Houston TX Corporate Coach & Limousine

If you are searching for Houston TX corporate coach & limousine, look no further, Abba Limo has you covered. We strive every day to provide our customers with the best possible service, no matter the destination or event. We provide our clients with a myriad of vehicles and resources to fit whatever your needs are.

Houston TX Corporate Coach & Limousine
Houston TX Corporate Coach & Limousine

The Early History of the Bus

Omnibus in Latin translates to “all for all.” It began as a nickname given to multi-passenger vehicles in France back in the early 17th century. In 1662, a brief public transportation bus line was curated in Paris, but it was a bit pricey and prohibited the use to persons who might heavily depend on public transportation. This service was brought to an abrupt stop because it was not viable for the total person.

In England in 1824, a toll gatekeeper named John Greenwood brought a cart with a few seats and a pulling horse and started offering no reservation necessary travel between Manchester and Liverpool. He would drop off and pick up passengers wherever they needed. Many competitors began to use this same concept, which led to the company named Manchester Carriage Company.

In Paris, the omnibus service started it up again. Its first stop was put in front of a hat store named Omnes, which stated Omnes Omnibus. These vehicles were now capable of holding up to 18 persons. During this time, millions of passengers traveled on this bus during the initial first half of the year of service.

Bus Service as a New Industry

Despite the dramatic start, the concept of the bus was here to stay. Multiple companies were established and grew until bus transportation was common in Europe and North America by the 1880s.

Steam engines, electric motors, and later internal combustion engines were in place of the horses. Fast forward to now, buses come in any shape or size and much more fuel-efficient and much safer. Entertainment systems, restroom facilities, and high tech communication technology are all amenities that buses can now be equipped with.

The History of the Classic Limousine

The term “limousine,” referring to a vehicle in which the driver is a separate compartment from passengers, was established in the 1700s. In reality, these vehicles were mainly for the elites. This name stems from the correlation between the carriage driver’s cover and the cloaked hoods typically worn by shepherds in the known French province of Limousin. This term was used well into the 1900s, where there was a flow of these chauffeured rides were made.

The Stretch Limo

Today many people still use the traditional model of the limousine, which several passengers can ride in a luxurious model that has amenities readily available for guests. This type of limo was curated in Arkansas in 1928 but wasn’t associated with just formal occasions. However, the vehicle was used primarily to transport famous and major prominent band leaders and orchestras to performances throughout the country.

Shuttle/Charter Bus Service

Here at Abba Limos, we strive in taking care of our clients in any way possible. We have provided charter bus rentals in Houston since 1999. We have a variety of charter buses to accommodate as many guests as you can. Do you need to pick up and/or drop a group of people at the airport? Do you need to provide transportation between the convention center and the hotel? If so, we have just the vehicle for you. We have three wonderful options for passengers, read below:

Houston TX Corporate Coach & Limousine
Houston Texas luxury service vehicles

Ride in Style with our Mercedes Limo Service

Known for its elegance, you can expect the Mercedes brand to provide close attention to detail and luxury. This limo service can comfortably seat four passengers and provides enough space for your belongings.

If you are interested in the most comfortable and highest quality limo experience, you require a Houston Mercedes Limo Service. Our limousine features luxurious seats with premier stitched leather, rear-seat lighting, and climate controls. More so, rest assured that your Mercedes-Benz has the most advanced technology under the hood. Therefore, you will receive the smoothest and most comfortable ride from beginning to end.

Additionally, such vehicles are highly recommended for high-profile clients, investor relations, business executives, or newlywed couples. It is common for the bride and groom to want a little privacy before the reception. With that in mind, a Mercedes Limo can accomplish that and much more.

Some of the amenities included with this vehicle are mints, bottled water, umbrellas, and magazines. More so, you can enjoy the music of your choice from our premium sound system. No matter the event or occasion, rest assured that a Mercedes Limo will offer you comfort and luxury.

The Classic Mercedes Sprinter Limo

This automobile can seat up to 16 passengers comfortably. This is also an excellent choice for both personal use and businesses. When you choose this option, you can expect accessories such as flat-screen TVs, USB ports, and 110v outlets.

Houston TX Corporate Coach & Limousine
Houston Limo Service

Our Mercedes Sprinter Limo includes accent lighting, high-quality seating, and premium sound systems. When it comes to clandestine and under the radar transportation for larger parties, this is a great choice to make. In reality, this option is great for corporate events, weddings, family gatherings, birthday parties, and any other special events.

This vehicle option allows you to stay connected to business while traveling. Additionally, our driver partition will allow you to have private meetings in the cabin. In conclusion, if you require Hobby Airport limo services from and to your hotel, contact us at your earliest convenience.

Houston TX Corporate Coach & Limousine

Contact Abba Limo at (713) 532-4170 to find out more about all that we offer our clients. Stop searching for Houston, TX Corporate Coach & Limousine, and let Abba Limo take care of all of your transportation needs.

Houston, TX Fun Facts

  1. Houston is home to 4 professional sports teams (basketball, baseball, football, and soccer)
  2. There are more than 3500 restaurants on Westheimer Road alone.
  3. Houston’s business district, known as the Energy Corridor, has offices and headquarters of over 300 companies.
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