The Mercedes-Benz Executive Sprinter Shuttle is uniquely suited to carrying a number of passengers who require transportation in a discrete and tasteful vehicle. With seating for up to eleven passengers, the Sprinter Executive Shuttle can move efficiently in city traffic while retaining the elegance and creature comforts many people come to know and expect with a luxury travel service.

Mercedes-Benz Executive Sprinter Shuttle
The Mercedes-Benz Executive Sprinter Shuttle has everything a smaller group needs to travel together.

With soft, leather-trimmed seats, long windows with full shades, and soft interior LED lighting, the Executive Sprinter Shuttle is a premier option for commuters who demand excellence in their vehicles. The soft interior lighting provides reading opportunities in dim outside lighting conditions, and the comfortable seats allow passengers to take a brief restful nap as necessary to help them recharge.

Even taking long trips in the Executive Sprinter Shuttle won’t be overwhelming or tiring, two constants when traveling through Houston traffic. With a Mercedes-built suspension system, the smooth ride enables you to lean back and take business calls, type out a quick email, or converse with your fellow passengers in comfort and style.


  • Smooth suspension system
  • Interior lighting
  • Soft leather seats
  • Seating for up to 11 passengers

Ideally Suited For:

  • Corporate events
  • Family gatherings
  • Birthdays
  • Wedding parties
  • In-city transportation

All Vehicles Include the Following Amenities:

  • Mints or hard candies and bottled water
  • Umbrellas for inclement weather
  • Magazines for reading

Vehicle Distribution Centers:

  • 8138 Jackrabbit Road, Houston, Texas 77095
  • 13818 Pickford Knolls, Houston, Texas 77041

Vehicles & Maintenance:

  • Insurance meets all city and state requirements for licensed limousine operators.
  • The LMS program monitors scheduled maintenance on each vehicle.

The Benefits of Choosing an Executive Sprinter Shuttle

There are many good reasons to choose a Mercedes-Benz Executive Sprinter Shuttle from ABBA Corporate Transportation & Limousine Service. Although low-key, this vehicle stands out from the rest of our luxury fleet because of its convenience for medium-sized groups trying to travel in and around the city.

For starters, it’s luxurious and comfortable, with roomy spaces, leather seats that can be leaned back, and modern conveniences. Second, it guarantees professional, dependable, and on-time services, which lowers the stress that comes with planning a trip. Third, it’s great for group travel because it has a lot of seats. This makes it perfect for business trips, rides to and from the airport, and roadshows.

Plus, it gives people space so they can work, hold meetings, or just relax without being bothered. Not to mention, carpooling with a group is good for the environment because moving together in a single vehicle cuts carbon emissions by a lot. Request a free quote for renting the Executive Sprinter Shuttle when you call today.

Choose an Executive Sprinter Shuttle for Business

Using an Executive Sprinter Shuttle for businesses is often a cost-effective way to provide premium transport for guests, whether in the city or over longer distances. With room for numerous passengers, the Mercedes Executive Sprinter Shuttle is a corporate transportation method perfectly suited to providing the ideal image to your clients and out-of-town business executives.

Mercedes-Benz Executive Sprinter Shuttle
Choose a Mercedes-Benz Executive Sprinter Shuttle for low-key luxury travel for your family.

Whenever several people visit your business at one time, the best way to pick them up is to transport them in an elegantly designed vehicle with plenty of storage space for luggage. Nothing says unprofessional more than not having adequate storage space for luggage.

With the Mercedes Executive Sprinter Shuttle, this will never happen. So next time you have VIPs, give them the executive treatment by riding in an Executive Sprinter Shuttle. Even if they need transportation between the airport and hotel or convention centers, the Mercedes-Benz Executive Sprinter Shuttle is always the right choice.

A Low-Key Vehicle for Family Gatherings

Summer is one of the most common times for familial gatherings. Ranging from weddings to family reunions, these gatherings pose logistical problems. With potentially dozens of family members gathering in one place, how can everyone move through the city together without the need to have multiple vehicles?

The solution is easy – by using the Mercedes Executive Sprinter Shuttle. With room for most members of your family, you can help everyone to cut down on individual car rental costs and help to make sure that no one gets lost in the city. Considering that there is additional room to store luggage, you can even arrange to have everyone picked up from the airport and taken right to the hotel.

The Sprinter is large enough to hold up to eleven passengers and all of their luggage and equipment, making it ideal for trips in and around the city. Whether your family is trying to go to the Rodeo together, hit up all the stops in the city as a family, or need to get from the airport to your cruise ship with a few detours in between, this vehicle can do it all.

The Matter of Pricing & Reservations

No matter which vehicle you’re looking at, ABBA Corporate Transportation & Limousine Service provides affordable pricing and hourly rates for all of our vehicles. You can rent a vehicle at a price that best fits your budget and needs. If you have any questions, you can call our team to request a free quote.

Mercedes-Benz Executive Sprinter Shuttle
Rent a Mercedes-Benz Executive Sprinter Shuttle to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

We have a set pick-up and drop-off rate as well as an hourly rate in case you need our services for longer than a quick one-way trip. For our hourly rates, we do require a minimum of five hours of service. If you’re using our vehicle for an event, the pricing may vary.

You can request to make a reservation with our Mercedes-Benz Executive Sprinter Shuttle through our online form. Or, you can call our team directly and book the vehicle for your needs.

We’re based in the Houston area, so we can drive our Mercedes-Benz Executive Sprinter Shuttle anywhere within and around the city. You can ensure that your event and group travel go smoothly by choosing the best vehicle for the occasion. Choose the Mercedes-Benz Executive Sprinter Shuttle.