If you require a Katy TX Charter Bus to make any occasion extra special, visit ABBA Limos. Our charter bus company is well recognized in Houston, Texas, offering trustworthy and elegant group transportation. For a Katy Charter Bus Rental, there is no better place to visit than ABBA Limos.

In Search of a Katy TX Rent Charter Bus?

When looking to travel in luxury and comfort, trust our Katy TX Charter Bus services. We offer a wide selection of buses so that you may choose your preference. To receive the best group traveling experience in the Houston area, come to ABBA Limos today.

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Katy TX Rent Charter Bus

Sprinter Executive Shuttle

One of the charter buses that we offer at ABBA Limos is our Sprinter Executive Shuttle. With this tasteful vehicle, up to 11 passengers can receive discrete transportation. Our Sprinter Executive Shuttle will travel efficiently through Houston’s traffic while retaining its elegance and luxury. Better yet, you will travel both in style and comfort.

Some of the unique features that you will enjoy are our leather-trimmed seats, Mercedes-Benz built smooth suspension system, soft interior LED lighting and long windows with shades. Anyone looking for excellence in their transportation can find it with ABBA Limos. Once onboard our charter buses, you have opportunities to read, nap, or simply enjoy the ride in peace.

More so, our Mercedes-Benz built suspension system will allow for a smooth ride no matter the duration. With such conditions, you can lean back and answer any business calls, converse with your fellow passengers, and even type out emails in comfort.

What Is the Sprinter Executive Shuttle Suited For?

At ABBA Limos, we recommend our Sprinter Executive Shuttle for all birthdays, corporate events, in-city transportation, wedding parties, and any other family gatherings. Many businesses can benefit from our services by providing premium transportation for all their guests. Even better, it will give your clients a great first impression and a sense of professionalism.

As for personal reasons, this vehicle option is excellent for all kinds of family gatherings. Ranging from birthday parties, family reunions, and wedding parties, our Sprinter Shuttle is great to transport all family members together. Also, it will allow everyone to save money by reducing the number of vehicles required to travel. And, it will offer a serious amount of space for all your luggage and traveling supplies.

Houston TX Charter Bus
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24 Passenger Shuttle Bus

When looking to transport a larger group of people, look into our 24 Passenger Shuttle Bus. As the name says, you can expect to comfortably fit a total of 22 people into this vehicle option. Whether you are searching for airport transportation or traveling from one place to another, this is a great vehicle to choose from. No matter where you need to be, receive premier transportation with ABBA Limos.

With our 24 Passenger Shuttle Bus, you can expect to travel in the comfort of our leather seats and enjoy the views our extra wide windows offer. More so, our overhead storage space allows you to transport all your belongings, briefcases, and purses safely. On another note, it gives you more space to stretch out and relax.

Besides these comfortable features, our hardwood floors add some luxury to your ride. Therefore, you will travel comfortably and feeling like a guest at a luxury resort. With the latest technology and engineering, rest assured that there is no better ride than that of our vehicles. To learn more about our 24 Passenger Shuttle Bus, visit us online or continue reading.

Need to Use our 24 Passenger Shuttle Bus for Convention Transportation?

Commonly, we suggest this vehicle option for businesses, family outings, airport rides, and conventional transportation. If you need to transport several guests to a convention center, this is a great way to do so. Most airport shuttle buses will not offer all the unique features that we provide. With us, your clients will obtain the best shuttle bus traveling experience.

Not only that, but they will receive far more privacy and safety. When you resort to city buses, some accommodations will not satisfy all your needs. However, at ABBA Limos, we make sure that you will travel comfortably and have enough room for all your luggage. There is nothing better than traveling on our 24 Passenger Shuttle Bus.

54 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Another vehicle option that we offer and holds more people is our 54 Passenger Shuttle Bus. This is one of the largest offerings we have and is suitable for businesses and large parties. If you reserve this vehicle, you will enjoy several unique features and amenities.

For instance, we offer premium leather seats, hardwood floors, extra legroom, and large side windows. Not only will you ride in a luxurious coach bus, but you will also feel right at home. Our extra legroom allows you to stretch out without worrying about kicking your items. Instead, your items will be safe traveling in our overhead storage space.

Houston TX Charter Bus
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As for our large side windows, they offer natural light to enter and keep you awake throughout the trip. That way, you can enjoy the sights that Houston has to offer. If traveling through Downtown Houston or the Museum District, you might even catch a glimpse of our Minute Maid Park or Museum of Fine Arts.

Trust Our Services for all Wedding Parties

Suitable for airport rides, in-city commutes or long-distance travel, our 54 Passenger Shuttle Bus is the best choice you can make. Also, this is an excellent option for all your wedding parties. We understand that if you have family visiting from other states, you will require proper transportation for them.

When you require our services, your family will obtain spacious transportation for all their belongings and supplies. Also, you will save money by having everyone travel together. That way, they will not get lost in the city and will enjoy the company shared.

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To learn more about other offers we have at ABBA Limos, visit our website or call us at (713) 532-4170. For the best Katy TX Rent Charter Bus, make sure to contact the services at ABBA Limos!

Katy TX Fun Facts

  • Old Town Katy,” the city’s downtown area, is where you will find many specialty stores, antique shops, and restaurants.
  • Katy has several museums that honor the city’s history, heritage, and the country’s veterans.
  • Katy was originally named Cane Island, after the creek that runs through it.
  • For more information, search Katy, TX.