Are you looking for the best Houston Texas overnight charter bus rental services? If you are, visit ABBA Limos and learn more about everything we have to offer.

We not only provide the most comfortable transportation services, but we also have the highest quality charter buses. You can ensure that there is no better company than ABBA Corporate Transportation and Houston Limousine Service.

Houston Texas Overnight Charter Bus Rental

Group transportation can be challenging both for the passengers and the driver. However, when you contact the best bus transportation in the Houston area, you will achieve a successful travel experience. Whether you are traveling with a few people or a large group, we have you covered.

Houston Texas Overnight Charter Bus Rental
Houston Texas Overnight Charter Bus Rental

Our Houston charter bus rentals range from transporting from fourteen passengers up to 54 all at once. If you are more interested in long-distance commutes or overnight transportation, we highly suggest looking into our bigger offerings at ABBA Limos.

ABBA Corporate Transportation and Houston Limousine Services are highly known around Houston, and you can expect only the best from them. Talk to one of our reservation specialists to learn about the benefits we offer.

Find the Best Charter Buses at ABBA Limos

Whether you require a charter bus or minibus, know that you will find exactly what you need with us! At ABBA Limos, you most certainly obtain the best Houston Texas Overnight Charter Bus Rental services and more.

54 Passengers Executive Shuttle Bus

One of the larger offerings we have at ABBA Limos is our 54 Passengers Executive Shuttle Bus. As the name says, this coach bus provides a comfortable seating space for up to 40 passengers. Here, you can expect several unique features and several amenities. With such accommodations, you will undoubtedly be pleased during your trip.

More so, the design and all the details of our bus will make you feel like a special guest at a luxury resort. Our 54 Passengers Shuttle is designed with premium leather seats and hardwood floors to ensure that you will have a comfortable traveling experience. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about feeling crowded. With our extra legroom, you can peacefully stretch out and relax.

Wedding Parties

Besides being an excellent choice for in-city and long-distance commutes, this vehicle is also superb for your wedding party transportation. When it comes to transporting several people, many challenges can arise. For instance, multiple cars would be needed, and more than likely, people will feel crowded. On the other hand, our shuttles save you money on transportation and give comfort to your guests.

Houston Texas Overnight Charter Bus Rental
Ride in Style when you choose Abba Limo.

Everyone will definitely fit in our 54 Passenger Bus. Also, the spacious interior will allow your family to chatter without feeling cramped. If you are planning your dream wedding, make sure to give your family and friends safe and comfortable transportation.

54 Executive Coach Busses

At ABBA Corporate Transportation and Houston Limousine Service, our largest offering is our 54 Executive Coach Bus. This is a great option when searching to arrange the most people possible. When you travel in this vehicle, you can expect the comfort of our premium wide-cloth-trimmed seats. Also, all your belongings will be safely loaded and reach your desired destination in good condition.

With this motor coach bus, you will enjoy from headrests and even our flat-screen TVs. That way, you can remain entertained for the duration of your trip. While this is an excellent way to stay occupied during the overnight trip, this is a must when it comes to children.

Children are easily annoyed, and staying busy during a long trip is very beneficial. Therefore, many schools contact our services when they are hosting field trips or special events. Our 54 Passenger Shuttle is also ideally suited for overnight transportation, corporate events, and more.

School Functions

Whether you are taking a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts or Space Center Houston, you require trusted transportation. More so, you need comfortable buses if planning to travel overnight to San Antonio. For such plans, schools always come to ABBA Limos for help.

Compared to standard school buses, our 54 Executive Shuttle offers several benefits. For one, you will not require half a dozen standard school buses to transport your students. Instead, you will only need one or two of our shuttles.

Also, our flat-screen TVs offer serious help when trying to keep your children occupies. While onboard, you can pop up a movie and enjoy the ride. Most importantly, rest assured that we are the safest transportation option available. Stop relying on standard buses for your school functions; upgrade to our 54 Executive Coach Bus.

Corporate Events

Apart from the school functions, our coach bus is also great for all your business transportation. All your staff will be able to travel in style and stay comfortable during the ride. Our headrests and soft interior LED lighting will allow for a smooth travel experience. Also, the extra legroom and overhead luggage space will allow you to stretch without the worry of stepping on your belongings.

If you require business transportation, count on ABBA Limos.

Party Bus

Lastly, our 54 Executive Shuttle Bus is an excellent alternative to any party bus. You see, party buses are in high demand and are sometimes hard to find. However, if you are still looking to have an incredible birthday, trust our coach bus to make it happen.

Our TVs and LED lighting can set the mood for any special occasion. Better yet, our premium floors and ample space work great as a dance floor. Together with our speaker system, you and your closest friends can jam out to your favorite tunes. To learn more about our offers at ABBA Limos, browse through our website, or call our offices.

Reserve a Houston Charter Bus at ABBA Limos

When in search of the best Charter Bus Company for all your special events, visit ABBA Limos. Not only will you obtain the best customer service, but you will also receive comfortable and affordable charter buses.

For more information regarding our work, visit our website or directly contact us at (713) 532-4170. If you require the best Houston Texas Overnight Charter Bus Rental services, you know where to go!

Houston Texas Fun Facts

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  • Houston was the capital of Texas from 1837 to 1839.
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  • In the world, The Texas Medical Center in Houston is the largest medical institution.
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