Do you need a Bryan TX party bus? You have a special event coming up, and you want to go all out with the best service in town. Well, you made the right decision to come to ABBA Corporate Transportation & Houston Limousine Service.

We have the best transportation service, best drivers, and the best vehicles you can get, and all for an affordable price. Don’t go out celebrating in an Uber or whatever else service there is. Go out in style.

With our party bus service, the before and after-party will be better than the real deal. Our luxurious vehicles are sure to get the party started early and end later than it was intended. This sentiment is for any event you could name, whether it is a wedding, for prom, a bachelorette party, or anything else.

Make your night is memorable with our services. We are open 24/7 and have even more services for you to choose from. Check out more about our company and see what else we are offering below.

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Bryan TX Party Bus

ABBA Corporate Transportation & Houston Limousine Service has the most luxurious-looking vehicles and interior there is. But we are so much more. We set out to exceed expectations in every way we can, whether with our drivers or with our hospitality.

Since 1999, we have been actively providing this quality service that we speak of. Our services have grown throughout the years and have been to all stops in Texas. We have outreach in Houston, Katy, Cypress, College Station, Navasota, and Bryan, Texas.

Our outstanding work has expanded to so many different walks of life. This includes classy business people, antsy high-schoolers, and much more. Our team is well-versed in all sorts of transportation services. We have no doubt that we are the best at what we do.

We have even been honored with the Houston Award in the Limos & Shuttles category. Our company has received this award in both 2011 and 2012 from the US Commerce Association (USCA). But, we are not done yet.

Our Drivers

Our team is filled with top-of-the-line drivers. No matter what, they will remain diligent, courteous, and hospitable. They are dedicated to providing the best service that we can.

Our company handpicks our drivers to ensure our clients get a driver that understands the Bryan, Texas roads. Our team is the most professional driving team you can find. Not only are they polite to our clients but they will also assist them with their luggage.

In addition, most of our drivers are bilingual. They also speak either Spanish or Arabic, as well as English. We sought after bilingual drivers with the intent to make our clients feel at home. And for those people that want things done in a timely fashion, our driver will always be prompt; you can be sure of it.

A Rental for every Occasion
Our Bryan TX party bus provides the best services there is.

Our Services

We have a wide selection of options for you to choose from and we’ll assist you on the time of your life. Need an introduction to the city? Want to show off a little bit? Well, our team of professionals is here for you 24/7.

You will have a night to remember with our luxurious vehicles. Each has its own uniqueness, and we are ready for you to make your decision. We also have various sizes for you, depending on how big your party might be.

Sprinter Executive Shuttle

This party bus is the perfect party-starter and party-ender. Its overall comfortability, spaciousness, and stunning interior will be sure to liven up the party. The soft LED lighting, leather seating, sound system, and windows shades are also newer elements that set the right tone.

We also provide pleasantries such as mints, hard candies, bottled water, magazines, and more. This particular party bus seats up to fourteen people. For a small group of friends, this is perfect for getting the party going. But if this party bus doesn’t have the right amount of passengers for you don’t worry, we have more.

Passenger Shuttles

Our company provides many sizes of party buses. We have 24, 40, and even 54-passenger shuttles for you to take advantage of. So, you can celebrate however you want and with however many people you have. With the gradual seat increase comes new additions.

For example, the 24-passenger shuttle bus has many benefits. It can store luggage, and it is pretty spacious. The 40-passenger shuttle bus, however, has the addition of hardwood floors and leather seats. The 54-passenger shuttle bus has the addition of flat-screen TVs, headrests, and much more.

Other Services

Furthermore, our company makes sure to provides many other services for you to delve into. Things such as our touring agency and limo service are ready for you. So, explore the city or travel in style.

In addition, our airport shuttle service is also a widely used service of ours. So, anyone with travel issues or without a ride, then come on down. We have a service for practically any transportation need you have.

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Call Our Team Today

In conclusion, spruce up your before-party and after-party with our company. Give our team a call to book a party bus and explore any other service you can benefit from. We do everything you can think of. Quincereas, birthday parties, regular parties, and anything else you could name.

We ensure that with us, you will be able to ride comfortably, seat large groups, and do anything else you could want. Rent a party bus; Bryan, Texas, is among the list of Texas cities we provide this service for. Our party bus prices are affordable, and you will have a great time.

So, get a party bus; we are here for you any time of the day. ABBA looks forward to partying with you. Our Bryan TX Party Bus rental is here for you.

Bryan TX Fun Facts

  • We have a population of over 80,000.
  • We are in the Brazos county.
  • In 1866, the county seat was changed from Boonville to Bryan.
  • For more information of Bryan.