Houston, TX, how much to rent a party bus is a common question. A party bus is a great option for numerous occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, wedding, or promotion Abba Limos has an affordable party bus for you!

Houston TX how much to rent a party bus
Houston TX how much to rent a party bus

We have been around since 1999, serving the Houston community. Through those years, we continued to expand our service further to meet the needs of such a large community. All the while improving our company as a whole. We serve our customers based on a variety of needs and occasions.

Each driver is familiar with the Houston area, allowing them to get you where you need to go in the fastest manner possible. They are experienced and know how to serve you and your guests best.

Our services are personalized to each guest, and we provide the most professional service possible. If your party group is looking for a fun night out on the town, we’ll provide you with a professional driver who is able to meet the needs of your night. A party bus ensures that your night doesn’t stop when the party is over and starts way before you arrive to the venue.

Houston TX how much to rent a party bus

Pricing for a party bus varies depending on numerous factors like the number of people that will be on the bus, the amount of luggage, and the distance traveled from the pick-up or drop-off location.

You can estimate that the costs for a party bus in Houston Tx will be about $150-300. But again, that is just an estimated range, and we would be able to better provide you with an actual number if you call us directly.

In todays day of advanced technology, paying for group events like this one shouldn’t be a problem. You can easily split the cost between your guests if you choose to do so.

From there, we can discuss your needs and any specifics that aren’t addressed on our website. it is important to us that we are able to meet your needs, so call us to discuss pricing further.

It is good for you to note that we do charge late fees if any members of your party do not arrive on time.

We charge based on the amount of time you have been late for starting at 15 minutes and going from there.

Taking into consideration that things happen out of our control, we ask that if you need to cancel for any reason, you let us know as soon as you can. We do charge cancellation fees for last-minute cancellations.

Houston TX how much to rent a party bus
We can make you feel like you’re a hollywood superstar with our red carpet!

How many people can fit in the party bus?

To further accommodate our customers needs, we offer a variety of bus sizes to accommodate even the largest amount of guests. Our classic party bus option will hold around 14 people. The biggest option will hold about 54 people.

The bus ranges in capacity because everyones needs are different. We wouldnt want you paying for a 40-passenger bus when you only have 10 people with you. Providing a wide range in size allows for more options on your end.

What is included on the party busses?

Because each party bus is different, each bus contains different specialties. Our classic 14-passenger bus features soft LED lights, leather seats, and long windows. Additionally, we offer mints, bottled water, and umbrellas to make your experience even better.

Next, we have the 24-passenger party bus. This bus also includes leather seating and wide windows. So you’ll be sure to get the best view of the Houston area. One additional feature provided on this bus is overhead space for your luggage’s so you have more room to party it up!

Our 40-passenger party bus is big enough for a wedding party! This bus includes hardwood floors, leather seating, and extra long feet room. You can be sure to relax during this ride, or dont. You have enough room to do either.

Finally, the last party bus is the 50-passenger shuttle bus. Space definitely won’t be an issue with this bus. Able to seat 54 passengers, this bus comes with flat-screen TV’s, built-in headrests, and accent lighting. This bus is sure to make your night special with enough room for everyone.

If your party is a group that likes a little more extravagance, speak to our customer service reps about our red carpet experience. If you pay for this amenity, a red carpet will be rolled out each time someone enters or leaves the bus. You’re sure to feel like a celebrity with the red carpet.

As always, if there are any extra amenities that you would like to have included with your bus, speak to one of our agents. There are lots of extra add-ons that can be included to make you and your guests experience the best it can possibly be.

How many hours can you rent a party bus for?

Houston TX how much to rent a party bus
The perfect choice for any occasion!

Normally you can rent a party bus for an extended period of time. Most customers rent for up to 5 hours, but every customer is different. Whether you need the bus for a mobile party on wheels or for an after-party, we can find a bus to accommodate your needs.

Speak to one of our workers over the phone to find out more details about party bus rental. We want to serve you as best as possible, and we are often able to figure out new ways to meet all of our customer’s needs.

We have an online form that you are able to fill out and provide details regarding your trip. You can ask us questions through the online form or call us, and we are happy to assist you further.

Making sure the information you provide is correct will allow us to provide the best service to you possible. If you mess up any information on your form, fill out a new one, or contact us and let us know. We’re here to help.

Houston TX how much to rent a party bus, call us today to find out more about our pricing!

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