Are you looking for a Houston TX 40 person party bus price? If so, reach out to ABBA Limos. You won’t find a more luxurious and sleek party bus for a better rate. Contact us today to learn about the areas we service and our pricing options. 

Houston TX 40 person party bus price
Since 1999, ABBA Limos has been providing stylish and luxurious transportation services. Allow us to do the same for you.

A 54 Passenger Party Bus

There are many occasions where hired transportation becomes a necessity. Some of those occasions include work events, big guest lists for birthday parties, and even wedding parties. No matter what the event is, a party bus is a sure bet to having a great night. 

Of course, there are other hired car services out there to choose from. However, none of them are as reliable, convenient, or as hassle-free as hiring a party bus. If you and your friends have a night out planned, or have reservations at a fancy dinner, chances are you’re looking to have a good time. This means that you don’t want to worry about yourself or one of your friends being stuck as the designated driver.

 In these cases, hired transport is the way to go. Ubers have become an incredibly popular service; however, if you’re looking to transport a large group of people, that just isn’t a reliable option. Instead, you should reach out to ABBA Limos. We can provide you with a spacious and luxurious Houston party bus, big enough to fit your entire group.

You’ll no longer have to feel stressed about finding enough taxis to fit your entire group. You also won’t have to worry about you and your friends taking several cars between you and then panicking about finding parking. Take the hassle out of driving and rely on ABBA Limos. 

Houston Texas 40 person party bus price
You won’t find a better Houston TX 40 person party bus price anywhere else!

Birthday Party Bus, Rental Service

By choosing ABBA Limos, you’ll not only benefit from luxurious and comfortable transportation, but you’ll also find various pricing options to fit your budget. We believe everybody should be able to hire a beautiful vehicle and feel like a VIP on their special day. That is why we offer these varying prices so that we can find a Houston TX 40 person party bus price that works for you. 

Not only do we offer varying price points, but we also host a variety of vehicle options. Our 40 passenger coach is just one of many vehicles you can hire from us. If you need transport to hold a larger number of people and aren’t wanting to divide your group between 2 coaches, then our 54 passenger executive coach is a perfect choice. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a smaller vehicle, we have buses and coaches that carry 15 people, 22 people, or 30 people.  

Our vehicles get booked for a variety of reasons. That is why we hold several different types of cars, limos, coaches, and buses in our fleet. That way, you can find the perfect limo, bus, or coach for every occasion. The equipment and amenities that can be found in our vehicles differ with each model. However, to give you a better understanding of what you can expect, below are some of the entertainment options our vehicles are equipped with.

  • Built-in TV’s
  • Stereo System
  • Complimentary Bottled Water & Mints
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Leather or Cloth Seating

ABBA Limos: Our Mission

At ABBA Limos, we make it our mission to provide luxury and reliable transport. All of our vehicles come equipped with comfortable cloth or leather seating so that you can enjoy the ride no matter the length of your journey. We understand that when people hire transportation services, they usually have a deadline in the form of a reservation. That is why our drivers will always arrive on time, so you never have to stress about running late. 

We proudly serve Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas with our stylish and sleek party bus services. Our professional team of experienced drivers are here to ensure your ride is smooth and efficient. 

We want your experience with us to be as enjoyable as possible. For us, that starts with you feeling relaxed and confident in our abilities. With that in mind, we only hire the best drivers. 

All of our drivers have undergone the necessary training to confidently and safely operate our vehicles. So whenever you choose ABBA Limos, you can rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands. 

At ABBA Limos, we make it our goal to accommodate you as best as possible. That is why we keep our pick-up and drop-off locations flexible so we can meet your needs. If you want to stop along the way to your destination, just let your driver know. They’ll gladly take you wherever you need to be. This is just one reason to choose ABBA Limos for all your party bus and limo bus needs. 

40 person party bus price in Houston
No matter which of our buses you choose, you and your friends are sure to have a great time!

Book One Of Our Party Buses Or Limos Today!

Booking one of our 40 passenger limos or any of our other vehicles has never been easier. You can visit our website where you can reserve one of our transportation options for your special day. Not sure which of our buses to choose from? That’s completely understandable. All of our vehicles present a great option for a number of reasons. Give us a call, and one of our team members will gladly answer any questions you may have. We hope to make your decision a little bit easier. Get in touch today. 

A Houston TX 40 person party bus price that’s right for you

If reliable services and affordable prices are what you’re looking for with your hired transport, there’s no better choice than ABBA Limos. Reach out to ABBA Limos today to book one of our vehicles. You can call our office at (281)-460-3612. Make sure you check out the locations we service to get an idea of where you can book our services. 

Visit ABBA Limos today to discover why we’re the best choice when you’re looking for an affordable Houston TX 40 person party bus price.

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