Get a Pearland TX shuttle bus from Abba Limousine Service. Getting an amazing transportation can only come from an amazing transportation company. This company is Abba Limos. We take the time to make sure that all our services are perfect for you. There are many shuttle buses that you can rent today.

You can even add amenities to your shuttle bus rentals, such as soft drinks and pastries. With these, your passengers are sure to enjoy their time. To get these amazing services, call Abba Limos, and a team member will get your reservation started.

A Pearland Shuttle Bus Service

To have an amazing shuttle bus service, we need to have amazing shuttle buses. Abba Limos has many kinds of shuttle buses that you can choose from. This is so that you can pick what is best for you and your group or guests. The shuttle buses we have are sorted by passenger capacity. We know that some groups will need more seats and others not so much. So, we have different vehicles that you can choose from according to the passenger capacity.

Pearland TX shuttle bus
Get a Pearland TX shuttle bus from Abba Limos.

Our smaller Pearland TX shuttle bus seats about 10 to 15 passengers. These include the Mercedes Sprinter Limo, Sprinter Executive Shuttle, and Corp Sprinter. The larger shuttle buses seat 24, 28, and 40 passengers, respectively. In addition, we have one more bus that seats 54 passengers if you have a large group. To look at what these shuttle buses look like, visit the Fleet page on our website.

Kinds of Transport Services

At Abba Limos, we pride ourselves in the number of services we have and how easily we can provide them. Because we truly want to serve the community around us, we thought of all the transport services you would need.

It is popular to have family or even business clients come in from other states. The only airports around are in Houston, Tx, and those are Hobby Airport and Bush Intercontinental Airport. You may not have the time to go and pick them up, but don’t worry, that is what we are here for. The airport shuttle service is something many clients take advantage of. With this service, your guests are picked up and taken to their hotel or drop-off destination.

Another service that is popular is our limo service. For special events, the limo service is great to get there in style. We even have shuttle buses that are longer and can be used for the same purpose. It doesn’t matter if your event is in Downtown Houston; we will get you there in style.

And, of course, another popular service is the Pearland TX shuttle bus service. This service is used for multiple reasons and is not tied down to a particular reason. Clients have taken a Pearland TX shuttle bus to birthday parties, family trips, group date nights, and much more.

So, you and your friends start planning. Get a shuttle bus from Abba Limousine Service. To make a reservation, just call our team, and they will assist you with that.

Getting You Where You Need To Be

Pearland TX shuttle bus
Pearland TX shuttle bus.

As a transportation service, it is easy to say that we have a variety of services. But our goal is to show our clients that they can call on us no matter the service they need. This is part of our constant mission. When a client finds us and becomes aware of the services available, they should know that we can fulfill that for them.

Getting you and your guests to where you need to be is our job and is what we are committed to at Abba Limousines Service. For 20 plus years, providing great quality transportation service to the greater Houston area and in Pearland, Tx has been what we do. Many of our clients testify that we fulfill this mission and services in a great way. This is what we like to hear.

To be able to accomplish this goal, certain steps were taken. Growing and expanding in this industry is important. In order to accommodate all our clients, more vehicles and drivers are needed. So, we took this step and expanded the fleet we have. By doing this, we really are able to accommodate every client and give them the service they asked for.

In addition, adding customizations to the services and packages helps. So, when a client adds an amenity, and we provide it, we just know that we have grown as a company and doing great things. Satisfying customers is the number one goal always. So, the fact that we can provide these services and amenities and you enjoy them makes us glad.

Abba Limousine Services is the company you can trust with your transportations service. When you are ready to get your Pearland TX shuttle bus, just give us a call. It will be ready for you when you need it.

Pearland TX shuttle bus

Now you know that you can get your shuttle bus rentals from Abba Limos. You are also aware that you can add certain amenities to your rental just to keep the people with you satisfied.

The pricing of your Pearland TX shuttle bus rental will be discussed when you call. An Abba Limos team member will look at the destination location or the number of hours you need the service. They will use this information to set the price for your rental and let you know.

Pearland TX shuttle bus
Start your night out with the shuttle bus service from Abba.

We try to stay as far away from extra fees as possible. So, don’t worry about any extra fees. In addition, during this time, let them know of the amenities you want to add so they can include those. Look at our pricing chart to have an idea of what your shuttle bus rental price will be. For further questions about pricing or our services, call Abba Limousine Service.

When you have decided on the day and time of your trip, give our team a call. They will easily assist you in reserving your Pearland TX shuttle bus, and you can be on your way.

Facts about Pearland TX

  • Pearland is 20 minutes away from Downtown Houston
  • The population in the city continues to grow, making it one of the fastest growing cities in the state
  • The history of the city starts with a lot of infuential characters
  • Learn more about Pearland by visiting the cities website today.