Are you searching for a Galveston TX charter bus rental? If so, don’t hesitate to contact Abba Corporate Transportation! For many years, our company has been providing luxury vehicle transportation services to the Greater Houston community. Furthermore, our team has established a reputation for reliable and exceptional service. There is no better company to trust with your charter bus transportation service needs than Abba corporate transportation.

Galveston TX charter bus rental
Get an affordable Galveston TX charter bus rental from Abba Corporate Transportation!

As you begin your search for a charter bus, there are a few things to consider. First, what is your reason for renting a charter bus? Are you transporting a wedding party? Fellow executives? If so, then luxury and comfort are what you want. You can find this in the coach bus fleet at Abba Corporate Transportation.

Charter Bus and Vehicle Options at Abba Corporate Transportation

High-class luxury is the name of the game at Abba Corporate Transportation. Our fleet of charter buses and other high-capacity vehicles exemplifies the best in luxury vehicle design. And, our fantastic service makes the experience more enjoyable. One of the first things to consider when renting a charter bus is the size of your party.

If your party is composed of no more than eleven people, then the sprinter executive shuttle could fit your needs. The Mercedes Sprinter is a low-profile vehicle and allows you to travel in style and with discretion.

This luxury van contains elegant features that give it the feeling of a luxury limousine rather than a bus. Whether you need to transport a small wedding party or a group of family and friends for a birthday party, we know you will love this van.

The Mercedes Sprinter van comes with features including interior LED lighting, wide windows that are darkly tinted, and comfortable leather seating. Additionally, it has all of the mechanical genius of Mercedes-Benz built into it. From the suspension system to its advanced safety features, this vehicle is one-of-a-kind.

Our Mercedes Sprinter van is great for any occasion. Furthermore, Abba Corporate Transportation offers transportation services within the city and outside of it. So, whether you need to venture from the airport to a local hotel or across the state, our team has you covered. The Mercedes Sprinter can be rented at an exceptional value without breaking the bank. If you are gathering with family members and friends, the transportation fee can even be split multiple ways.

With an 11-passenger capacity, you and your guests will travel comfortably, with plenty of legroom to spare. Rest assured, this van will exceed your expectations.

22 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Does your group number more than 11 people? If so, our 22-passenger executive shuttle bus is a great option. This mini bus fits up to 22 passengers comfortably. No matter your needs, expect to receive the very best service from Abba Corporate Transportation.

Galveston TX Charter Bus Rental
Our fleet gives you a lot of options to choose from.

The 22 passenger bus is great for a number of occasions. Some of its features include clean floors, leather seating, overhead storage space, large and tinted windows, and the latest in stereo technology. The tinted windows mean that you and your party can travel with discretion, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that you’ll also be traveling in style.

You can avoid using city buses by renting a shuttle bus from Abba Corporate Transportation. We do airport pickups and drop-offs and can offer the same service from any location in Houston. Our transportation services include travel within the city and outside of it, across the state.

You and your fellow passengers will feel as though you are guests at a luxury resort while you’re traveling in this mini bus. With the latest and greatest improvements in engineering built-in, we know you will have the time of your life creating memories during your travels.

At Abba Corporate Transportation, we start our reservation process by asking what size your party is. If you are in search of a medium-sized bus that can get you anywhere, hire the 22-passenger shuttle from Abba Corporate Transportation. Whether you are traveling to a wedding or convention, we have you covered.

54 Passenger Charter Bus

The largest charter bus in our fleet has a 54 passenger capacity. This bus is suited for groups of different sizes and is great for transporting your group to whatever occasion you’ve got planned. When you reserve this vehicle for your journey, you and your guests will enjoy features and amenities that add a new meaning to luxury.

The 54 passenger charter bus features leather seating, luxury floors, plenty of legroom, and large, tinted windows. Furthermore, there is plenty of overhead space for your luggage. No matter where you need to go, we’ve got you covered.

Reasons to Choose Abba Corporate Tranportation

Galveston TX Charter Bus Rental
Trust our drivers to provide you with a safe and enjoyable ride.

Abba Corporate Transportation is an award-winning company that has proven itself capable of exceeding expectations for clients. We have numerous clients that have reserved our services over and over again, making our customer loyalty base a stable one.

When you choose Abba Corporate Transportation for your transportation services, know that you are getting the best. Our drivers are professionally trained and know how to make your experience a great one. You and your guests can sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.

Another great part of our service is the attention we give to the safety of our passengers. All of our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring systems and safety features. Reserve your luxury travel experience with Abba Corporate Transportation today!

Galveston TX Charter Bus Rental

For more information about Abba Corporate Transportation, browse our website! There, you will find our services, our locations, and more information about our fleet. If you have specific questions, give our team a call. We look forward to providing your Galveston TX charter bus rental service!

Galveston, TX Fun Facts:

  • The Contemporary Art Museum is now in the historical First National Bank building.
  • Two ballet shows are put on by the Galveston Ballet per year at the Grand 1894 Opera House.
  • There are ten live-tree sculptures around the City of Galveston.