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Decide what type of bus you need

The term charter bus is often used to classify many different types of transportation buses. While the buses are all considered private, their use varies greatly.

Sugar Land TX charter bus rental
Charter buses can be used for multiple events.

Some riders are looking for a short ride to the airport, while others need to go on a week-long trip out of state. For this reason, charter buses can be classified into many different types of buses.

Who needs a charter bus?

Charter buses have multiple purposes. Some popular riders are students, party-go-ers, business executives, and tourists:


Schools often take children on field trips, but not all destinations are close enough for a traditional school bus. Students who are headed to an out-of-state competition can’t hop on the local school bus because the bus needs to complete its school route at the end of the day.

So, the school will pay for a charter bus to get the students where they need to go. Buses for transporting children are often basic. They usually have bathrooms, and the primary concern is always safety.


Also known as a party bus, these transportation vehicles are much more luxurious than your standard charter bus. They usually have privacy windows, decorated interiors, and even refrigerators. Common riders are headed to birthday parties or bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Airport transportation

Buses that transport people to the airport are usually given a very specific name: shuttle buses. This is because the bus gathers people at very few stops and drops them off at one destination. Further, the route is always short, and bus arrival times are very frequent.

However, there are private shuttle buses. These are basically charter buses. They move one large group to their destination, in this case, the airport.

Having a private ride to a nearby location may seem silly, but it’s actually quite helpful for group transportation. It’s much easier to keep track of everyone and go over information when the group is centrally located, and only group members are on board.

Tour groups

Charter buses are the ride of choice for people headed out to discover new and wonderful places. Driving around the city and exploratory walking can get exhausting, so it’s much easier to have a designated, non-touring driver take you around.

In addition, the charter driver often is very familiar with the area the group is visiting. So, the driver will waste no time trying to find where they’re going.

Look up reviews and ratings

Companies that are nice over the phone may have very poor quality service or worse, dangerous service. Thankfully, most customers leave reviews on anything–be it a product, service, or company. Reviews are usually pretty honest, so definitely take some time to browse through them.

Get price quotes for Sugar Land TX charter bus rental

No matter what you shop for, bus rental prices vary between companies. For luxury driving services, there may be a huge difference in your quotes. However, there are always some standard factors to consider:

  • Distance: The further you go, the higher the price. Some companies may charge extra fees for longer-than-expected trips.
  • Time: If you’re using a Sugar Land TX charter bus rental for a week, your price will be a lot higher than for a day. In addition, companies may charge more for weekend trips since it’s a much more popular time.
  • Area: Where you’re leaving from and where you’re headed to make a difference. Generally, this is because of both traffic and safety concerns.
Sugar Land TX charter bus rental
How much your Sugar Land TX charter bus rental will cost depends on your needs.

Find out what fees are involved

Most bus companies expect either a deposit or a down payment when you sign a contract. However, many companies expect both. So what’s the difference?

A deposit can be used to secure your spot, but it’s also used as collateral to prevent damaging the charter bus. Some companies will credit your deposit toward your final bill, but some keep it as a separate payment.

A down payment is always used only as a payment toward your final bill. How much the company expects you to put down varies, but you will get credit for that amount when it comes time for full payment. Not all companies expect a down payment, so be sure to ask.

Additional fees to ask about include cancelation policies and late fees. You may not get any of your money back if you cancel, no matter how early in the game. Other companies are more understanding; they’ll return both your deposit and down payment so long as you cancel within a certain period of time.

On the other hand, you may get your down payment back but not your deposit back. With so many possible fees and rules, cancelation policies are definitely something to talk about.

Most companies charge a late fee or waiting fee. If you don’t arrive at the scheduled time, they will charge you a set amount. It usually increases based on how long the wait is.

Now, some companies understand emergencies happen and won’t charge you. However, remember that any time spent idly waiting for you is technically a loss of business for the company. They could have been serving someone else in the time that they’ve waited for you.

Book your event

With so many customers looking for transportation, it’s critical to get on a charter service’s calendar early. Waiting lists can get very long, and you can expect a longer waitlist for peak times, like weekends.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun. You’re booking a charter bus for a big day, so be sure to enjoy your trip in style.

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Sugar Land TX charter bus rental
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Fun Facts about Sugar Land, Texas

  • Odd as it may sound, there is a Houston Museum of Natural Science in Sugar Land.
  • Sugar Land was home to the Imperial sugar refinery until it closed in 2002.
  • The City was a company town for 50 years but ultimately, became incorporated in 1959.

For more fun facts about Sugar Land, visit their website.