When prom night arrives, your teen and their friends deserve a safe and secure ride in style with our Houston TX Prom Limo Rentals.

Stylish Limos and Charter Buses for Prom Night

With school getting back into fashion pretty soon, your teen will likely want to go their senior prom night. It’s a traditional and special occasion that has been passed down for generations for many schools across the nation.

Your teen likely has already found the perfect suit or dress to wear, as well as a prom date to go with them to the dance. 

Houston TX Prom Limo
A night to remember means having a memorable ride. Enjoy all the attributes of our Houston TX Prom Limo come prom night.

As a parent, you also may be concerned about the potential dangers that can occur on any prom night. Underage drinking while driving does have the potential to lead to crashes. They can be fatal as well.

That being said, you’re likely looking for a limousine service that can ease your worries and satisfy the flashy style that your teen may want to show off to their friends. Enter Abba Limos. We’ve helped thousands of clients with their needs for a personalized limo or charter bus.

These vehicles allow for an easy way to ensure that your teens are safe getting to prom and coming home. Additionally, Abba Limos’ rides also have plenty of different passenger sizes. This means that your teen will have enough room inside to fit as many of their friends as they want.

We Do Plenty Of Things That Uber Can’t

When it comes to getting your teen a safe ride to the prom, a simple UberXL won’t cut it.

It’s no secret that Uber has plenty of services to offer to its customers now, including the option to get a limo. However, their range and amenities seem to fall very flat when it comes to helping the riders have an enjoyable time.

Your kid will want to style and profile in the best way possible to impress their friends, and that’s why a party bus or a limousine is your best bet when considering an excellent ride to the prom.

In comparison, Abba Limos does more. Way more. We have a variety of options for you to choose from our various party bus and limo packages. The best part is that they’re all easily affordable, which is something that Uber can’t claim due to their sometimes outrageous surge prices.

It’s important to get a handle on all the options that are available in our catalog. This is so you can find the best limo or party bus for your teen’s unforgettable night.

Classic Limousines Ready To Go

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? As long as prom nights have been around, limousines were always there to follow. On all of our Limo packages, we offer plenty of rides to anywhere in Houston and its surrounding cities for an extremely affordable rate.

All of our Prom Limo Packages have enough room for 10 people to fit inside altogether. With this much space inside, it’ll be a great way for your teen to invite plenty of their friends along for the ride, especially if they’re all looking for an easy and affordable way to travel there together. Parents often choose the limo option because it’s a surefire way to guarantee safety for all involved and it gives the teen a chance to arrive in classic, prom style.

Houston TX Prom Limo
Your teen deserves to arrive in style on prom night. Abba Limos are here to serve with our affordable Houston TX Prom Limo rates.

The limos also include plenty of amenities to keep the teens entertained during the ride, such as a virtual live DJ spinning their favorite jams as well as a small bar full of their favorite non-alcoholic bubbly drinks. Internet and telephone are also included in case of emergencies or when they need to get in contact with an adult right away.

With these perks, classic limousines are simply the way to go for any prom occasion. Our previous clients have said it best. There are no better Houston TX Prom Limo Rentals out there. Abba Limos delivers.

A Party Bus Adventure

So you’re the type of parent who likes to give their teens a little more than what they expect from a good night out. We get it. You want your child to have the best time while they’re out on the road with all of their friends and a party bus provides just that. We pride ourselves on providing the greatest Houston TX Prom Limo Rentals there is. We bring that same energy to our party busses too.

Our options for party buses range from 24, 40, and 54 passengers. These party buses are great for large groups of teens that are looking to head out for a fun-filled night. These options are especially great for high school football and basketball teams that are looking to ride the entire team into prom night in exquisite fashion after winning the home game.

We can’t even stress enough how our busses come dripping with luxury. The strobe and disco lights exude party vibes that usually come with a night of exciting prom fun. Let’s not forget the music either. All of our luxury party buses are equipped with a bumping sound system that teens will love as well as a dance post for those who can’t help but start dancing before hitting the dance floor.

All of our vehicle packages are driven by high-class and well-trained chauffeurs that aim to go above and beyond to make sure that the party reaches their destination while your teen and their friends can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Our drivers will even take your teens out to stop by the late-night restaurants if they happen to get hungry when the night is over.

Houston TX Prom Limo
Abba Limos provide a fun, luxurious ride for you and your business.

Houston TX Prom Limo Rentals At Your Service

When prom night arrives, it pays to make sure that you’re prepared to have all the necessary elements in place to ensure your teen has a great and safe night out. There’s no better way to put your best foot forward, and our limo services at Abba Limos can help. Reach out to us today to learn more about our Houston TX Prom Limo Rentals service today!

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