ABBA Limousine Service is the premier provider in the area for Houston, TX limo service. We have a fleet with a large variety of cars, buses, and limousines at the helm. Our company has whatever you could need with our transportation services. With our rentals, you can bring elements of class and fanciness to your event or drive. No matter the occasion, whether it is a business trip or prom night, we have you covered.

Houston, TX limo service
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Special Occasions for Limo Service

As you can see, there is a multitude of uses that you can put our Houston, TX limo service to. Sometimes, the event calls for it. Other times, it is just another piece of the puzzle that brings your perfect plan together. Either way, you will not be let down by our services in the Houston area. For instance, our luxury sedans and shuttle buses make great airport transportation. Our vehicles are a classy way to get to and from Hobby Airport and impress investors.

A Limousine for Your Wedding

The most likely event to come to mind for limousines is weddings. The cans trailing behind the happy couple’s bumper is an iconic image, and for a good reason. Everyone wants this special day to be as wonderful as possible. Nothing says glamorous like a limousine. It is the happy couple’s chariot. It is their getaway car, taking them from the ceremony and reception off to their new life, starting with their honeymoon. Everyone wants such a grand exit to be stylish and classy.

In addition to the happy couple’s getaway, a stretch limousine could also be of good use to the rest of the wedding party. The bridesmaids and groomsmen could have a grand entrance upon the ceremony as well. Or your Houston, TX limo service could carry the parents to the bride and groom like royalty to see their children off. It would be great for everyone to travel together to all the events, rehearsals, and rehearsal dinners. They would get to spend more time together, and the limo would class up the event.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

But even before the big day, there are a couple of gigantic parties. The bachelor and bachelorette parties is sometimes thought of as someone’s last chance to cut loose. Even if it is not, they are an excellent opportunity to hang out with friends. And utilizing our Houston, TX limo service is a great way to make that night the most it could be.

Many bachelor and bachelorette parties become mobile and hit the road. People make many stops. Whether it is significant points in people’s lives or just bars, a limo could help. This way, you do not have to worry about driving. Just tell your chauffeur the route before it starts. Plus, nobody has to sit out because no one has to be the designated driver. Instead, the party continues on even between points of interest.

The Perfect Prom Night

While a wedding is one of the important events in people’s lives that we associate with limousines, prom night is easily the most common thing our limo sees. That is not to undersell the importance of prom. On the contrary, it is enormous. It is meant to cap off your whole high school career. Everyone wants to do everything they can to make it momentous and have the memories last forever. You do not get a second chance, so there is no reason not to go all out.

Houston, TX limo service
We make prom night an experience they won’t forget.

Prom is meant to be glamorous and is your chance to spoil the heck out of yourself. Treat yourself and treat the dance like the sophisticated event it is.

Rolling up with your date with a chauffeur in our limo service is the perfect way to bring the appropriate amount of class to the event.

Plus, with someone else in the driver’s seat, you can focus on the night instead of the road. We allow you to relax and make memories to last a lifetime.

If your idea of enjoying your last school dance involves making it a massive sendoff with all your friends, then a party bus rental may be up your alley. Riding together, not driving, gives everyone more opportunity to hang out. The dance starts the moment you get in together, to dinner, and till you get the dance. The whole night you get to the party. And your time in the limo is just another photo op throughout the night.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Clubbing

You do not always need an event that specifically calls for a limousine. A limo can be exactly what your event needs to bring it all together. For instance, when celebrating something as big as a sweet 16 or getting over the hill, turning 40 or 50, then making it big makes sense. Our limousine or party bus services are an excellent way to celebrate.

Or, when celebrating a massive silver or gold anniversary, then a big party is in order. The whole family should come together and celebrate a huge accomplishment. Having a happy couple arrive in a limo, once again, is an excellent way to show them your appreciation.

The Grieving Party

Unfortunately, not every time for a limo is a party. Many funeral homes have their own limo. The family of the deceased deserves not to have to focus on the road on the way to the grave. This way, they can process it with their loved ones. Houston, TX, limo service is appropriate and formal and pays the respects a funeral requires.

Our Customer Reviews

We have had over a hundred reviews of our company on Google. ABBA Limousine Service wants you to head over there and check them out. It would appear our past clients were more than satisfied with our services. We have a few for you here. But go ahead and find them yourself on Google Reviews. And after you go through our rental services, feel free to leave your thoughts on how we did.

Houston, TX Limo Service

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Houston, Texas Fun Facts

  • We have four professional sports teams: The Rockets basketball team, Astros baseball players, Dynamos soccer team, and the Texans play football.
  • Our business district, the Energy Corridor, houses the headquarters of over 300 companies.
  • We have been named the most diverse city. Over 145 languages are spoken here.