For the best Houston Texas limo companies near me, visit Abba Corporate Transportation. There is no better place than Abba Corporate Transportation for all your transportation services. We will provide you the most luxurious and comfortable limousine rides for any special occasion.

Houston Texas limo companies near me
We are one of the best Houston Texas limo companies near me.

We Are Among the Best Houston Texas Limo Companies Near Me

There are several important life events that people experience, whether that be significant birthdays, new beginnings, or triumphs at work, and they deserve a proper celebration. Limousines offer a great way of celebrating such an occasion. We have the best limousine rentals in the business if you are interested in taking a ride.

At Abba Corporate Transportation, we offer everything from large coach bus and shuttle bus services, party bus rentals, and a stretch limousine rental. With such a variety, we are one of the best Houston Texas limo companies near me. Whatever you require, you will find it with us. Our luxury transportation services can’t be beaten.

What We Have to Offer Here at Abba Corporate Transportation

In the Greater Houston area, no one will treat you as well as our staff here at Abba Corporate Transportation. We will work to help you make all your dream celebrations a success when it comes to the transportation. With us, you can enjoy a lovely wedding, gain new clients, or get the most out of your birthday. Trust our work and request a reservation for a limo from us today!

Houston Wedding Limo

If you have dreamed of your perfect wedding day, there is no doubt that you have placed a lot of thought into it. Perhaps you have decided that you want to embrace elegance, and arrive in a limo. Limousines are a great choice when looking for something different and luxurious. Your wedding day is an extraordinary occasion for the bride and groom, and we want to aid you in achieving your dream wedding.

By looking into our Houston wedding limo service, you will find great benefits. For one, our vehicles will provide comfortable transportation. You will arrive at your reception hall smoothly, and by the time you desire. Additionally, several amenities are installed in our limousines. Since weddings are such an important event, invest in luxury and elegance by renting a limo today.

Your wedding is the one day where the bride and groom should not have to worry about a thing. To allow for a relaxed and enjoyable special day, our team at Abba Corporate Transportation is responsible for everything during the limousine ride. Trust a team that puts you and your needs first; trust Abba Corporate Transportation. We will not only safely drive you to your destination, but we will ensure you enjoy the ride to the fullest!

Houston Texas limo companies near me
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Our Fleet Is the One to Beat

It is common for newlywed couples to require some relaxation after the wedding ceremony. Although some limousines are great to engage in larger group parties, we do offer vehicle options for fewer people. Our Lincoln Continental Sedan is excellent for couples looking to enjoy some privacy before the reception.

With this vehicle option, you will be able to enjoy some serenity and calmness together. This vehicle has room for 3 adults and features leather seats, advanced technology under the hood, and ample trunk space. However, we understand that couples may need some time alone to take a breath before the party begins.

During the ride in our Lincoln Continental Sedan, the bride and groom can enjoy their favorite songs or simply enjoy the quiet interior and peace. If you do prefer to listen to some music, expect to enjoy our premium sound system. More so, our limos come with refreshments to enjoy. Our extensive fleet has many vehicles to choose from.

Rent a Houston Limo For Any Corporate Event

Our luxury limo service is also high in demand for corporate events and more special occasions. Business anniversaries are the perfect event that might require celebration in the form of a limo. These are events that come to mark significant milestones in businesses. In fact, business anniversaries are times to look back and review the progress made and the accomplishments of your company.

Regardless of the anniversary taking place at the beach or a high-class hotel, ensure that you arrive in an elegant limousine. With our Houston limo services, we provide you with a wide selection of vehicles. Therefore, you can choose the vehicle that best suits your event.

Many benefits come with hiring our services. For instance, we will make your company look good and bring attention to potential clients. People will view you as a go-getter who is ready to tackle even greater heights. Also, you will have an opportunity to sit down with people from your company in close quarters and chat. In doing so, your staff will build better connections with each other and ultimately affect the company in a positive way.

Houston Limo Birthday Trips

Not only are limousines great for weddings and business celebrations, but they are also great for birthday trips. Whether you want to get loose with friends or are looking to enjoy a fancy dinner, our limousines add to the occasion. When you look into our Houston limo birthday trips, you can enjoy the night and have enough space for all your friends to come along.

Our birthday limousine can seat up to 10 people and has a beautiful interior that can set the mood during the ride. Your birthday is a special occasion that marks milestones and achievements throughout your years; therefore, celebrate it big. With our limousine rental, you will add luxury and highly enjoy your party.

One of the great benefits of hiring our services is that everyone can enjoy the evening without worry. Our drivers are extensively trained and certified to care for you and your guests. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing you will arrive home safely after an incredible night.

Houston Texas limo companies near me
Take a ride with one of the best Houston Texas limo companies near me.

Abba Corporate Transportation Limousine Services

For the best transportation services in Houston, check out Abba Corporate Transportation & Limousine Service. No matter the special event you are part of, know that a limousine is an option available to you. With our limo, you will have the best wedding, business celebration, or birthday party. Check out our billing and our pricing to learn more.

To learn more about our limo services, contact us online or call (713) 532-4170. When looking for the best Houston Texas limo companies near me, Abba Corporate Transportation is the best company to choose!

Houston, Texas Fun Facts

  • The city has an underground tunnel system that connects many major stores and restaurants.
  • You can find the tallest building in Texas, the JP Morgan Chase Tower in Houston.
  • Houston hosts the world’s largest livestock show.