ABBA is your premier provider for the Sugar Land TX limo service in your area. We are known for our quality customer service and luxury vehicles. In fact, we only provide the best make and model cars for our rental limousines and town cars. As an example, for stretch limos, you can pick from our Hummer H2 Stretch Limo or Cadillac Executive Stretch. Besides that, we have vehicles to fit any size. From our town cars that luxuriously fit three to our Executive Coach Buses that carry 54 passengers, we have you covered.

Sugar Land TX Limo Service
Get around Houston in our wide variety of limousines for all occasions!

As an example of the quality we provide, we carry the Lincoln Town Car. It is the most popular vehicle when it comes to chauffeuring. At eighteen feet long, it leaves plenty of space for its passenger’s legroom and storage space for luggage. For this reason, it is ideal for airport transportation, such as to and from Hobby International Airport. Besides that, it comes with the same amenities as the rest of our cars. Inside, you will find mints, magazines, bottles of water, and umbrellas, just in case.

Reasons for a Limo

Sometimes having a limousine at a certain event is traditional. And at other times, it is precisely what you need to class up the atmosphere. Whatever you need it for, we know you will be satisfied with our Sugar Land TX limo service.

A Wedding with a Limousine

Easily the most iconic spot we think of limousines at is the wedding ceremony. Everyone is familiar with the scene of the happy couple stepping down into their chariot as they drive off, tin cans clanking behind the limo’s bumper. It is their getaway car, carrying them away from the ceremony and reception, on to their honeymoon and new life together. Because it is such a massive date in your life, it is crucial to make it as unique as possible. There are few better ways than renting Sugar Land TX limo service.

Honestly, your whole wedding party could get some use out of a limo. Everyone would enjoy being able to make a grand entrance. After all, they are there to support their best friend. Or your parents could feel honored as they step down from a limo to get up to the church doors. The limo can take the whole wedding party to the events surrounding the big day, showers, rehearsals, and dinners. The more time you spend together, the more the wedding party will bond.

Sugar Land TX Limo Service

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Before the big day arrives, the bride and groom will each be attending some huge parties. Some people consider these their last chance to cut loose. On the other hand, it could just be seen as an excellent opportunity to have fun with your closest friends. Either way, you see it, renting out Sugar Land TX limo service is a surefire way to elevate it to the next level.

Often, these sorts of parties become mobile and hit the road. The maid of honor or best man could have organized a bar crawl, scavenger hunt, or just clubbing. With a limousine and chauffeur, no one has to sit out as a designated driver. Also, the party continues on, even between stops.

The Perfect Prom

Even if a wedding is the most iconic spot to see a limo at, prom night is where we see them used most often. Prom night is supposed to be glamorous, if not the most exciting night of your life. It caps off and ties a bow neatly around your entire high school career. You do not get a second chance, so you better make it count. These memories have to last the rest of your life.

Rolling up to prom is an excellent way to show you have style and class. And picking your date up in one will impress them and their parents. It shows how special you see this school dance. You do not have to worry about driving either. You can give your date your full attention.

Sugar Land TX Limo Service
We make prom night an experience they won’t forget.

Maybe your idea of the proper sendoff to school is a fun night with your group of friends. In that case, our party bus rentals may be more up your alley. Although, a stretch limo will work just as well. This way, everyone can be together non-stop, from the school to the restaurant to the dance. Everyone can have fun without having to focus on the road. And your time in the limo or bus will be another memorable part of the night and another photo op.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

There are plenty of events that people may not associate with limousines but could definitely use them. Huge occasions like significant milestone birthdays can be made to stand out by using your Sugar Land TX limo service. For example, any girl would appreciate one at their Quinceñera or Sweet Sixteen. Or one could work at an Over-the-Hill party for someone’s fortieth or fiftieth.

Silver and Gold anniversaries for 25 and 50 years of marriage are accomplishments that should not be passed up. Show you appreciate and look up to their devotion and commitment by treating them like royalty.

Sugar Land TX Limo Service

Our Customer Reviews

After such consistent customer service, we have amassed quite a reputation. You can find over 100 Google Reviews singing our praises. We have provided you with a few here on our website. But we encourage you to look for more on Google, Yelp, and elsewhere. After you rent our Sugar Land TX limo service yourself, come back and leave your thoughts on how we did.

Sugar Land TX Limo Service

If you are looking to rent a limo or party bus, then contact us today. You can reach the ABBA Limousine Service office by calling (713) 532-4170. From there, we can reserve you a vehicle. Or you can fill out this online form to begin the rental process. We ensure that you will be satisfied with our product. Do not hesitate to call for our Sugar Land TX limo service!

Sugar Land Texas Fun Facts

  • Our Town Square is 1.2 acres, providing a public area for many annual community-wide events.
  • Sean Patrick Flanery, known for his roles as Connor MacManus in The Boondock Saints, Greg Stillson in The Dead, and Indiana Jones in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, is from Sugar Land.
  • We used the 3D projection technology used at the 2010 Olympics opening ceremony at our 2009 New Year’s Eve celebration.
  • For more on our town, visit