Abba Corporate Transportation can help you find the perfect Houston TX limousine. Our company rents out a lot of different things for a wide range of events and occasions. Since we know that the Greater Houston area is the best place to find high-quality transportation services, we’re proud to offer a wide range of choices to suit everyone’s tastes.

Houston TX limousine
Get a Houston TX limousine today!

Whether you’re going to cool clubs or heading to a corporate event, our limousines are the perfect place for the ultimate mobile experience. Our limos are more than just a fancy way to get around; they can also be turned into mobile boardrooms, so you can easily mix business and pleasure.

Look through our wide range of vehicles to find the one that fits your style and the needs of your event. At Abba Corporate Transportation, we do more than just transport people; we offer an elevated experience that goes well with Houston’s lively nightlife and wide range of events.

Introducing Our Houston TX Limousine Fleet

Take a ride in style and elegance with the luxurious limousines offered by Abba Corporate Transportation. Every vehicle is hand-picked and meticulously cared for to provide an unmatched combination of elegance, convenience, and flair. Your transportation experience, whether you’re going to a business event, a special celebration, or just a leisurely outing, will be absolutely out of this world thanks to our extensive fleet of luxurious vehicles.

Our vehicles are as follows:

  • Lincoln Continental – The Lincoln Continental sedan is a luxurious car. The luxurious leather seats, state-of-the-art technology, and strong but smooth ride make every trip a great experience.
  • GMC Yukon – The GMC Yukon SUV lets you enjoy luxury while you’re on the go. Its large, well-kept interior, cutting-edge technology, and strong but smooth ride redefine luxury on the road, ensuring that every trip is relaxing and exciting.
  • Cadillac Escalade – The Cadillac Escalade will take you to a world of luxury. The opulent interiors, cutting-edge entertainment, and potent performance raise the bar for opulence and offer an unparalleled journey in terms of comfort and sophistication.
  • Lincoln MKT Stretch – Our Lincoln MKT Stretch Limousine will show you style and comfort. Its large interior, high-tech entertainment, and unbeatable comfort make sure that the trip is one of style and luxury.
  • Mercedes Sprinters – Our Mercedes Sprinters are the height of luxury travel; they can fit 11 people. These cars set new standards for luxury transportation with their carefully designed interiors, high-tech features, and unmatched comfort.
  • Ford Mini Buses – Our Ford Mini Buses come in different sizes, with room for 22, 27, 28, or 30 people, depending on the size. They offer top-notch shuttle services with roomy, well-designed interiors and modern conveniences for people who want a classy and enjoyable trip without sacrificing anything.
  • Volvo Coach Buses – Our coach buses can fit 54 people and have TVs and seats that can be leaned back. They are great for larger groups. This option, which is roomy and comfortable and has a sleek and sturdy exterior, makes traveling more enjoyable.
Houston TX limousine
Travel in luxury with our limo service.

3 Quick FAQs

Are the vehicles safe?

Don’t worry—our cars meet all of the city and state requirements for licensed limousine drivers, so you can be sure they are safe and legal. We also care about your comfort, which is shown by the thoughtful extras we include in every vehicle.

What about amenities?

We go the extra mile to make sure your trip is truly unforgettable. In SUVs and sedans, we offer mints and bottled water. In limousines and party buses, we offer bottled water and soda. If you want a luxurious trip that goes above and beyond your expectations, choose Abba Corporate Transportation.

How does pricing work?

At ABBA Corporate Transportation, we have flexible pricing plans that are made to fit the needs and budgets of all of our customers. We have a variety of pricing options for you to choose from whether you need transportation for one person or a large group. The price of rental cars depends on the model you choose, so you can pick the type of transportation that best fits your needs. Our flexible pricing structure makes sure that you get clear and reasonable prices for a trip you’ll remember and enjoy.

Choose Abba Corporate Transportation Now!

Abba Corporate Transportation offers the highest level of comfort and luxury. We’re proud to have a large and high-end fleet of cars, so there’s a perfect one for any event. We can improve your transportation experience with everything from classy sedans and SUVs to roomy buses.

Our dedication to providing excellent service includes being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It doesn’t matter what time it is—we’re here for you! Convenience and safety come together because our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in-house after every ride.

Houston TX limousine
You can have the journey of a lifetime.

The service we provide is founded on professionalism. Our friendly, well-trained drivers put being on time first, so you get where you need to go on time. For your convenience, we offer drivers who are fluent in Spanish and Arabic, so you can easily communicate with them during your trip.

At Abba Corporate Transportation, we provide more than just transportation; we offer an experience that can’t be beaten. Our dedication to excellence has earned awards and amazing customer testimonials. Every ride with us is a mix of comfort, dependability, and happy customers.

Reserve a Limousine

Are you ready to make your next event more special by providing fancy transportation? It’s easy to make your plans come true with Abba Corporate Transportation. Our fleet of stylish cars is ready to serve you at any event, whether it’s a wedding, prom, or business meeting.

To make sure that the limousine of your choice is available, we suggest that you send us a request to reserve in advance. This lets us customize our services to meet your exact needs, making sure that your upcoming event goes smoothly and according to your wishes.

Please call us to talk about your needs and preferences. Our hardworking staff is here to help you pick out the perfect limousine from our large fleet. Experience how convenient it is to have reliable transportation and how nice our vehicles look.

Houston Texas Fun Facts

  • Our business district, the Energy Corridor, houses the headquarters of over 300 companies.
  • On Westheimer Road alone, there are over 3,500 restaurants.
  • Houston has four professional sports teams: The Rockets basketball team, the Astros baseball team, the Dynamos soccer team, and the Texans football team.