Houston, TX how much Is it to rent a bus? This is a question we, AT ABBA Corporation Transportation, often get from our clients. The answer to that question is that the pricing varies depending on the number of people who’ll be on the bus and what type of trip it will be. To find more information, visit our pricing page.

We have a range of pricing options. We’ll find the right solution for your transportation needs and offer competitive pricing plans. Our clients come with all sorts of needs, which is why we offer wide and varied pricing options.

There may be some additional charges for cancellations and long waits. Cancellations made more than two hours prior to pickup time or at the time of pickup could incur a charge. These charges will vary depending on the vehicle used, so make sure you review all the fees included. For any questions on our pricing, fees, or billing policies, be sure to speak with a representative. They will be more than happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Houston TX How Much Is It to Rent a Bus
Houston TX How Much Is It to Rent a Bus? ABBA Corporate Transportation has the answer.

Transportation Services

Our wide range of options isn’t just for our pricing. We also have multiple options when it comes to our vehicles. Whether you’re going to a major sports event or a friend’s wedding, we got you covered. Read on to learn more about our transportation services for all types of occasions. Request your reservation today.


Weddings are the biggest events in many people’s lives. With an event of this magnitude, only the best will do. In terms of vehicles, you should plan ahead to make sure you’re able to reserve the one you want. Early preparation is essential as it gives couples lots of time to inspect the operations of the hiring company.

Our vehicles offer the newlyweds and their wedding parties the highest level of comfort. Furthermore, our vehicles can accommodate a bride or groom with more friends. They will travel to the location of the wedding super comfortably. After all, you should be comfortable on a day such as this. Our chauffeurs are the best around and will get you to your wedding on time and in style.

The chauffeur is responsible for getting the bride and groom to the event and also guarantees that a sober person will be driving all day and all night. When you hire us, you’re freeing yourself of any inconveniences as we work with the highest level of professionalism around. When choosing the right, make sure you know the exact number of people that will be transported.

Corporate Transport

Are you planning a corporate transport? If so, you could definitely benefit from what is offered here at ABBA Corporation Transportation. Our transport service provides smoothness and convenience to the client’s address or the venue of the meeting.

This option is very helpful whenever there’s a large number of people going on a business trip. If your work team goes to business meetings on a regular basis, we can definitely provide the transport services they need.

Not every company has its own transport support. If you are in need of an affordable and effective corporate transport system, get in touch with the team here at ABBA Corporation Transportation. Our charter buses are one of the many options, and they offer great amenities like quality air-conditioned vehicles and spacious interiors. Moreover, people can accommodate their luggage on the bus as well.


A business anniversary is a perfect time for looking back, analyzing where the company is at, and celebrating the success that has been achieved. It is a time to create new benchmarks and set goals that will define the future of your business in such a dynamic market.

Whether the anniversary party is held in a top-class hotel, at the beach, or in a park, we can help you throw the party in style and make it unforgettable. We offer a wide range of limos. You can select the right size and whatever matches the event’s theme. There are actually various benefits that come with choosing us as your anniversary transport company.

Bus Rentals

We offer the finest charter bus and tour bus rental services around the area. We are a full-service ground transportation company focusing on our customers, whether looking for a ride to the airport, a city tour, or going out of town.

All of our vehicles are personalized, and all of our drivers are dedicated to providing the smoothest and most comfortable rides. Aside from buses, our fleet includes a corporate sedan, a stretch limousine, a Mercedes Sprinter van rental, and two SUVs.

Best transportation company around
Best transportation company around

Our drivers also help also helps clients with their baggage and any assistance that is needed. Furthermore, many of our drivers speak more than one language. Since 1994, we’ve been offering the best transportation solutions around.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Another event we deal with often is bachelor and bachelorette parties. Honestly, there are few parties that can match the fun and excitement that these parties are known for. A great way of celebrating your last party as a single is with an epic party bus. Our options are competitively priced and can be extremely affordable when the cost is split between a group of people.

In our party buses, the most important thing is keeping everyone safe. While the point is to have a great time, it’s always important to keep safety in mind.

Birthday Trips

If your birthday is around the corner, now is the time to make sure you’re planning the best way possible. Birthdays are sometimes treated as minor occasions for reasons we don’t understand. It’s not every day that you can celebrate your birth, so why not go all out and rent out a limo for your birthday?

Birthdays are very special as they mark milestones and serve as a reminder to set goals and track progress on previous ones. If you’re going to be transporting a decent amount of people, you should definitely stay away from cab rides, and these can be very messy.

Houston, TX How Much Is It to Rent a Bus

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Houston, TX How Much Is It to Rent a Bus
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