If you are looking for a Houston TX shuttle bus rental, look no further than Abba Limousine Service. For over a decade, we have been providing essential transportation services for executives, travelers needing a ride from the airports, and for a variety of special occasions.

In addition, our fleet has a wide variety of luxury vehicles ranging in size and style. Whether you are looking for an executive style shuttle bus or an upscale Cadillac limousine, we are here to help you find the perfect vehicle to fit your transportation needs.

Houston TX Shuttle Bus Rental
Abba Limousine Service

We Go the Distance for You

At Abba Limousine Service, you are our number one priority. We take pride in providing quality service to our customers. In addition to exceptional service, here at Abba Limo, dedicate time to putting our drivers through a professional training program. As a result, our passengers can sit back and enjoy the ride. Safety is of the utmost importance, and our vehicles have the best in safety features.

Houston is home to hundreds of large corporate firms, many of which send their teams to out-of-town conventions, meetings, and other events. Rather than taking on the more pricey option of flying everyone to the destination, many employers seek to hire a shuttle bus. Abba Limo offers a great selection of shuttle bus and executive coach options.

In addition to servicing the corporate community, shuttle buses are an excellent option for transporting church groups, kids on school field trips, and sports teams to their game destinations. Keep reading to find out more about the shuttle bus service offered by Abba Limousine Service!

Small Group Outings

The shuttle bus fleet at Abba Limousine Service is well-suited for the needs of different group sizes and types. For instance, our twenty-four passenger executive shuttle bus is an excellent option for a small charter school field trip. If your group is slightly larger, we also have a twenty-eight passenger shuttle bus.

Each of these options is also perfect for a small church group or senior group looking to get out for the day. With our comfortable interiors, these vehicles are great for groups of all ages. The twenty-eight passenger shuttle has dual entry doors, which makes it easier for seniors with walkers to board the bus. The build of these shuttles allows for a quiet interior, which helps encourage pleasurable conversation and lifelong memories.

Both of these buses have high-quality leather seating, hardwood floors, overhead storage space, and large windows. For that extra safety feature, consider the Mercedes Sprinter Limousine. Though it is a smaller sixteen passenger vehicle, this one comes with seat belts.

Perfect for Large Group Transportation

With the selection of large charter buses in Abba Limo’s fleet, you can expect high-class luxury without compromising safety. Our high capacity vehicles are manufactured by the best in the auto industry. If you are an employer considering a charter bus option over airline tickets, Abba Limousine is here to help. We specialize in high-quality Houston TX shuttle bus rental.

For those long-distance trips, considering hiring our forty passenger executive charter bus. If your party is composed of more people, we also have a fifty-four passenger bus. Both of these options have premium leather seating, hardwood floors, and a variety of tech accessory plug-ins.

Additionally, there is plenty of legroom to spare and large tinted windows. These buses are grand for daytime or overnight trips. If you book one of these coaches, a transportation experience of style and comfort is a guarantee.

One of the best elements of our service is that we will pick you up wherever you need us. Whether it’s directly from the airport, or at your office, our drivers will meet you where you are.

Houston TX Shuttle Bus Rental
Our vehicles choice are always top quality.

Great Selection of Smaller Vehicles

For the smaller groups looking to travel to an event, we have a great selection of vehicles. For example, the five-passenger executive SUV will provide your guests with a high-class ride, and they will travel in the utmost comfort.

While the exterior of the vehicle is low-profile, the interior is a complete contrast. The interior of this vehicle is very quiet, and as a result is perfect for on-the-go meetings. Additionally, it has high-quality, trimmed leather seats, and dark tint windows.

If your group is slightly larger, consider hiring the eight-passenger Lincoln Navigator. This sleek, luxury vehicle is sure to impress even the highest-level executive. The interior is elegant and will make every passenger feel sophisticated and confident. The beautiful leather seating is comfortable for journeys of all lengths.

The vehicle has an exceptional variety of tech plug-in options, and a great sound system. Furthermore, for those longer trips, we offer magazines for your reading pleasure.

For those high-class corporate events, such as galas, dinners, and fundraisers, consider hiring one of our many luxury limos. From the ten passenger Lincoln MKT limousine, to the fourteen passenger Hummer H2 stretch limo, we have a variety of styles and sizes to match your needs. Each of these limousines comes standard with a self-service bar, low LED lighting and leather wrap around seating.

Houston TX Shuttle Bus Rental
You and your client can indulge in luxury with a Houston Texas corporate limousine rental from Abba.

Exceptional and Affordable Service

At Abba Limousine Service, we use an advanced billing system, so you can rest knowing your bills will be accurate and delivered in a timely manner. In addition, our pricing is affordable for every budget. We take great pleasure in providing our customers with style and luxury, for such a low price.

As our passenger, your safety is the top priority. Our drivers receive professional training. As a result they understand defensive driving, and safety protocols. They also go through training in up-to-date chauffeuring practices, so are ready and able to provide you with the friendliest service possible.

For more information or a quote, please give us a call:  (713) 532-4170. One of our friendly customer support staff is standing by to help you find the vehicle that perfectly fits your transportation needs. We look forward to continuing to serve you and earning the right to be the number one Houston TX Shuttle Bus Rental choice.

Houston Fun Facts:

  • There is a burping bubble—that’s right—in the Buffalo Bayou, underneath the Preston St. Bridge. It is operated by a nondescript red button in a tower on the bridge, just begging to be pressed.
  • Houston’s beloved Orange Show Center for Visionary Art actually began with a mail carrier in the ’50s. Jeff McKissack started collecting mosaics and recycled junk to form mazes, balconies, and exhibits in his house for 30 years. It got its name because oranges were McKissack’s favorite fruit.
  • The Port of Houston offers free 90-minute cruises aboard the M/V Sam Houston.
  • Texas A&M buries its canine mascots in the Reveille Mascot Cemetery.
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