ABBA Limousine Services can help you rent a Magnolia TX shuttle bus for your next big event.

ABBA has provided transportation services in Houston for over twenty years. We rent stretch limos, party buses, and full-sized buses to the whole of the Houston area.

Shuttle service is the perfect solution for transporting gigantic groups. Whether you need a charter for a corporate event or a party bus for your family reunion, we can help.

ABBA is the premier Houston limousine charter service. Likewise, we bring the same quality of service to our bus charters.

With ABBA, you can count on prompt, reliable service. Our experienced drivers will make sure you have a safe, comfortable ride. Meanwhile, our luxury charters will make sure you travel in high style.

Trust ABBA to meet all of your transportation and charter needs. We’ll get you from point A to point B and back again. It’s right there in our name! That’s the ABBA guarantee.

Magnolia TX Shuttle Bus
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ABBA Limos Magnolia TX Shuttle Bus Rentals

Why rent a charter bus? Three answers: convenience, comfort, and safety.

Bus transport ensures that your group can travel together. That translates to added convenience and safety.

However, a charter bus also means comfort for everyone. ABBA, in particular, makes comfort a priority.

Our air-conditioned buses have extra room for legs and luggage. That’s something our riders appreciate, especially on a long journey.

Furthermore, many of our buses come equipped with TVs and personal lighting, so all of your guests can keep themselves entertained.

ABBA has years of experience in the transportation industry. All of our bus drivers are knowledgeable professionals with proven commercial driving experience.

Moreover, many of our drivers are fluent in second languages such as Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese. Consequently, international visitors will feel right at home aboard an ABBA charter.

ABBA Transportation Services has a long history of high-quality service. And we bring that history to every client we serve.

When you rent with us, you can rely on quality, professionalism, and service. Go with a company you know you can trust. Choose ABBA for your next Magnolia TX shuttle bus charter.

Magnolia TX Shuttle Bus
We provide charter bus transportation to all of Houston!

Shuttle Bus Rental Frequently Asked Questions

After so many years in business, we at ABBA have come across a handful of questions customers often repeat.

We believe in providing prompt, forthright answers to any question we receive. If you have questions or concerns regarding our services, contact us by phone or email today. Our friendly customer service representatives are happy to help.

What Shuttle Bus Services Does ABBA Offer?

The ABBA fleet of commercial vehicles contains shuttle buses equipped to meet the needs of any group. Whether you’re on your way to a distant convention or a college reunion, we can help.

Smaller groups, for example, love our Mercedes Benz sprinter executive shuttle. The executive shuttle seats up to 14 people comfortably.

Slightly larger groups might prefer the 24-passenger shuttle bus. The bus includes plenty of overhead space for luggage.

The next size up from the 24-passenger shuttle is the 40-passenger shuttle. These buses have hardwood floors, extra legroom, and leather seats.

Finally, our largest groups love the 54-passenger executive shuttle bus. Built-in headrests, interior accent lighting, and flat-screen TVs ensure that every passenger has a smooth ride.

Whatever the size of the group you’re looking to transport, ABBA can help. We offer buses to suit all groups and transport needs.

Furthermore, making a reservation with ABBA is easy. Call or visit our website today!

What Amenities Do ABBA Shuttle Buses Include?

At ABBA, we believe that every passenger deserves to travel in luxury.

While the exact amenities available differ depending on the vehicle you rent, we strive to make all of our charters as comfortable and appealing as possible.

Our vehicles are air-conditioned, spacious, and luxurious. Many have leather seating, as well as extra space for legs and luggage.

Moreover, our shuttle buses often come equipped with flat-screen TVs, accent lighting, and hardwood floors.

Select vehicles such as the sprinter executive shuttle also include complimentary mints, bottled water, and reading materials.

At ABBA, we take luxury seriously. We want to make all of our guests feel like VIPs. We equip all of our buses with premium amenities and special touches designed to create an executive experience.

No matter the size of your group, ABBA will make sure everyone is a VIP. Please give us a call and reserve a shuttle bus for your next event.

How Do I Reserve An ABBA Shuttle Bus?

ABBA makes reservations simple. Call, email, or fill out our online form to book a bus for your next event.

Moreover, if you have questions about the reservation process or a special request to make, please contact our dedicated customer service representatives.

Please make sure that the information regarding your reservation is as accurate as possible.

Providing the correct name, email, phone number, address, and date/time for the reservation helps us provide the best service possible.

When ABBA makes booking a charter bus this easy, why wait? Reserve a shuttle bus for your group transportation needs today.

Magnolia TX Shuttle Bus
Check out ABBA’s fleet of luxury shuttle buses!

Book A Shuttle Bus For Your Next Event With ABBA!

ABBA Limos provides reliable, luxurious charter bus service to the whole of the Houston area. We pride ourselves on our high-quality vehicles, professional drivers, and excellent administrative support staff.

When group transportation is your question, ABBA is your answer. We make reserving shuttle buses for mid to large-sized groups easy. There’s no need to stress over logistics with ABBA.

Moreover, our fleet contains 24, 40, and 54 passenger shuttle buses. Every bus comes equipped with luxurious amenities to promote the safety and comfort of your guests.

With so many reasons to choose ABBA, the choice is clear. When you need a Magnolia TX shuttle bus, trust ABBA Limousine Services.

Magnolia TX Fun Facts

  • The city is named for the magnolia trees that grow in the surrounding area.
  • Magnolia is home to scenic Unity Park.
  • Each year, Magnolia hosts the Texas Renaissance Festival.
  • To learn more,¬†visit¬†Magnolia’s website.