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Sugar Land TX party bus rental
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A Superior Sugar Land TX Party Bus Rental

When planning a fun outing or party, there’s already a lot of stress on your plate in figuring out the plans. Don’t let your party bus rental transportation be another concern on that lengthy list! Abba Corporate Transportation has everything you need to make sure you arrive at your special event in style and class.

The city of Sugar Land is quite the bustling one. Sitting on the outskirts of Houston, it sure has grown predominantly in size over the last couple of decades. According to the 2020 census, the population of Sugar Land sits at a whopping 111,026. With all of these people, it is a no-brainer that there are plenty that will be in dire need of a party bus somewhere down the line.

That is where Abba Corporate Transportation comes in to help. With their extensive selections of exclusive party buses and transportation, there are no other Sugar Land party bus services you can choose that can beat Abba Corporate Transportation. Your search for Sugar Land TX party bus rental services can stop right at the feet of Abba Corporate Transportation.

Why Choose Abba Corporate Transportation?

Abba Corporate Transportation is one of the best transportation services in Houston for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, the company was founded all the way back in 1999. This means we have expertise that has been earned over two decades, which is far more than many other transportation services in Sugar Land can say.

Throughout the many years in the industry, Abba Corporate Transportation has been the best at evolving to any and all circumstances. With our top-notch and professional drivers, we are more than equipped to get you and your party where you’re going.

While Abba Corporate Transportation specializes in party buses and special events, we also have various alternative transportation services.

The competition is slim to none with Abba Corporate Transportation because we offer transport to or from the airport or drop or pick up at any professional business area in Houston. We also can take you to your favorite bar or restaurant, party, club, bridal party, wedding or reception venue, or social events.

We have a great reputation in our industry. Why second guess your choice of Sugar Land TX party bus rental services with such an honorable background to recommend us? Abba Corporate Transportation is clearly the most premium option for luxury and professional transportation. We will give you a ride wherever you need to go.

Take the Ride of a Lifetime With Us

Here at Abba Corporate Transportation, we provide premium and luxurious transportation services for weddings, as well as wedding anniversaries. We also provide limo service for less traditional celebration services, such as shopping trips, birthdays, transportation to cruises, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, and even corporate affairs.

Sugar Land TX party bus rental
Get the party started in one of our vehicles.

The service we provide here at Abba Corporate Transportation can accommodate the transportation of up to 54 passengers in our luxury coach buses. We even provide transportation services to people who are just visiting the Greater Houston Area.

Wow, this is quite the variety of services! It’s no wonder why Abba Corporate Transportation is the best-rated limo service in all of the Greater Houston area.

Long Distance Transportation

Moreover, one of the most extensive party bus options here at Abba Corporate Transportation is the 54 Passenger executive shuttle bus. This is for businesses and large groups that require single transportation for as many passengers as possible.

With essential comfort for the ride, including luxury comfortable seats, this executive shuttle bus is the best option when it comes to large groups with luggage.

Each seat has headrests and overhead space to store all luggage sizes; this bus has everything you need for the smoothest of rides.

Some other features of this popular transportation option include overhead flat-screen TVs, interior accent lighting, and comfortable built-in headrests.

The types of people whom this particular bus is suitable for are wedding party attendees, long-distance transportation circumstances, school functions, corporate retreats, and overnight transport.

This is one of our most highly regarded options in terms of our means of transportation, and one we are pretty proud of!

A Luxury Limo Rental For Any Occasion

Another extremely popular option when it comes to Abba Corporate Transportation services is the Lincoln MKT Stretch Limo rental. Check out our billing and our pricing. You can also call us to learn more. We can’t wait to hear from you!

This vehicle is ideal for romantic, fun rides. A much more intimate time than, say, the 50-plus passenger coach bus, this is a perfect traveling and transport option for a smaller group who desire a luxurious ride.

Vehicles for corporate transportation are surprisingly in high demand, which means a lot of competition between companies to fulfill passengers’ needs. Abba Corporate Transportation understands this, and that is why we create an unbeatable service with our luxury rides.

The specific vehicle and amenities you pick can be chosen based on occasion, seating, and, of course, vehicle preferences. All of these will be chosen before you schedule a ride to fit your precise needs and the needs of your party. You can enjoy the ride of a lifetime with our help.

Abba Corporate Transportation and our Sugar Land TX party bus rental rides ensure that you show up like the star you are! Your experience of a trip in a party bus or limo cannot be matched; why not give your loved one the high-class time they deserve?

Don’t Pass Up the Opportunity to Ride With Us

Whether it is traveling to a concert or the airport, to prom, or a business retreat, there is no other limo company that comes close to competing with Abba Corporate Transportation. With such a wide variety of options and packages to choose from, you won’t have to worry about how your group will get where they need to be.

Sugar Land TX party bus rental
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Furthermore, why roll the dice on your safety and everyone else’s by choosing to drive separately to parties and events? With Abba Corporate Transportation, you are entirely reassured that you and your party will arrive at their destination safe and sound.

Give us a call today to discuss the different packages offered, (713)-532-4170.
Sugar Land TX party bus rental at Abba Corporate Transportation is the only limo and bus rental in Houston you should trust!

Fun Facts About Sugar Land, TX:

  • The city was a company town for over fifty years before being incorporated in 1959. 
  • The town square covers 1.2 acres in the public plaza for community-sanctioned events. 
  • There are over 560 acres of developed parkland in Sugar Land.