Are you searching for the most competitive Houston TX party bus rental prices? If you are, rest assured you will find them at ABBA Limos. Our ground transportation company offers the most elegant vehicles all at affordable rates.

Houston TX Party Bus Rental Prices

If you are searching for bus Houston TX services, find the best at ABBA Limos. Here, you will find high-quality vehicles at affordable prices. No place offers better Houston TX party bus rental prices!

Houston TX Party Bus Rental Prices
Make any occasion extra special with ABBA Limos.

Sprinter Executive Shuttle

When looking for something tasteful interiors and elegant transportation, look into our Sprinter Executive Shuttle. Not only does this make a perfect choice, but it can also comfortably seat up to 11 passengers. You and your guests will enjoy the comfort of our trimmed leather seats and soft LED lighting brings. More so, you can adjust the shades of our long windows to bring as much or as little natural light as preferred.

Also, you can expect the best amenities included with this vehicle. For example, we offer hard candies, mints, and bottled water. That way you can stay refreshed during the trip or simply indulge in some sweets.

Keeping in mind the weather of Houston, we do offer umbrellas. Rain or shine, you can stay protected.

24 Passenger Shuttle Bus

For any larger group, we do offer our 24 Passenger Shuttle Bus. As the name says, you can transport up to 24 friends or family in these buses. There are some similarities between this vehicle option and our Sprinter Executive Shuttle. For instance, they both offer trimmed leather seats and unmatched comfort.

However, the 24 Passenger Bus does offer extra wide windows and overhead space for all your belongings. With this upgrade, you can enjoy the beautiful sights your trip has to offer. Better yet, you can stretch out comfortably without the worry of knocking your stuff down.

If you are looking to have the best wedding parties, airport rides, or family outings, look into the services at ABBA Limos. We can provide you with the best transportation at the most affordable rates.

Houston TX Party Bus Rental Prices
Houston TX Party Bus Rental Prices

54 Passenger Shuttle Bus

As mentioned, shuttle buses are great for a number of celebrations. Therefore, it is without a doubt that they make great alternatives to party buses. Take for instance our 54 Passenger Shuttle Bus, this option offers ample space for large groups, hardwood floors, and other special features.

With the spacious interior this charter bus rental offers, you can have a great time with friends and family. When you rent a shuttle with us, you make yourself feel like a guest at a luxury resort.

Executive 54 Passenger Coach Bus

The largest offering we have is our 54 Passenger Coach Bus. With this vehicle option, you never have to worry about space. Here, you can seat the most people possible and enjoy the night together. Not only is this excellent for long-distance and overnight transportation, but also for any corporate events or personal parties.

For instance, this is a great alternative for party buses. Since party buses are in popular demand, it is sometimes difficult to make a reservation. However, if this is the case, do not worry. Our Executive 54 Passenger Coach Bus is suitable transportation for any birthdays, wedding parties, and bachelor bachelorette parties.

Don’t know why this vehicle option is great for any travel party? Well, several unique features make this bus a great choice to continue any party. With our flat-screen TVs and our premium sound framework, you can enjoy your favorite songs and dance the night way.

That’s right, with our spacious interior and hardwood floors, you can set the stage for impromptu dances. Also, our interior accent lighting will ensure that the energy of the party is well-established. If you are ready to make a reservation at ABBA Limos, visit our website or call our offices. We are more than happy to help you achieve the best party ever!

Houston TX Party Bus Rental Prices
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Celebrate With a Bachelor Bachelorette Party Bus

Although party buses are in high demand, you can still get your hands on them. When you reserve a party bus at an early stage, you can enjoy all the luxury and amenities we provide. Better yet, you can count on the most competitive prices around. Our Bachelor Bachelorette Houston Party Bus Rental is a great way to celebrate with friends.

Some of the amenities that come with this vehicle include coolers with refreshments, the latest technology, dance posts, and the most caring chauffeurs. With such, you can enjoy alcoholic beverages without worrying about getting home. Also, you can play your favorite music and dance the night away with your guests.

Better yet, you can split the expenses for the party bus and bring the cost down. That way, everyone will pay a small amount and be ready for a fun night out. There is no better way to do a bachelor or bachelorette party than with one of our party buses.

Acquire Both Luxury & Safety

It is more than expected that drinking will happen during your bachelor or bachelorette party. As a matter of fact, you are leaving singlehood to start a new journey with your loving partner. Therefore, to ensure that everyone returns home safe and sound, count on us. We will be responsible for all the driving so that you don’t have to.

Rather than driving in multiple cars and risking getting pulled over, rely on the transportation services we provide. At ABBA Limos, we only hire the most capable and responsible individuals. All our staff is highly trained and certified in defensive driving and safety.

On the other hand, party bus organizations that are just starting do not offer such qualifications. At times, they are not as concerned about you or your passengers. For that and more reasons, stick to ABBA Limos for all your transportation needs. We will ensure that you enjoy the night to the fullest, all while keeping you safe and protected.

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To rent a party bus in Houston, make sure to contact ABBA Corporate Transportation and Houston Limousine Services. No ground transportation company compares to what we have to offer. Not only do we offer the most elegant and safe vehicles, but also the most affordable prices.

For more information, you can visit us online or call us at (713) 532-4170. Find the best Houston TX Party Bus Rental Prices at ABBA Limos!

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