Renting a Cypress, TX 11 passenger Sprinter van rental is an excellent way to provide high-quality transportation for business associates, parties, family gatherings, and other occasions. ABBA Corporate Transportation has set the standard for transportation services since 1999. Since then, we have accommodated many high-profile clients, such as:

Cypress, TX 11 passenger Sprinter van rental
Choose ABBA Corporate Transportation for your Cypress, TX 11 passenger Sprinter van rental and high-class service.
  • Phillips 66 Adame Garza, LP
  • ConocoPhillips Appraisal MC
  • Enterprise Products Partners Advanced Cancer Therapeutics, LLC
  • Sysco Blease Restaurant Concepts (Bullritos)
  • Plains All American Pipeline Pest Force
  • Halliburton No Label Brewing Co.
  • Baker Hughes and so many others.

Our clients love what we do and share their experiences with us in wonderful reviews. Many of them continue to use our services to this day because they know that we deliver the best customer service and know how to treat them and their guests.

Our drivers are always dressed for the occasion. We offer bilingual drivers who are fluent in English and Spanish or Arabic. We are so proud to serve the greater Houston area and all its surrounding communities, including Cypress.

You can count on us always showing up wherever you need us to be on time and ready to go. Our vehicle regularly gets serviced by dealership technicians, and our drivers know how to plan the best and safest route so you get to your events on time.

Pricing options can easily be found online so you can plan accordingly. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Start your reservation process for your Cypress, TX 11 passenger Sprinter van rental today.

Cypress, TX 11 Passenger Sprinter Van Rental

People tend to hear the word “van,” and instantly, their perception goes to a boring, unclassy vehicle that is awkward to get in and out of. The seats are some form of crushed suede material, and it does not look very attractive.

Don’t let your traditional idea of a van turn you away from the prestigious vans ABBA Corporate Transportation has to offer. Our Mercedes Sprinter Van combines comfort, elegance, and convenience all in one package. The exterior can offer a low profile while the inside is fit to accommodate everyone comfortably.

With leather seating and a wooden interior, you can enjoy luxury in privacy. Our vans can fit up to eleven people with more than enough room for everyone on board. There is also enough space to fit everyone’s luggage and equipment to ensure everyone and everything can travel together in one vehicle.

We offer amenities such as drinks, snacks, and electrical outlets to charge your electronics. We also offer umbrellas for those unexpected rain showers. When you travel with us, everything is covered because we leave nothing to chance. Our drivers are always professional and curious, and you and your guests can sit back, relax, and enjoy a comfortable ride in style.

Cypress, TX 11 passenger Sprinter van rental
Enjoy the comfortable seating of our Cypress, TX 11 passenger Sprinter van rental.

Choose ABBA Corporate Transportation

In Houston, there is no doubt there are tons of limo and chauffeur services available. So what makes us so different from everyone else?

The first and most important aspect is our experience. We have over twenty years of experience. You want someone who knows how to handle just about any situation. We have experience with high-profile clients all the way to high school trips and everything in between.

Second is the number of different vehicles we offer. Our Sprinter is incredible, but we know they are not right for every occasion. Some occasions require a simple yet classic sedan for only a few people; other occasions need elegance fit for a Hollywood celebrity. We also provide large party buses that can turn into a dance club on wheels.

Our customer service representatives can help our clients pick the perfect vehicle for the right occasion and ensure that there is enough room for everyone.

Next are our drivers. Our drivers know what it means to present themselves in the appropriate manner. They know when to be professional for important business clients as well as help kick off the right party vibe. Our drivers are experienced, and some of the best drivers know how to navigate busy streets no matter where you and our guests want to go.

One of the most unique aspects about our company is we offer twenty-four hours service. That’s right; the party does not have to stop just because the venues close. You can continue your party anywhere you want to go.

Lastly, you will never find one of our vehicles in less than excellent condition. We ensure to sanitize and detail our vehicles regularly. It will always be free of food, liquids, and trash. They are regularly serviced by dealerships to ensure safety and avoid malfunctions on the road.

ABBA Corporate Transportation is a chauffeur company you can truly count on to get you where you need to go in style.

We Chauffeur For All Occasions

ABBA Corporate Transportation can cater to you and your guests for any occasion. In the past, we have provided transportation for all types of needs, including business affairs.

We can pick up clients, partners, and associates and even provide transportation for them to and from the airport. We also provide transportation for family affairs, including weddings, parties, reunions, graduations, proms, and so many other occasions. But that is not all we do; we can also simply take people to hospitals, airports, and cruises, and we have even been known to take people all the way to casinos.

There isn’t an occasion we have been able to accommodate yet. If you want to show up in style or need us to pick people up, then leave everything to us.

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There is no better company to call for chauffeur services than ABBA Corporate Transportation. Our company has set the bar and continues to raise it. Our goal is to always provide five-star services for all our clients.

Our experience, combined with our incredible drivers and a large selection of vehicles, we know you will be impressed and won’t want to use any other chauffeur service. So contact us today for your Cypress, TX 11 passenger Sprinter van rental.

Cypress, TX 11 passenger Sprinter van rental
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Fun Facts for Cypress,TX

  • Cypress sits at #50 in the top 100 highest-income cities in America.
  • Tin Hall is one of the oldest structures in the area.
  • Cypress is most proud of its private and public schools.