, you can save a significant amount of time by not carpooling.

There are a lot of people who wouldn’t want to put extra miles on their car. Not only that, you can spare your guests the inconvenience of having to waste gas driving to your event or function. In turn, you help save everyone in your group money by traveling together. However, a big reason to consider us is safety.

Our chauffeurs all have up to date licenses and have the driving experience to get you anywhere in the greater Houston area. This is a very convenient advantage if you’re trying to get somewhere quickly and without worrying about heavy traffic. By having more people travel individuals, you potentially increase the chances of an accident.

We make sure you get to wherever you need efficiently and safely. Because of this, we are always the number one choice for luxury sprinter vans in Houston. After searching for a Houston TX sprinter van rental houston, please make sure to give us a call!

Houston TX sprinter van rental houston
We have been providing the best luxury vehicles in Houston since 1999!

Houston TX sprinter van rental houston

As previously mentioned, we specialize in luxury transportation. Many of our clients are blown away by the amount of detail we put into getting you to your destination. All of our vehicles, including our sprinter vans, come full of great amenities to enhance your trip.

For example, when you rent one of our vans, you will get the following:

  • Mints, hard candy, and free water bottles.
  • Umbrellas for rainy or sunny days.
  • Popular and engaging magazines for entertainment.

The luxury does not end there. Our premium sprinter vans have comfortable leather interiors that make traveling a relaxing experience, and not a bad one. Additionally, many of our sprinter vans have great LED lightning and a spectacular surround system that makes getting anywhere a fun time.

Our sprinter vans are an excellent choice for people who want to go to prom, celebrate an anniversary, or make their birthday unforgettable. When you call us, we’ll work hard to give you an affordable quote that works with your budget. Don’t wait any longer! Call our friendly team at (713)-532-4170 today!

As you can tell, ABBA Limousine Service does its best to make traveling comfortable and a luxurious experience. ABBA Limousine Service has over twenty years of experience and knows what it takes to give you the best experience possible. When you call us, we’ll ask about your party size, your destination, the date, and a few other factors.

Traveling in our premier luxury, sprinter vans is a fun way to get around. After getting our services, you’ll be glad you searched for Houston TX sprinter van rental houston and called us.

Fun Facts About Houston, TX

  • The tallest building in Texas is the JP Morgan Chase Tower, at 1,002 feet. This building has five sides.
  • “Houston” was the first word heard on Earth from the moon in 1969.
  • Over 90 languages are spoken here in Houston. To learn more exciting facts, please visit Houston’s official page!