When searching for the best Houston Texas Limo Service Near Me, visit ABBA Limos. As a well-known ground transportation company, we offer you the most comfortable and luxurious vehicles for any special occasion. To learn more about everything we offer, visit us online or continue reading.

Find the Best Houston Texas Limo Service Near Me at ABBA Limos

Some of the car services that we offer at ABBA Limos include airport transportation, party bus rentals, limousines, and bus services. Whether you require a shuttle bus or coach bus to pick you up at Hobby Airport or party buses, come to ABBA Limos. Here, you will obtain the best Houston Texas Limo Service Near Me.

About ABBA Limos

ABBA Corporate Transportation and Houston Limousine Service have been in service for over fifteen years. With so many years in the industry, we know what it takes to achieve a successful traveling experience. Not only o you require the most elegant limousines, but also comfortable rides to any desired location.

Hire our services and make your wedding extra special.

Houston Wedding Limo

Weddings are extraordinary occasions in our lives. They mark the end of singlehood and the start of a new journey in marriage. At times, people have been planning their perfect wedding at a very early age. To achieve that dream wedding, you will most certainly require the Houston Wedding Limo we offer at ABBA Limos.

By reserving a limousine in advance, you are planning for a stylish and elegant entrance. More so, you can look forward to relaxing in our limos before the reception takes place. Whether you are interested in a vehicle option for merely the bride and groom or all your friends, we have you covered. At ABBA Limos, we offer a wide selection of limousine to ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for.

Rest assured that with us, you will obtain the wedding of your dreams. We understand the importance of this day; for that reason, we offer plenty of amenities to enjoy. For instance, we install wine bars and a fridge. There, you will find some refreshments and wines. Also, our sunroofs let you enjoy the climate condition in Houston.

Houston Limo Anniversaries

Another limos service that we provide at ABBA Limos is our Houston Limo Anniversaries. Business anniversaries are times for you to celebrate the progress and accomplishments you have made. For you to obtain a memorable celebration, you require our Houston Limo Anniversaries.

Whether you are celebrating at a top-class hotel or the beach, you will need suitable transportation. Please do not settle for a standard car or bus; make a statement with one of our limousine options. Not only will you make a stylish entrance, but you will also ride comfortably. This is also a great way to converse with all your staff and become a stronger company.

Houston Texas Limo Service Near Me

When you hire our limousine services in Houston, we make you look like a successful and well-established team looking to tackle higher challenges. You and your staff will have the time to build better relationships outside of the work environment. In doing so, you will gain that and even some potential clients. By making an excellent first impression on other people, they will want to contact your company for services.

Houston Limo Birthday Trips

Similar to weddings and business anniversaries, birthdays are special occasions. On such a day, we get to look back at our growth and how far we have come. Therefore, we require to enjoy our day to the fullest. The best way to achieve that is by celebrating with our Houston Limo Birthday Trips. Here, you will get to have some fun with close friends and family.

If you are looking forward to a night out with friends, do not let a salon car ruin your plans. More than likely, all your guests will not fit in such a small vehicle. On the contrary, when you hire our limousines, you can comfortably fit as many people as possible. With our variety of vehicles, you will undoubtedly find a suitable vehicle for the occasion.

More importantly, you can have the time of your life without the worry of driving back home. Our chauffeurs are some of the most responsible and caring people around. They will ensure to drive you from bar to bar so that you don’t have to. After all, driving under the influence is both illegal and dangerous. Do not risk getting pulled over or worse, reserve our Houston Limo Birthday Trips and keep yourself safe on such a special occasion.

Houston Sports Event Limo

If you are big into sports, it is common for you to enjoy a watch-party with friends and family. There is no reason you should not take the time to make this a big celebration. With our Houston Sports Events Limo, you can turn any sports game into a major party and celebration.

To arrive in sophistication and comfort at your sports destination, you need our help. By coming to ABBA Limos, we will offer many stretch limousine options to achieve a successful entry. You and eleven of your best friends can comfortably ride in this vehicle. Not only will you enjoy the watch-party, but from the tasteful interior our limousines offer.

Our limos are great for all your sports events!

Lose or win; you can count on our limos to keep the party going or take you home after a defeat. Whether or not you had some drinks during the night, you can rest assured that our chauffeurs will provide a safe ride back home. To reserve your Houston Sports Events Limo today, fill out our form online or directly call our offices.

ABBA Limos Is Here For All Your Special Occasions

Regardless of the personal or corporate event, make sure that you receive the best transportation services in the Houston area. For more information regarding ABBA Corporate Transportation and Houston Limousine Service, you can visit our website or call us at (713) 532-4170. Find the best Houston Texas Limo Service Near Me at ABBA Limos!

Houston Texas Fun Facts

  • Today, the city of Houston is one of the busiest ports in the United States.  
  • In Texas, Galleria is the largest shopping mall.
  • The largest medical institution is the Texas Medical Center in Houston.
  • JP Morgan Chase Tower is the tallest building in Texas.
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