If you’re looking for the best Magnolia TX limo rental services for Houston and surrounding areas, give Abba Limos a call! Our luxury transportation options are sure to be the perfect fit for your special occasion.

Many clients ask what type of luxury transportation service they should use. At Abba Limos, we completely understand! Here are the most common luxury car service options our clients choose.

Charter Buses

Magnolia TX limo rental
Charter buses are often used for overnight travel.

A charter bus can hold around 50 passengers. Generally, these buses are used for overnight travel. The seats are usually very comfortable and recline, so you can rest throughout the journey.

Usually, a charter bus will have a television and DVD player, as well as excellent lighting and baggage storage. Further, some buses include a commode so you don’t have to make as many rest stops.

You’ll find charter buses for all types of industries. Common places you’ll see them include:

Education: Schools use charter buses to take children on out-of-town field trips. Another reason the school might use a charter bus is if the destination is too far for their ISD bus to get the kids back in time for the daily after-school bus route.

Destination weddings: Many brides-to-be choose an out-of-town wedding venue. However, traveling is not always easy or feasible for some of their friends. Destination weddings can be expensive, so some brides and grooms may rent a charter bus to pay travel costs for their bridesmaids and groomsmen. As an added benefit, the happy couple can rest easy knowing their wedding party will be present on time.

Tour groups: A charter bus can help tourist groups travel further in less time. Further, it’s often more budget-friendly than flying.

Business travel: For out-of-state consultations, companies usually catch a plane. However, sometimes a charter bus is cheaper than flying and can even get the team to the destination as fast as a plane.

Shuttle buses

Often considered the best airport transportation, a shuttle bus is smaller than a charter bus and provides a one-way trip to a destination. However, shuttle buses can also be used for city tours. Usually, shuttle buses offer comfortable seating and plenty of baggage storage.

Businesses may use shuttle buses to take 15 or 25 people to an in-town convention. A shuttle is easier than every team member driving to the event and gives the team time to go over the agenda.

Party buses

There’s nothing more luxurious than taking a party bus for a night on the town. Party buses are most often used for bachelorette/bachelor and birthday parties.

A party bus has many special features, like colored lighting, cozy seating, designer flooring, and a refrigerator. Partygoers can enjoy the ride together, rather than cramming in a car, and love that they don’t need a designated driver. Everyone can enjoy the party the way they like!

Sometimes Houston area parents will rent a party bus for teens, such as for a quinceanera or prom, but usually, parents opt for a good deal on a Magnolia TX limo rental. A party bus has a slightly different environment than a limo, and high-schoolers don’t need as many amenities as adults.


Magnolia TX limo rental
There’s nothing more traditional than a bride and groom enjoying a ride in a Lincoln Town Car.

Gone are the days of the simple, one-fits-all Lincoln Town Car. However, town cars remain the most requested model for many events. By far, the most popular occasions for limousine service are weddings, corporate transportation, and inner-city special events.


Perhaps the most classic limousine image we see is a bride and groom stepping out of a Lincoln Town Car. It’s no wonder that this is the most popular style for weddings because the Town Car looks classy but also doesn’t have a bunch of extras. Plus, the main attraction is the reception.

However, there are other options for the bride in groom that may actually be more comfortable. For example, the Hummer SUV limo offers considerably more vertical space. Brides with larger dress trains will appreciate the extra space–they always seem to be so crammed in the backseat of traditional town cars!

Another option is the stretch limo, which can take the entire wedding party to the reception hall. Moving everyone together would be convenient after the photographer finishes the post-ceremony photoshoot. Since the entire wedding party will likely have to be in many of the photos, you can travel together, rather than take individual cars.

Corporate travel

When few team members need to visit a high-profile client, popping into a limo is a great option. Clients are often more impressed if you take a professional car service because they’ll believe your business is more established. Further, using a car service allows all team members to debrief before the meeting–no team member has to worry about keeping an eye on traffic.

Special occasions

Teens often beg parents to rent a limo for prom or quinceaneras. These events are very special for teens and remind parents just how much their child has grown. Since high schoolers desperately want to prove they’re reliable and independent, allowing your child to ride in a limo shows you trust them.

Further, you can rest assured that your teen will safely arrive at the party and back home. Not all teens make wise decisions when it comes to partying. If they choose to drink and drive, it could be deadly. A limo driver would keep your child safe on the road and may even deter your child from drinking.

Choose Abba Limos for your Magnolia TX limo rental

Magnolia TX limo rental
Whatever your Magnolia TX limo rental needs may be, Abba Limousine has the best options for you.

When it comes to luxury ground transportation service, Abba Limousine knows you have many options. However, Abba Limos has the widest selection of luxury rides you can find at affordable prices. From stretch limos to town cars, SUV limos to charter buses, party buses to shuttle buses, and more, Abba Limos is sure to have a style that excites you.

We hope the next time you need the best Magnolia TX limo rental deals in town, you’ll give us a call.

Fun facts about Magnolia, Texas

  • Magnolia features a beautiful, 30-acre wildlife preserve, Unity Park.
  • The City is named Magnolia because there is an abundance of Magnolia trees in the area.
  • Magnolia’s motto is A Community of Unity.

For more fun facts, visit the Magnolia website.