Galveston TX 11 passenger sprinter van rental
A classy Galveston, TX 11 passenger Sprinter van rental
can carry your passengers in style!

A Galveston, TX 11 passenger Sprinter van rental can be yours when you contact Abba Corporate Transportation! No matter what your transportation needs are, Abba Corporate Transportation has the luxury vehicle that is just right for you. With us at your corner, you can enjoy a hassle-free, comfortable ride at your convenience.

Abba Corporate Transportation is the car rental service you deserve. We operate our business with the highest standard of customer service, bringing you safe, smooth, and comfortable rides that will turn your special event into an amazing experience.

We have served our clients in the Houston area for more than 20 years, including our local communities in Galveston, TX. Our limousine and van rental company in Houston has many years’ worth of experience in the industry; we can provide you with the Galveston, TX 11 passenger Sprinter van rental that can take you to wherever you want to go.

Abba Corporate Transportation has been in operation since 1999, serving our clients all over Houston. In 2011 and 2012, we were honored to win the Houston Award in the Limos & Shuttles category by the U.S. Commerce Association. We are also proud members of the National Limousine Association and the Limousine Association of Houston.

You can rest assured that we are an award-winning service that can give you a truly unparalleled experience when it comes to your transportation. So don’t hesitate to Request a reservation for a vehicle with us today by filling out our online form or simply calling us. Read our blog to hear the latest news from us.

The Best Galveston, TX 11 Passenger Sprinter Van Rental Is Near!

Abba Corporate Transportation can provide transportation services for a whole range of events. We can handle not only special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and the like but also corporate retreats, hotels, conventions, and airports. And of course, we can provide transportation not only for a small group of people but larger groups as well.

Managing the logistics of transporting a large group of people can be extremely difficult, especially when you’re operating on a tight schedule. Of course, one solution is simply to have everyone arrive in their own vehicles, but that can quickly spiral into a logistical nightmare if your venue doesn’t have enough parking spaces.

A neater solution is to hire a rental car company, which also presents its own problems. Moreover, companies such as Uber and Lyft often do not have quality control in their choice of drivers and vehicles. As a result, you could be wasting money on a service that will give you a miserable, anxiety-wrought riding experience.

Fortunately, Abba Corporate Transportation is here to help. We offer the best service because we understand the importance of quality in your transportation. It’s not only about affordability; it’s about starting and ending the day with the appropriate level of style and luxury for your special event. We come highly recommended as a trusted car rental company with professional chauffeurs who can handle any unexpected snafu that comes their way.

Galveston, TX 11 passenger sprinter van rental
Get the best Galveston, TX 11 passenger sprinter van rental through ABBA Corporate Transportation!

Rent Our 11 Passenger Sprinter Van Rental!

Is there any vehicle that can give you such stellar transportation services as the Mercedes Sprinter van rental? With spacious seating of up to 11 people, the Mercedes Sprinter van comes with incorporated flatscreen TVs, USB ports, and 110v outlets for all your entertainment and productivity needs.

In addition, the Mercedes comes with accent lighting and premium sound systems so that you can take the party with you. With a low-profile exterior and darkly tinted windows, you can also take advantage of the Mercedes Sprinter’s privacy modes.

With the Mercedes Sprinter’s spacious interior and amenities, you and your party can have the time of your life. For weddings, bachelorette parties, and even prom nights, you can bring the party on the road with the Mercedes Sprinter. So sit back, relax, and listen to some music; you’ll get to your destination in no time at all! Check out our billing and our pricing to learn more.

The Mercedes Sprinter van is not only great for special occasions and family outings but for corporate events as well. Whether you are going out of town for a business convention or corporate retreat or are keen to impress and woo a prospective client, the Mercedes Sprinter has the performance and amenities you need to make this trip a productive one.

For other, similar vehicles that can give you the passenger space you require, consider the Ford Mini Bus, which seats anywhere from 22 to 30 passengers exactly. This spectacular and spacious bus provides passenger-controlled heat and air conditioning from the rear so that your passengers can choose a temperature that is comfortable for them. They will have plenty of legroom and a stunning view of the outside as they sit back and enjoy the ride.

No matter what your transportation service needs are, Abba Corporate Transportation can help. For more information about the Mercedes Sprinter and our fleet in general, contact us today.

Galveston TX 11 passenger sprinter van rental
When you ride with us, you are riding in style. Give us a call to reserve your Galveston TX 11 passenger sprinter van rental.

Call Abba Corporate Transportation Today And Reserve Your 11 Passenger Sprinter Van Rental

Abba Corporate Transportation can give you the ride of your life! Whether you’re going on a family trip or a business convention, our 11 passenger Sprinter van rental can take you to where you need to go. We can arrange for rides to and from the airport, as well as to hotels and retreats.

Abba Corporate Transportation is one of the most outstanding transportation service rental companies in Houston. We can take you to where you need to go with style, comfort, and luxury. All of our vehicles are fully insured; should anything happen while you’re out on the road, our trusty chauffeurs can let us know, and we’ll take care of things. With us at your corner, all you need to do is sit back, pour some refreshment, and relax.

Abba Corporate Transportation is here for you, so call us today and reserve your Galveston, TX 11 passenger Sprinter van rental today!

Fun Facts About Galveston, TX:

  • Galveston was the first city in Texas to have electric lights.
  • A seawall was constructed after the Great Storm of 1900.
  • It was named after Bernardo de Galvez, the Spanish governor.