22 passenger executive shuttle bus Houston
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The 22 passenger executive shuttle bus Houston from Abba Corporate Transportation & Limousine Service is the only way to get where you need to go in style and comfort. Our executive shuttle bus is designed to make your trip more enjoyable by combining comfort, style, and speed for a smooth ride. At our business, we’re proud to offer exceptional transportation services that are tailored to your specific needs and make your experience one you’ll never forget.

Our 22 passenger executive shuttle bus is perfect for a lot of different events and serves the Greater Houston area and beyond. Our executive shuttle bus is ready to make your trip classy and comfortable, whether you’re planning a business meeting, an airport transfer, or a special party. Call us to learn more about our 22-passenger executive shuttle bus, which sets a new standard for group travel, and how it can be used, and what benefits it offers that no other bus can match.

Introducing Our 22 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus Houston

Our 22 passenger executive shuttle bus is the pinnacle of luxury for group travel. It is a distinguished vehicle selection of our Ford shuttle bus fleet. With this Ford E-450 minibus, your trip will be an experience, and you’ll be safe and comfortable the whole time. As soon as you step on board, you’ll notice how luxurious the hardwood floor is, which makes the atmosphere better. Besides looking good, it’s also very useful, with lots of storage space for bags, briefcases, and luggage, making travel easy and free of clutter.

This shuttle bus can fit up to 22 people and gives your group a comfortable yet roomy ride. Not only do the big tinted windows let in a lot of natural light, but they also give the cabin a bright, airy feel. Also, overhead storage compartments make the best use of space. Our dedication to modern travel is clear in how we use the newest technology to keep you connected and entertained throughout the trip.

It’s important to note that this executive shuttle bus is part of our large collection of Ford shuttle buses, which can fit up to 30 people in different configurations. No matter what vehicle is chosen, we will always prioritize the comfort of our passengers. As an added bonus, every vehicle in our fleet, including our 22 passenger executive shuttle bus, has mints or hard candies, bottled water, umbrellas, and a variety of reading materials for your pleasure.

How Can You Put Our Ford Shuttle Bus to Good Use?

Take a trip on our 22 passenger executive shuttle bus, which is flexible enough for a wide range of events. This shuttle bus is a great choice for many situations because it combines comfort and usefulness well.

22 passenger executive shuttle bus Houston
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For businesses, the shuttle bus turns into a mobile meeting space that makes it easy to talk and work together while on the go. Premier airport shuttle rides can become high-class experiences that make getting from one place to another easy. Family trips are more fun now that the inside is roomy and well-equipped, making sure that everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

This executive shuttle bus is also a classy and easy way for bridal parties to get to the venue, making sure that everyone arrives in style. Our reliable shuttle service makes getting to and from conventions, birthday parties, and business events easy.

Abba Corporate Transportation’s services cover the whole Greater Houston area so that you can get the most out of your trips within the city. Besides that, we can also take you to other big cities like Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas. Just let us know what you want, and we’ll make sure you get to these places with the same level of luxury and speed.

Pricing and Billing Made Easy!

The pricing and billing process for our 22-passenger executive shuttle bus is clear and easy to use, and it’s meant to make your experience better overall. Our prices show that we are dedicated to giving you the best service at the most reasonable costs. The price covers both the pickup and drop-off service, so our clients don’t have to worry about anything.

Also, our hourly rates are made to be flexible in case the length of your trip changes. This means that you can make the service fit the needs and length of your event or trip.

How much is the 22 passenger executive shuttle bus?

The shuttle bus costs $625 for pick-up and drop-off, plus $150 per hour.

Our pricing is meant to cover everything, but there are a few important things to keep in mind. You must have at least 5 hours of service, which gives you plenty of time for your event or trip. There may also be extra charges for certain situations, like cleaning up after people who smoke, vape, or have drugs in their cars.

At Abba Corporate Transportation, we make sure that our billing is clear and easy to understand. Our team is always available to give you more information so you can fully understand the costs. We are dedicated to providing a top-notch transportation service and a clear and customer-focused billing process that makes your whole experience with us stress-free.

22 passenger executive shuttle bus Houston
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If you choose Abba Corporate Transportation today, our 22 passenger executive shuttle bus will make your trip more enjoyable. Our shuttle bus is the perfect mix of comfort and style, whether you’re planning a business trip, a family trip, or a big event like a wedding. Your trip will be fun and easy because it has room for 22 people to sit, large tinted windows, overhead storage, and the newest technology.

We are the best choice for all your transportation needs because our prices are low, our billing is clear, and we care about making our customers happy. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure you always get great service when choosing Abba Corporate Transportation. Request a reservation today to experience the comfort and luxury that make us stand out!

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