I know a lot of small business owners.

All of them hard working.

All of them busy.

And all of them getting a lousy return on their advertising.

The reason?

Most small business owners are not marketers.

Sure they know their business inside-out.

But what they don’t know is how to market effectively.

They pretty much do exactly what everyone else in their industry does.

Which means whatever marketing your company does, your competition is probably doing the same thing.

But there is a better way.

A way which none of your competitors are doing.

A way that can get you thousands of dollars worth of radio advertising for almost nothing.

A way which is creative and involves your company, a limo service and the radio stations around your town.


Ok, so here’s one idea I learned from a company near Seattle WA.

This particular company offered a service that details automobiles.

They approached every radio station in their city and made them an irresistible offer.

They said that whenever their radio station offered a contest that involved the winner to travel somewhere…

…they would pay for the limo service to bring them there and back again.

So for example if the winner won a trip to Hawaii, this company would pay for a limo service to pick the winner up at their home and bring them to the airport.

They would also get a limo to bring them home after their trip.

Or if they won concert tickets, they would get a limo service to bring them to the concert and then back home again.

Or if they won tickets to an event in another city, this company would pay for the limo service to take them to the airport…

…and arrange for another limo in the other city to pick them up to go to the hotel, the event and then back to the airport.

You get the idea.

The winner would end up feeling special (and not able to stop talking about the limo ride).

The radio station was able to add more value to the prize at no cost to them.

So you can see how this works.

Now imagine if you went to every radio station in your city.

And made them an offer to provide a limo service to every one of their contests.

Would your competition be able to copy you?

Not likely because you would have tied up all the radio stations with your offer already.


Here’s the best part.

Radio contests can run for weeks.

Which means your company name will be mentioned pretty much every day the entire time.

Add if you have multiple radio station in your area, then you know there are going to be several contests throughout the year.

Can you see how powerful this strategy is?

Do you see how a little creativity can pay off bigger than any marketing you;ve done in the past?


Will this technique work with every radio station?

Probably not.

While some stations are more than happy to accept your offer some may not.

It all depends on things like the policy of the radio stations.

But if you have the right contacts or are good at negotiating (maybe you know someone who is?) you still might be able to make it work.

The point is, this is a powerful marketing strategy.

One that can have a bigger ROI than anything you’ve done in the past.

And totally worth the phone call or meeting with the station manager to discuss it with.

It’s already being done with great success.

Now it’s your turn.

Get out there and offer a limo service to all the winners of radio station contests.

The amount of free advertising you get from it will be insane.

And don’t forget to followup with the winners.

The automobile detailing company I talked about earlier offered the winner free detailing on their car.

That made sure the winner talked to everyone on Facebook about their company.

It’s no wonder they’re thriving in an economy where so much of their competition are struggling.

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