Rent a Spring TX charter bus from Abba Limousine today. Looking for a transportation service that can take your large group from place to place, Abba Limos is available. Every transportation experience at Abba Limos is personalized to each customer and their needs.

If you need your group to be picked up from the airport and driven to your hotel we can do just that. If you need up to drive your party to your wedding reception, we can do just that. Anyway, you need to be transported Abba Limos can provide it for you.

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Our team is ready to take you out in style

We will not only take you to your destination safely and on time but we will do it in style. We strive to fulfil this goal on a daily basis and we are able to do so because of our drivers and staff.

About our Company

Our company has been around for over 15 years. With experience like ours, we have seen and been all around the Greater Houston area. Being able to serve our community through our charter bus services and other transportation services has come as a great joy.

We have been able to grow our business day by day and continue to gain new customers everyday. We have the aim and goal of being able to take clients around in style and safely. Because of this we have hired drivers that are more than professional. They are capable to take you anywhere you need to in the area and have clean driving records. This is something important to us because we want al of our customers to get to their destionation safely and on time.

Our customer service is incredible. We have staff members that are always ready to speak to you and help you out any way you need it. Because we pick passengers from all around the world, we have hired drivers that can speak different languages. From English, Spanish and Arabic. We want to be able to serve everyone the best way we can.

Our Fleet

We have such a large fleet of charter buses, shuttle buses, vans, coach buses, and much more. If you having a field trip for your school and don’t want to take a school bus, consider contacting us. We have charter bus transportation for large groups and small groups alike.

As a transportation service and company, we understand that is not okay to just have a small amount of vehicle for clients to choose from. In order to fully satisfy every customer and the different needs, they bring when looking for transportation, a company must have a variety of vehicles to choose from.

Houston TX travel bus service
Spring TX charter bus

We have a wide rand of shuttle bus, charter bus, and coach bus to choose from. They seat from 10 to 54 passengers. Having an expensive fleet like this really allows us to meet the transportation needs of every client we have.

The vehicles we have are available for you are the 10 Passenger Black MKT, Sprinter Executive Shuttle, Corp Shuttle, 24 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus, 28 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus, 40 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus, and the 54 Executive Coach Bus.

More services for you

In addition to having transportation for trips and large groups, we also provide transportation for special events. For example, weddings, bachelorette parties, school dances, date night, and much more. We have limos, town cars, and other vehicles to take you to your next event in style.

Some of our vehicles come with certain amenities. These include bottled water, mints, hard candies, umbrellas, and magazines for passengers to read. If you would like one of these of amenities for your trip you can let a staff member know when you are making your reservation.

Every vehicle available to you receives scheduled maintenance and is equipped with all the necessary insurance.

To view, the full list of our fleet and your next charter bus rental visit our website. You will be able to see the name of the vehicle, what it looks like, and how many passengers it sits.

Pricing and Reservations


We here at Abba Limos understand the importance of sticking to a budget. If you are planning a trip there are is already so much that you have to get done. In addition to that, you have to make sure that you spend all of your funds wisely because there is much you are planning for.

Because of this we have come up with a price range that is affordable for every budget out there. If you have a budget that is a little smaller, there is a price range for you. If you have a large budget we have a price range that fits that. Unlike other charter bus companies that might not take your budget into consideration, we do.

On our website there is a chart that walks you through getting the pricing for your rental. The factors that determine your pricing are the location or your service and the vehicle that you choose. We service all across the Greater Houston area. So find your service area and the vehicle you would like and the price will be there.


To make a reservation for a coach bus or charter bus in Spring Texas, you can do so on our website. Fill out a simple form. Make sure that all the information there is correct so that we can contact you and make your reservation. In the form fill out your name, phone number, email, date and time for pick up, and address. In the message box, place any additional information needed including the vehicle being rented, the drop off location and time of drop off.

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Call us today to make a reservation

Or you can always give us a call and we will be pleased to make the reservation for you.

Spring TX charter bus

Abba Limousines has made looking and finding and charter bus for your trip quick and affordable. Call us today to make reservations or to ask any question you have. Reserve your Spring TX charter bus with Abba Limos.

Facts About Spring Tx

  • Spring Tx houses over 55,000 people
  • Old Town Spring has shopping, annual events, and much more.
  • For more information about Spring Tx visit their website