Selecting a Katy, TX 5 star limo and car service can make the difference when it comes to traveling. If you’re looking to get the best experience, then ABBA Corporate Transportation is the perfect transport service for you. We’re a professional limo and car service company with several years of experience to ensure an unforgettable driving experience.

Everybody knows choosing the correct transportation for your event can make a statement. At ABBA Corporate Transportation, we provide only the best alternatives to ensure you get what you want. With a luxurious fleet of buses and high-end vehicles, our service promises to satisfy and impress everybody.

 Katy TX 5 star limo and car service
Get the best Katy TX 5 star limo and car service through ABBA Limousine Service!

After all, Houston is well-known for being a wonderful destination in all of Texas, and there’s no better way to explore it than by road. Working with us means that you’ll get the best experience to enjoy easy travel, whether you need a limo for a special event or wish to tour the city. At ABBA Corporate Transportation, we have the best options only for you. Request to reserve your vehicle of choice from us today!

Enjoy The Amenities Of Our Katy, TX 5 Star Limo And Car Service

All ABBA Corporate Transportation vehicles are completely safe and equipped with everything you require. As a Katy, TX 5 star limo and car service company, we have the most high-skilled and trained drivers in Katy to operate our limos and cars. We count on insurance to meet all the legal requirements, along with regularly maintained and cleaned vehicles.

Each ABBA Corporate Transportation vehicle comes with several amenities to provide the best experience for the passengers. These amenities include snacks and bottled water to enjoy on your way to your destination. In case it is raining, we also provide umbrellas so you can get to and from the vehicle without getting wet. And the best part is that we even have wonderful magazines in case you have a long ride ahead of you!

Our limo and car services are well-known all around Katy. We offer all kinds of vehicles for each occasion. In fact, some of our most popular 5 star limo and car services are:

Airport Limo

After a long day of travel, the first thing a person wants is to relax. Unfortunately, sometimes renting a car at the airport can be tough and complicated. What if the company doesn’t have the car you want, or you’re new in the city and don’t know where to go? ABBA Corporate Transportation is here to help you, no matter the circumstances.

Our airport limo services will pick you up from IAH or HOU and take you where you need to. It doesn’t matter if it is your office, a friend’s house, or a special event. When you rent a vehicle from ABBA Corporate Transportation, we promise to wipe out the stress as we’ll take care of the driving.

Luxury Car Service

If you want to get anywhere in Katy with the best vehicles available, then ABBA Corporate Transportation is the choice for you. Whether you need to go to a special event or you just want to travel with style, you can rest assured knowing that our drivers know Katy and the big city of Houston from top to bottom. This way you can go to your destination in the most comfortable way. Our years of experience in the market are proof of that.

 Katy TX 5 star limo and car service
Our luxury shuttle buses are comfortable and come full of amenities to ensure the best experience possible.

Bus Service

If you need to pick up more than a few people from the airport or any other location, a shuttle bus is a good choice. You don’t need to worry about space with us. Our buses can pick up anywhere between 22 and 54 passengers and have all the amenities necessary for the passengers.

Some of our bus services are:

And so much more. All our buses are designed to provide the biggest comfort during your travel, from the most wonderful seats to extra wide windows. There’s no better option than renting a shuttle bus from ABBA Corporate Transportation.

Special Events Transportation

Special events are the best opportunity to make a statement and stand out, from weddings, to proms and birthdays. We understand the importance of having a good entry to start the event as you should. Renting a luxury limo for a special event can help you achieve this.

At ABBA Corporate Transportation, we offer the most astounding limos to get you a ride in style, regardless of the number of passengers. We also offer numerous limos options to choose from, from the most luxury to modest limos. And let’s not forget that our premier company counts only with the most experienced and professional chauffeurs in Texas.

No matter what you require, we’ve got everything to accommodate your necessities.

Get The Best Experience With ABBA Corporate Transportation!

When you decide to rent a vehicle from ABBA Corporate Transportation, you will get the most personalized service. We believe that it’s not only about providing transportation services but creating outstanding experiences that you’ll never forget.

Feel more than welcome to call us if you have any doubts or drop by our Houston location. At ABBA Corporate Transportation, we have years of experience providing transportation services for proms, meetings, and more.

 Katy TX 5 star limo and car service
Make a statement and travel with style in Katy! Trust ABBA Corporate Transportation and contact us today!

We’re more than ready to create the best experience for you and your loved ones. There’s no destination that is too far for us. We’re proud to work in Katy and the Greater Houston area.

Don’t waste your time looking for basic transportation services. Our services make sure everybody has the chance to get to their destination with style and comfort. ABBA Corporate Transportation is a company that cares and takes effort into all the little details. Contact ABBA Corporate Transportation and enjoy our Katy, TX 5 star limo and car service!

Fun facts about Katy, TX:

  • Katy Mills is the biggest and most popular mall in the city.
  • The second most popular language is Spanish.
  • Katy is one of the most popular cities for people to relocate to in Texas.