Houston Limo Anniversaries

For those special days that require more than just a car celebration, Abba proudly offers plenty of Houston Limo Anniversaries vehicles at your service.

Your Special Day Deserves a Special Limo

That special day has finally come. You and your significant other have prepared this moment for such a long time. Now it’s finally coming to fruition. We’re, of course, talking about your wedding.

This is certainly an exciting time for you and your family. After sending out all the invitations and picking out the perfect dress, all you need is a good limo service. Limos have always been around to provide transportation to and the ceremony. If you’re a person who’s all about tradition, the limos are a must-have.

Houston Limo Anniversaries
Our Houston Limo Anniversaries vehicles are perfect for weddings and company anniversary celebrations. Get in touch with Abba today.

Or maybe you’re a celebrity or business owner that’s looking to celebrate a long-standing tradition. This tradition probably highlights a certain legacy and how far you’ve come as a company. Whatever the momentous occasion may be, we can guarantee safe travels to your evening of celebration. Our tried and true Houston Limo Anniversaries vehicles are the perfect option.

At Abba, we offer a wide range of limos, party busses, SUVs, and vans. Each of these serve to meet the needs of all sorts of clients and occasions. With our attention to detail and our great drivers, choosing Abba as your primary limo source is a no-brainer.

For Newlyweds & Their Families

For a lot of our limo services, we are specially equipped with plenty of different types of makes that serve to celebrate a longstanding anniversary.

This includes the many wedding ceremonies that occur each and every day. At Abba, we’re always really excited to offer our fleets of luxury limo cars to the bride, groom, and their families.

Houston Limo Anniversaries
Your big day deserves a luxurious ride. Abba Limos is your ultimate source for wedding day limo rides.

In detail, we offer plenty of rides that hold a large number of passengers. Do you need more than one limo to accommodate travel to the church and wedding reception? Abba is here to help you. We can plan out the logistics that’s satisfactory to your needs.

We do this by sitting down with you to figure out which vehicle you prefer for your family and, of course, the rides you choose for yourselves. It’s important to consider all the options you have available to you.

Anniversary Vehicle Types For Weddings

From the Lincoln MKT to the Mercedes Benz, all of our vehicle types have specific uses. However, each of them still maintains its lavish aura and cleanliness. Here are some of the vehicle options you may want to consider for your big anniversary or wedding day.

  • Cadillac Escalade Limos Perhaps one of the more traditionally refined and well-known of the bunch, our Cadillac stretch limos are great for those who simply need help getting them and their wedding attendees from point A to point B.

    With a passenger capacity of 14 passengers, party lighting, and top-notch air conditioning, the Cadillac is perfect for those Summer wedding occasions.
  • Mercedes Benz LimosA cut above our Cadillac offerings, the Mercedes Benz gives off a more high-end vibe that’s sure to wow onlookers and wedding attendees. All the windows of the sprinter limos are tinted and can take up to 16 people at a time.

    This option is great for those who want to bring the whole family with the smallest amount of cars possible. It’s one of our favorite picks out of our lineup of Houston Limo Anniversaries vehicles.
  • Lincoln MKTA client favorite. The MKT limos are great for small weddings. 10 person capacity and a sleek design that exudes class and sophistication. Amenities include a DVD player as well as a music player with Bluetooth capability.

    Our drivers are well equipped and professionally licensed to drive you to your church and wedding reception with no issue at all. When you choose Abba Limousine service, you’re choosing excellence.

Executive Level Shuttles For Big Business Celebrations

For those big company celebrations that serve to celebrate a big victory in sales or milestones, we offer a large variety of executive-level shuttle busses filled with everything that you can possibly imagine.

As a CEO, you understand just how hard your team has worked to bring you to the point where you are today. Therefore, you need a celebratory moment that your employees can appreciate.

Houston Limo Anniversaries
Party bus vehicles are all a part of our Houston Limo Anniversaries service.

Enter our Executive Shuttle Buses at Abba Limousine Services. Whether you need to take your team to the club or to a major industry convention, we’ll make sure you’ll have plenty of fun on your way there. While wedding certainly have a celebratory vibe to them, we believe that company anniversaries and milestones deserve their chance at victory lap celebrations as well,

We have plenty of executive-level shuttle buses in our repertoire. Our biggest one can hold 53 people inside. All of our buses contain flip-down, flat-screen TVs and elegantly placed lighting that’s perfect for long trips to your party destination,

Additionally, our smaller party buses offer a little more amenities that help get the party started. In addition to our self-serve mini bar, smaller capacity party bars come complete with multi-colored party lights, a disco ball, a small dance floor, and more. These party buses are perfect for simply letting loose. Your driver will take care of the navigation, leaving you to relax without having to worry about how you’re getting there or how you’re getting home.

Indeed, our party busses serve as a great addition to our roster of  Houston Limo Anniversaries vehicles. We understand how important this milestone is to your company, so you deserve a ride that brings all the good vibes that come with that achievement. 

Our Houston Limo Anniversaries Service Is Here For You

Don’t settle for shoddy limo services that offer way too much for too little. You deserve to have the backing of a limo company that shares your passion for a good time. Whether you need a limo for your wedding or if you’re celebrating a milestone for your business, Abba Limousine Service provides the perfect solution.

You can reach our offices at (713) 532-4170 to inquire about our services. Our agents will be happy to go into detail about our rates and vehicles in our Houston Limo Anniversaries service.

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