Are you look for a Houston TX birthday party bus? If so, you need to get in touch with ABBA Limos. We have the top of the line vehicles fitted with amenities and features to keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Contact us today to look into hiring one of our luxurious party buses or limos.

Houston TX birthday party bus
Choose ABBA Limos for style, comfort, and affordable prices!

Why Hire A Party Bus or Limo?

When you’re looking to host a birthday party that you and your friends will remember for years to come, you want to find something special. What could be more special than riding around in style and luxury to all of your favorite places? This is exactly what a Party bus rental can offer you. Whether you’d like to spend the day going from place to place or wish to spend your evening aboard a spacious and comfortable bus, allow ABBA Limos to provide you with a beautiful party bus. 

We have a range of vehicles on offer, so you can relax knowing no matter how big your group is, ABBA Limos has got you covered. Whether you’re looking to host an intimate gathering with your closest friends or want a larger vehicle for a bigger party, we can help find the perfect choice for your special occasion. 

We have a selection of shuttle buses that can hold groups ranging from 24 to 48. If that’s still not enough space, then you should check out our executive coach. It has the capacity of holding up to 54 passengers. This is a perfect choice if you’re looking to acquire transport for a large group to a day event or a wedding party. So whenever you’re looking to hire a Houston TX birthday party bus, contact ABBA Limos. 

Houston TX Party Bus Services

Our party buses are guaranteed to keep you and your friends entertained regardless of how you use our services. If you’re looking o hire one of our buses to get you from point A to point B, you can keep the party going even while onboard. When you opt for multiple taxis it can become a lot more complicated than it needs to be. 

With booking several different taxis and making sure you have enough to hold all of your passengers, it just causes unnecessary hassle. You won’t find any hassle when you book with ABBA Limos. We can provide transport to fit your entire group so you can keep up the festivities onboard our luxurious and comfortable buses. 

Houston Texas birthday party bus
There’s no one better to trust when you need a Houston TX birthday party bus!

Our Transport Options

Small gatherings can sometimes be a lot more special than a big group. Being surrounded by your closest friends is a great way to spend your special day. If you’re looking for transportation options for a close-knit group, you’ve come to the right place. A popular choice is our Lincoln MKT Limousine. With the option of a white or black model and space to hold 10 passengers, it’s a perfect choice for you and your closes friends to make lasting memories. 

However, if a larger vehicle is what you’re after, you could benefit from our Stretch Ford Excursion. It can hold up to 15 people and is a perfect option when you’re looking to host a birthday party, bachelorette, or looking for transportation on prom night. 

No matter which of our vehicles you choose, you’ll find something for everyone in our varying models. As our vehicles do differ in size and passenger capacity, the interiors will also hold different entertainment options. However, to give you an idea of the sort of things you can expect from an ABBA Limos vehicle, below are some of the amenities our vehicles offer:

  • Wrap-around seating 
  • Self-Service Bar
  • Built-in TVs
  • Stereo
  • LED Lights/ Strobe Ceiling

To find out more about our vehicles and what they come equipped with, contact us today. We’ll happily talk you through your options and help you find the perfect vehicle for your special day. 

birthday party bus in Houston Texas
You and your friends will have a blast regardless of which vehicle you select.

Choose ABBA Limos

We are proud to provide the most luxurious and sleek limos and party buses in the Houston area. At ABBA Limos we believe everyone is entitled to comfortable and stylish transportation on their special day or any other occasion. That is why we have a variety of pricing options available. 

If you’d like to go all out for your party and have your limo or party bus stocked with champagne and goodies, you should check out our deluxe package. For more information about our pricing options feel free to get in touch and we’ll happily answer any questions you might have. 

We want you to be as relaxed and care-free as possible while aboard one of our vehicles. That is why we only hire the best drivers to be in charge of our fleet. All of our drivers have undergone training and can confidently and safely operate our vehicles. You and your friends couldn’t be in more capable hands. 

If you’re interested in one of our Houston, TX party buses, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a limited number of all of our models and we’d hate for you to miss out on the party bus of your dreams. By booking in advance you can be sure that you’ll get the right bus for your event. 

If you’re unsure which of our vehicles is best suited for your plans, we can help with that. Visit our website today or give us a call and our staff will help you find the limo or party bus you’ve always dreamed of. 

Houston TX birthday party bus

You won’t find a better selection when you’re looking for a party bus in Houston, Texas. Contact ABBA Limos today to enquire about our fleet. You can reach us at (281)-460-3612 or by visiting our website. Ready to reserve one of our buses? Don’t wait to get in touch. 

Make sure you check out the locations we service and look into our vehicle options. By choosing ABBA Limos you’re sure to find the best Houston TX birthday party bus.

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